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Become the ultimate crime fighter in this role-playing simulation adventure game! Create your own hero and take on the role of a masked crime-fighter in this unique 2D world. Explore the streets, rooftops, rooftops and beyond to save the world.
Dive into the world of superheroes! Choose from hundreds of superpowers and abilities. Customize your character from origin story to final encounter with the bad guys!
Explore a world inspired by the greatest comics from over 100 countries with beautifully designed comic book worlds.
Your main character will live a life based on the choices you make in this role-playing game adventure. Your actions and choices will shape your future as the action unfolds.
Attract and recruit allies like Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, Batman, Iron-Man and many more!
Become a legendary crime fighter! Stalk your enemies and foil their plots in the streets and beyond!
Join a crime fighting team for adventures together!

Welcome to the March edition of The Idle Thumbs Awards – where we honour the finest games of the past three months, including (but not limited to) games that come with the words “okay,” “awesome,” “sweet,” “brilliant,” and “I can’t believe it’s still a thing.”

We started these awards in February this year, and we’ve been going on ever since. They are (from the best to the worst) the Awards!

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Our winner for the March 2015 version of the Best Game of the Year goes to Grand Theft Auto V.

Let’s just get the obvious stuff out of the way first; Grand Theft Auto V is a brilliant game. It’s easily the best entry in the series, and is without question the best game of the year so far. Honestly, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s the best game on a console of any generation. When it comes to pure fun, joy, and entertainment, GTA5 is nothing short of an unholy mess that has absolutely nothing to do with real life.

The game is frankly epic. You have five main characters, each with their own personality. You have online multiplayer, and not just for co-op or competitive multiplayer, but for actually living as a true online experience. You have crazy


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    Story of Ferrum:Ferrum is a completely new way of solving the.s puzzles in an interesting sequence. As the main character, you need to make full use of the peculiar environment. The puzzle becomes and puzzling through Ferrum to understand a simple concept of differences between happy and sad..s leave Ferrum crying and searching for the secret of Ferrum.


    Skeleton Treasure

    Skeleton Treasure

    • The original story of the game is like the spider web
    • Collect the gifts
    • Explore fun gameplay
    • Easy to control
    • A secret code is contained with Pro version

    *** Secret code is contained with Pro version ***

    The dangerous Spider web web with game play!

    • Search the web of the whole mansion, crime is not over
    • Adventure art design
    • As collectable items to win
    • To the small, great game.


    Napurahit in the Land of Wonder 2Story The kingdoms of Napurahit were once ruled by the divine kings. A stop of rule, the kings passed on the throne to their commoners. Since his death the throne is his brother… Jiwani, the crown passed down the unused throne to Rize. The arrangement has caused serious trouble both within the kingdom and the nearby nations. The hatred for the throne is the intensifying conflict of old desires and old scores.


    Skeleton Treasure

    Skeleton Treasure

    • Find the lost gift of the Mala Roda
    • Explore the mountain of the adventure
    • Have fun fighting with the skeleton
    • <


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      Form a paranormal team in this 5 unique worlds while following our Mystic Investigators path with snow people, aliens and gnomes. In the goal of our story we will have to solve a puzzle, we have to clear a path and finally we will have to defeat a mystery.
      I was bored this day and thought for something to play, since I always do have a lot of games on the shelf but the same game has become tiresome. I want to develop something new. It will take time to develop my game and my first steps have already been found, since I am using Unity. In the meantime, I can make some good use of my spare time.
      I’m looking for a graphic designer who can put together a logo, some icons, and be somewhat familiar with what needs to be done in animation software. I am still in the very early stages of development so I don’t have much to show yet.
      About Me
      I’m a gamer and a teacher. The aim of this project is to create an FPS and puzzles game.
      If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to see something else, feel free to contact me.
      Thank you for your time and I hope this find you well.

      Long ago our ancestors and extraterrestrials lived together in harmony.
      But then mysterious intruders came, and conquered many planets.
      It is up to us to save the last planet from these aliens’ invasion.
      Get ready to fight to the end and win to save the galaxy.
      A long journey to battle with long animation and much fun awaits you.
      More games coming soon.
      If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to see something else, feel free to contact me.

      An aesthetic take on the world of Zelda, re-imagining it from a first person perspective, and with a radical new gamedesign. Watch the video to learn more.
      Not much to say, just download and play for free.

      Mystic RUS-files 2.5D FPS. The player in the role of the leading mystical television program chases snow people, aliens and gnomes, traveling along the way to other worlds.
      Strange things are happening in the world: alien barbers kidnap human hair, snow people disguise themselves as migrants from Mexico, and ghosts are cleaned free at doorways at night. It’s time to find out who is responsible for all this.
      In this game you are waiting


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      Sausage Games is a game studio based in Leeds, UK. Frederic: Resurrection of Music is our fourth game and it tells the story of Frederic, a knight in 19th century France. Frederic is a man in search of his lost love, his beloved Bella. Unfortunately, he is accidentally driven insane by an evil force that has been haunting his life since childhood.
      The game combines the music and graphics of the classic NES series, with the storyline and gameplay of a platform game! Can you unravel the mystery of the Twilight Realm? Does a fate worse than death await us? We are making our first PS Vita game.What can we say? We like to play games. If you have any questions or comments about Frederic: Resurrection of Music, email us at: info@sausagestudio.com
      Sausage Games Studios –
      Mr T, London
      I am an aspiring illustrator. If you see any of my work in the future, ignore it. Everything I draw is awful.
      Xbox Live:TheVituosos

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      A dedicated chip can store data in a long-term retention period. In the case of memory cards, the ROM chip that stores user data is wiped once a memory card has been written to 10–15 times. If a card is overwritten enough times, it may be permanently damaged by the erasure process and no longer function. With USB flash drives, the lifespan of the storage media is based on write and read cycles. Flash memory cells degrade with each written page, and eventually the capacity of the drive will decrease. Laptop drives typically have a write endurance of around 100,000 cycles, while desktop drives have a write endurance of around 1,000,000 cycles.

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      What’s new:

        Shop for Trenchers, Tunnels, Abandoned Train Stations,
        Train Heights, Tracks, Railway Modules,
        Buildings, Scenic Objects,
        Tunnelling Tools, Railway Jigs, Rail Tracks…

        8 EU Train Mods

        You must install this mod before installing any other EU Train Mods.

        Installation Instructions

        Hover over the folder name and click “Open Folder”.

        Locate and open the folder “”\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2\Mods”

        Drag the “Steam.TrainSimWorld2_v5_mod_DLL.dll” file into this folder

        Close your Train Sim World 2 game, and continue with the remainder of the update.

        You will need to restart your Train Sim World 2 game.

        Note: Depending on where you installed the mod, you may need to adjust the location of the mod’s.dll in order for your game to detect it.

        Train Tower Simulator

        Train Tower Simulator provides a world-class track editor for the 2015-v5-plus Train Sim World as well as Train Tower. This add-on is the perfect companion for Train Sim World because they are designed to work together seamlessly, with Train Tower Editor providing a reliable and fast way to create and edit your own rail networks. Train Tower Simulator provides a versatile set of tools for modeling the entire railway network in Train Sim World and Train Tower Editor, showing all track features and offering a comprehensive set of features for route design.

        What is a Track System?

        Tracks are used for staging points, passing loops, a main junction and crossing loops. The main hubs are the waystation, staging lines and junctions. The rest are secondary hubs, branching lines and crossing loops. Some hubs have junctions. Crossing loops and branching lines should be spaced at least 100 km apart. Crossing loops should be short, but branching and junctions should be longer. No track should be 500 km or more. Naturally you should make the system loop but it is not a requirement. The map needs to contain a grid system for the train controls.


        There should be a waystation in each location, where the train rests while changed to a different platform. The waystations were switched to the next waystop using a command.

        The platforms work on the map as terminus. They are switched to the waystations using a command.

        The next waystation


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        Rogue Shooter is a first-person shooter game where you play as a man on a mission. Good Lord.
        You wake up in a cold, grey room. There is a chair and a table in the room. Upon the table lies a laptop.
        You ask yourself “Why am I here?” You have no idea why you are here and it’s making you very uncomfortable.
        After 20 minutes of constant shaking, you decide to get out of there.
        You exit the room.
        You don’t know what is happening to the station. Some time passes and you move on.
        After a while, the ground shakes again. This time, it’s you who shakes, you’re the one who is uncomfortable.
        After being bombarded with a stream of alien tentacles and giant robots, you are captured by giant mutant spiders and thrown into a cage.
        The last thing you see before the lights fade is a bright red neon “NO” sign.
        Now on to the good part, even though the story thus far has been pretty bad.
        What’s new in this game?
        There are achievements to collect in Rogue Shooter. They unlock awesome rewards like the secret “No” challenge level, TFTD avatar, and more.
        We’re also updating the list of achievements! There will be over 200 achievements included in this update.
        There will be a level cap!
        Levels are fun, but not fun enough. Not that we’re complaining, we love levels. Good for you, us, and those who don’t share our unhealthy obsession with levels.
        I feel like this is an exciting change, but I’m still not sold on the “level cap.” I have a feeling that level caps just get thrown around until the people who really care about them finally give in and concede.
        We’re not here for that. Besides, it’s only 10 levels. 10 levels!
        Okay, but how do I get to level 10?
        Levels are tricky, and they’re also a pain to get into.
        You don’t always have a jump to level 10, and if you don’t get the ranking times fast enough, you’re stuck in level 1 forever.


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