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My Lil’ Donut is a single-player title developed by the new indie development team Heru2 from Denmark. Originally developed as a Game Jam entry, the game has since evolved into a 4-5 hour platformer with a sci-fi twist, full of humor and challenge. Game Features ——————— Many options • Control your ship with WASD or Arrow Keys • FPS Controls (use Shift for Crouch) • Autoscope – toggle between right and left eyes • Mouse – zoom • Keyboard/Switch controls – the Steam version will come with a standard keyboard • Mouse – jump • Mouse – toggle auto-run • Mouse – select item • Keyboard – Help with Gamepad • Keyboard – Jump • Mouse – Power up item • Mouse – Power down • Keyboard – Joke • Mute – Volume • Keyboard – Reset • Mouse – Reset • Keyboard – Copy • Mouse – Paste • Keyboard – Save • Mouse – Quit • Switch the Gamepad/Keyboard controls • Toggle turning and jump distance • Toggle between Auto-run/Auto-jump/Rally • Toggle between FPS and Pacing • Toggle between Crouch/Rising • Toggle between Fullscreen and Windowed mode • Toggle between Repeat and Manual (Toggles between 3D/2D) • Toggle between Right and Left perspectives • Toggle between Cursor and Input Freeze (Lock Controls) • Toggle between Cursor and No Cursor • Toggle between No Attack and Full Attack • Toggle Between 2 and 5 saves • Toggle between gamepad and mouse controls • Toggle between keyboard and mouse controls • Toggle between Boot Animation and No Boot Animation • Toggle between Panic Mode and Joke Mode • Toggle between vibrate and no vibrate • Toggle between autodecompression and full compression • Toggle between intel and no intel • Toggle between Screensaver and no Screensaver • Toggle between Load/Save/Jump/Autoscope • Toggle between Mouse Sensitivity • Toggle between color and no color • Toggle between debug and no debug • Toggle between alternate audio/sound effect • Toggle between no elevator and elevator • Toggle between no credit roll and credit roll • Toggle between with/without credits • Toggle between textbox and no textbox • Toggle between credits and no credits • Toggle between gamepad and mouse controls • Toggle


Features Key:

  • 4k Graphics
  • New Day, New Journey
  • New Map – New System
  • New Characters
  • Replayed Jill as a human
  • 3 New Areas
  • New Camera System
  • RPG Maker

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    • RPG Maker – Final Fantasy I
    • RPG Maker – Final Fantasy II
    • RPG Maker – Final Fantasy III
    • RPG Maker – Final Fantasy IV
    • RPG Maker – Final Fantasy V
    • RPG Maker – Final Fantasy VI
    • RPG Maker – Final Fantasy VII
    • RPG Maker – Final Fantasy VIII
    • RPG Maker – Final Fantasy IX
    • RPG Maker – Final Fantasy X
    • RPG Maker – Grandia
    • RPG Maker – Grandia II
    • RPG Maker – Illusion of Gaia
    • RPG Maker – Initial D: Knock Off
    • RPG Maker – Legend of Mana III
    • RPG Maker – Legend of Mana IV
    • RPG Maker – The Legend of Mana
    • RPG Maker – Ys I & Ys II (working titles)
    • RPG Maker – Lufia II (working title)
    • RPG Maker – Phantasy Star II
    • RPG Maker – Phantasy Star III
    • RPG Maker – Phantasy Star IV
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    • RPG Maker – Resident Evil
    • RPG Maker – Earth


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