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Besides the standard functionality for playing internet radio & tv as well as local files X3M player has the possibillity for creating a multinational portal of content feeds inside the screen of the player.
In NON Video minimized mode, selected subject feeds apear in a scroll, keeping you up to date while enjoying the music
In the nearest future the content will be extended.







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X3M player is a media player developed with the programming language C. It is a freeware, cross platform and multilingual audio player.
X3M Player Pro Features:
1. more features (better quality, and more functions). The new version has a design based on the standart Macintosh OSX GUI.
2. new features (modal interface, more events for the choice of data to play in the selection list).
3. further improvements (the sound mixer and the sound controls have been improved).
4. windows versus windows instead of using one window for each player, each one can play its file in his own window.
5. multiple playlist have been implemented using a CGUIDialog.
6. further improvements (the drag and drop feature has been improved and is now compatible with the player Trayicon).
7. enhanced sound controls have been implemented.
8. enhanced sound mixer has been implemented.
9. several bug fixes have been implemented.
10. the possibility of adding new files to the playlister has been implemented using a CGUIDialog.
11. a lot of other bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.
IMPORTANT: Updating to version Pro is really easy, just download the file and the program will run install.

After the installation you may run the program or close the icon in the taskbar.

Have fun![April 27, 2014]

Added the possibility of adding also files of other formats in the Playlist.

Added the possibility of synchronizing the playlist with iTunes and adding music that has been stored in iTunes libraries.

Added the possibility to select the formats of the files to be played.

Fixed the bug of displaying the list of files incorrectly (bug was with OS 10.8.3).[February 9, 2014]

Players directory added as additional devices.

Bug fixed (the “remember” the last-opened file in the playlist was on the top, instead of the bottom.[October 31, 2013]

Bug fixed that could cause problems in saving the files that were being played.[October 16, 2013]

Sound control menu extension has been improved. Several bugs have been fixed.

Now it is possible to add

X3M Player Basic Crack

The player opens up an audio-video-picture-content looping within itself
Easy to use and quick operation
X3M player does not have registration and login modules.
Video manager has the possibility to create, change as well as delete playlists.
Easy navigation is possible
3 kinds of automatic shutoff.
Multi-step operation (for tv)
The player in the next version will, besides the standard functionality for playing internet radio & tv as well as local files, have the possibility for creating a multinational portal of content feeds inside the screen of the player.
Like this the player will have the possibillity for doing multimedia projects.

Latest version
a.X3M player now uses some of the settings of the GUI, which can be changed there.
b.Uses quite a bit of memory, but still more lightweight than the vedio manager.
c.In minimized mode it looks just as it was before. (But the GUI is not minimized.)
d.With video manager the “Playlist”-entry is active, while using X3M player it’s inactive.
A.Files inside M3U-playlist
B.Playlist is active or inactive according to configuration of vedio manager
C.M3U-playlist can be created as of now
D.Playlist for one station can be displayed
E.Single station can be configured
F.Single station can be stored
G.A simple interface for folders (of streaming-torrent- or playlists)
H.Multiplayer-mode can be activated as of now
i.Multiplayer-mode: Connection parameters can be configured
J.Multiplayer-mode: Can be scaled to window size
K.Multiplayer-mode: Can be scaled to window size
L.Multiplayer-mode: Can be scaled to window size
M.Total value of folders (for playlists) can be displayed
N.New folder-icon appears when folder is created
O.Show the folder name within a folder (for playlists)
P.Open folder within folder (for playlists)
R.Transfer settings from folder to playlist (for playlists)
S.Search for folder (for playlists)
U.The save file now displays the session-id
1.80. Full version 1.80

X3M Player Basic Crack+ Serial Number Full Torrent

Built in player of internet radio with a tabbed interface.
Playlist of content via WMA, MP3, OGG, Vorbis, XMBC and more.
Support for playlists, colors, subwoofer, bass, treble.
Integrated browser and media player.
Support for APE, MP3, FLAC, OGG, Vorbis, XMBC, WMA, WAV, SUB, UP, WAV.
Built in multi module support for local and network.
RealPlayer Internet radio player
X3M download
X3M Videos
X3M Movies
X3M Downloads
X3M music
X3M Mobiler
X3M Player Installation
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X3M Player Basic
X3M Client
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X3M Player Basic
X3M Player Installation
X3M Player Login
X3M Player

This server offer 2 services, X3M Player and X3M Server
The X3M Player is a Media Manager and Player.
It will allow you to create playlists with several radio stations and podcasts and provide a window to change the station.
It integrates with OSD’s and XBMC and allows you to manage your music library through a Media Manager.
The X3M Server is the xm player service.
It works as a basic HTTP server that requires a web browser to use.

Applications and documentations for different clients of X3M Player:

XMPlayer Latest version:

XMPlayer for xbmc

XMPlayer for XBMC

XMPlayer for win7

What’s New In?

X3M player is an open source, cross platform media player, that can play online radio, and local files.
It has no codec support and uses OGG Vorbis (Ogg PCM) as default format.
X3M player runs native on Linux, OSX, Windows and even embedded devices like PDA or cell phone.
For additional information, see:
Source Code
X3M basic driver source code and sample player for embedded boards is available for download.
It’s for easy access for anyone interested in knowing how to get the non essential functionalities of X3M Player done.
User manual:
User Manual (English)
Linux Source code
Linux driver source code
OSX driver source code
Windows source code
Windows driver source code
Embedded boards driver source code.
Bug tracker:
Bug tracker is a public issue tracker system to track bugs, suggestions, feature requests and bugs submissions.
Use this system to request new features, report bugs or improve this project.
We are also using this system to track detailed bugs problems and request new features or improve project.
We hope that this system will be useful for all X3M community members so that everyone can be benefited from it.
So feel free to report the problems you know as well as you wish.
Also see this link for your feedbacks:

Finally, we would like to thank to all people who contribute to this project.Monoclonal antibody (MAb) 7E7-CD4 recognizes a conformation-dependent epitope on the second domain of human CD4.
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1 GHz processor
Memory: 256 MB RAM (32-bit) / 512 MB RAM (64-bit)
Hard Disk: 6 GB available space
Processor: 2 GHz processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
Hard Disk: 4 GB available space


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