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The Rippingtons Discography (1987 2011).11

Evelyn xeamzone

August 14th, 2017 09:51 pm

Produced by Chris Wilson and Ian Thomas and mixed by Dan M

November 2011 — End of an Era. Jimmy Buffett’s 38-year career will never be the same. The legendary singer/songwriter has announced his retirement from the music industry. The 66-year-old icon will release his next album in November, A Small Plane is Flying Far for the Very First Time. It will be Buffett’s first new studio album since 1993’s Paradise and will be released on November 15th by the iconic Guitar Shorty Organization. “After many years of doing the music gig, I’ve decided to take a break. I enjoy some of the creative process, but I’m a different performer today than I was back in the mid-’70’s. It’s been an honor to play for so many people that are truly appreciative, like the French, Germans, and others that I meet all over the world. I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family and friends and pursuing other interests,” Buffett revealed.

The album is chock-full of stars from James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, and the Beach Boys to the very best from Adele, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. On the title cut, guitar ‘n’ melody legend Jimmy Buffett and dynamic fiddle player Eddie Bayers take turns in the spotlight. Steve “The Whack” © Hyatt and the iconic crooner provide their signature vocals while bassist and arranger for the album, Steve Forman, improvises behind the scenes. He even sings! “I’m not sure if it’s been done. He’s a marvelous singer, as good as any jazz singer out there.” “At the same time, Jimmy doesn’t have to save the world. He can start a small revolution in the studio, and he does so here with some of his most interesting collaborations in years.”

As for the second single from A Small Plane is Flying Far, Steve Arguelles joins Jimmy for the first time and a new song, the

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