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-You can use the character with different combinations of types in order to achieve different play styles.
-A variety of skills can be leveled-up.
-Contents of the armor can be freely customized.
-Over 100 types of dialogue that will be written into the story.
-A variety of spells.
-NPCs will all have their own personalities.
From FuRyu, the Japanese development studio of TYPE-MOON, comes a PlayStation®4 racing game, KAIKATANA: Second Stage!
Set in the charming city of Shibuya, in a world that is a merging of the real world and the digital realm, players will be set off to fight alongside the beautiful girl Ai Morisawa against the threat of their final goal.

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Features Key:

  • Brand-new Special Mission about Namatame!
  • New Content (features, costumes, vehicles,…).
  • All new characters and weapon.
  • New strategic elements.

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    The battle for the galaxy has begun. Join the Alliance in its fight against the Sulat Corporation for control of the moon Phaeton and the beautiful planet Linnum.

    Includes a host of new planetary facilities to explore or build for your galactic pleasure!
    Visit these brand new facilities to start your galactic journey and take the fight to the Sulat Corporation and its hostile forces!

    • Explore, build and research new Planetary Facilities!
    • Train, upgrade and hire your soldiers to fight the Sulat Corporation for the moon Phaeton and the beautiful planet Linnum!
    • Explore the Moon Phaeton, the Planet Linnum and great number of moons!
    • Bigger and more detailed UMD map to enjoy!
    • Expanded hero stats and a brand new look-and-feel to experience all your struggles and victories with a shiny new coat of paint!

    The Alliance needs your help to stop the Sulat Corporation from taking Phaeton and Linnum. Join the ranks of the Planetary Alliance, control of Phaeton and Linnum is the key!#include
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    published:06 Sep 2014



    LIVE: Unofficial Earth Fan Party 2013. Feb. 18, 2013.


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    Earth party on the beach. Hit the shore with 5,000 of your closest friends, exotic DJs, and a 30+ mile long water slide. From private parties with a DJ, to immersive large scale celebrations with dancing water, lasers and fog. The possibilities are endless.


    Welcome to Hope’sSensual Drinkery.
    THIS GIRL JUST WANTS A DRINK is a cheeky, cheeky spoof of the famous erotic poem by the same name. I didn’t want to write another film version of this story because it’s a classic. So… here’s a modern twist — and a shot of Jägerbombs in the process.
    Hope and her team of eager bottlers burst into the bar and start to help the drunk. He requests a Jägerbomb to calm his nerves – something the bottlers can’t refuse. So Hope takes a moment to giggle to her friend outside before she prepares herself to make the drink. The publican approaches the confused, uncoordinated man and serves him the Jägerbomb — which of course leads to trouble.
    Hope and her friends are not shown as good people. I wanted to show them as human beings – people with dreams and aspirations, with their own insecurities. As Hope says: “You can’t make a drug for something that isn’t real.”
    I imagined this as a party atmosphere with a lot of people talking. (Unless I edited out most of the talking parts.) A little bit of prohibition and “sin” in


    What’s new:

      is something which you don’t have to worry about. You’re not going to turn into a pile of ashes right in front of everyone. You’re not going to have the blood of your family running through your veins. The last day, it’s still going to be a new day. All the sadness and the grief, it’s not going to accumulate until the end. It’s still a new day, and you’re going to be glad to see the end of one.


      Mortal coil. He was always thinking about consequences. Even if it was just a twinge in his chest, it was weighing down on him. He had poked and prodded at it many times over the years, trying to figure out how it had gotten there. Something his grandfather had said came to him now: the reason why the mortal coil was heavy is because it acted as a weight that pulled everything else down with it.

      I’m not that heavy.

      I’m just a bump.

      Once you accepted that then you could be free.

      Even if you were a bump.

      A weight.

      Death weighs heavy.

      I’d had a piece of the mortal coil stuck in my chest for the last forty years. It would wake me up in the night. A tenal suffocation.

      I’m not the same person I was forty years ago. I’m not the same guy that I was when I was twenty. I’m not the same as the much younger man I am now. I’m not the same guy that I was fifty years ago. It’s like I’ve changed some areas of my life, and kept the rest of my life the same. I’ve managed to form a new identity. Having done that, I’ve become more like the man I was yesterday than the man I was last year. It’s all a matter of perspective.

      But it’s hard to equate this perspective with what everyone else was thinking. If I were to open the newspaper, and see that they had declared me dead, that would mean that I have stopped evolving into a person who is only half alive anymore.

      But is that such a bad thing, after all?

      Time slows down as you approach death.

      You’re not living life. You’re leaving it. You’re seeing death in a different light.

      You’re seeing death as a different person.

      It’s time to pass down the legacy.


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      Behind Glass: Aquarium Simulator is a 2D Physics based 3D aquascape game. You can add fish and crab to your aquarium, watch them move and interact with the other life.
      2D Physics Simulation
      Tank Walls: Full 3D simulation of a real aquarium, with realistic reflection of the objects in the tank (and your own reflection in the tank!).
      Fish and crabs: All the most common fish, crabs, and invertebrates are included, with a great number of species including hybrid-species.
      Invertebrates: Include invertebrate creatures like snails, shrimps, worms, jellyfishes.
      Decorations: Include saltwater and freshwater decorations, plants, rocks, floating wood and many more.
      Separate Windows: You can choose between using an external windowed environment for your aquarium, a wallpaper for your desktop to show your aquarium, or both at once.
      Limitation: The game is currently open-source and you can use it for whatever purpose you want.
      License: Behind Glass: Aquarium Simulator is an open-source game that is released under the GNU GPL version 3. It is made by Kristian Knudsen and released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence. This means that you can share your creations within the game on your own website, as long as you give credit where credit is due. You can also use it to build your own commercial projects, but you are not allowed to charge for it.
      Roadmap: If you would like to contribute to Behind Glass: Aquarium Simulator, we are looking for coders. We are also looking for artists to make our screenshots and provide enough content for the game.
      “Behind Glass: Aquarium Simulator is an excellent aquascape simulator, heavily featuring home made, unique aquarium decorations.

      “I really like the art style and it is a great concept which the polish is great on.

      “What really catches the eye with the game is the extremely fun way it was done. As I played I was amazed to see how much detail was being placed into the game. The user interface could have been a bit easier to understand but it was easy enough to work with.

      “A really slick and superbly made game, which also shows how much work is going into this kind of game.

      “It’s a very well done fish simulation on top of a very complex animal simulation, making for


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    System Requirements For Witchy Life Story:

    Intel Core i5-6200u
    4 GB RAM
    1.5 GB RAM for the software player
    10 GB free space on the main HDD
    Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060/ AMD Radeon RX 570/ AMD Radeon RX 580
    Release date: 2.3.0
    2.3.0 Written by Cyanide & ModDB
    Developer: Cyanide & ModDB
    Cyanide & ModDB Platform: Windows PC (DirectX)
    Windows PC (DirectX) Download from here


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