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Have you ever dreamed of flying like a bird? Using The Ghost Engine, everything is possible in Drone Showcase! With dynamic physics technology and impressive creature visuals, you’ll fly around an abandoned metro tunnel in a state-of-the-art dynamic racing game! *** FEATURES *** – Racing on a Full Brick-Built, 3D Metro Tunnels Level – 16 High-Res Per-Track Character Models – Ability to Fly Multiple Drones in Multiplayer – Exclusive Bonus Content! Full Game DLC! – Extreme Fun! Multiplayer Mode! [Languages]: English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Hindi, and Tamil To learn more about the company and receive the latest news, visit us at Street-Tasty is an arcade racer/platformer hybrid. Players race around various circuits and try to break them. The game contains both point-and-click play, and board-style controls. Pressing ‘A’ moves the player left or right. By pressing ‘R’ the player rolls forward. Each circuit has 3 rounds, and the player only has a limited amount of time to finish it. This time is limited by the amount of time the player has remaining on the timer at the end of each round, and completing all of the jumps and bonus levels in that round. Re-ignite your rocketing fun on the ice with this second edition of the #1 action-packed hockey game! Enjoy a spectacular trip across USA and Europe, dating back to the 70’s as you score with a top puck! For all the action fans, prepare for thrilling gameplay, hockey tournaments in over 30 cities, national and international tournaments, training and video uploads on the way, play an international user-generated content tournament and much more! History Frozen Synapse was developed in the summer of 2007 by the developers of the critically-acclaimed PC indie game Katamari Damacy. Since then the game has received some significant updates, a new game campaign and a new localization in English, Czech and Polish. Currently, Frozen Synapse is being localized in German and Russian for Europe, while worldwide distribution is handled through EB Games stores. Key Features: – Variety of scenarios and game modes – Various locales – More than 20 years of history! – New game campaign and level editor – level/character creation and modification. – 30 new and


Features Key:

  • Single page to send a comment to “Me”.
  • Practice to grade 3, Grade C, and Grade D, 22 levels.

How to download:

Click Here!
  • How to use:

    • Copy AnyBody.js and put in your website/ folder
    • Copy AnyBody/Level/hit_pre.html and paste in you website/Level folder
    • Copy AnyBody/Level/hit_post.html and paste in your website/Level folder
    • This game icon should be put as your game icon in your game
    • Can throw the candy.
    • Candy follow the user.
    • Can use the power.
    • Numbers counter is 10,000 times.


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