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– Rewrite large amount of code to improve game performance. – New interface
– Completely rewrote code of bunny paths. – New path finding method – New path joining and path splitting
– New delay time for grenades and excavators – Rewrite level content. – Complete rewiting
– New light sources, solid blocks, stairs. – Map features tile effects and ghosts
– New controls for better gameplay. – Steam library and achievements. – New preloader.
– Completed game graphics, new map look.
– Game UI changes: New font, new coins, new logo, new description and credits. – New walls, items
– Completely new powerups. – More types of traps and bombs. – New types of shovel, pickaxe, excavator, grain shovel. – Teleport, back, wall panel and bomb.
– All in all, the game feels like a new game, and it was worth of developing the game.
The game is mostly finished and it is ready for release.

Oct 1, 2011


The demo contains 20 levels

We have released a demo version of Bunny Mania! Enjoy it!

Huge update!
1- New feature: you can play the game in local co-op!
2- New feature: you can play a puzzle mode with your friends!State-by-state changes in deaths among aboriginal people in Canada


This paper summarises statistically significant changes in the age-standardised death rates among Aboriginal peoples between 1996-98 and 2001-03. Data from the 1996-98 General Social Survey and 2001-03 National Population Health Survey, including both cross-sectional and time-series analyses, were used. Significant improvements were found in five states (British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island). There were small decreases in three states (Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan). There were no significant changes in one state (Ontario). The improvement in British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island was evident from 2001-03. The worsening in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan occurred in the same three years. A cross-sectional comparison of the 2001-03 rates with those from 1996-98 found no significant differences in age-standardised death rates in British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan; significant decreases in the rates of life expectancy at birth in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island; and small but significant increases in Newfoundland and Labrador


Features Key:

  • Clicker Dimension
  • HD Dynamic Sound
  • Stunning Atmospheric RAfer
  • Scrolling Movie Theme


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A small pastoral town lives in peace and harmony, each member devoted to the exemplary Queen. And then one day there is a wildfire on a young girl’s birthday and an appearance of something strange. Now, our little town will be in hell to survive. For a reason unknown, your town is forbidden to leave, let alone save the people…



– Original music is composed by Hozuki no Chou (FINAL FANTASY VI)
– Currently, there are ten girls!
– The original 4×4 battle system
– Simple, easy to use, versatile
– Variety of enemies
– Ability to play as 4 characters
– Multiple paths
– Beautiful girls
– Try to bring the same girls back to life even after you beat the game
– Time Attack mode and B mode
– A tsundere girl with adorable ears is also in here!


※You can’t use PSP features such as Goggles on computer.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows7/8/10
Processor: 1.8 GHz AMD or Intel
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 2 GB free space
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce6 or higher, ATI RadeonHD2100 or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0

Game Videos:

In Game:














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Improve your own chess skills through the intuitive tutorial and practice modes to improve your rating and learn more chess strategies. Practice:

Become a Chess Grandmaster and conquer the world with this fully featured chess game from Capstone Software! Includes five adjustable skill levels so you can start at beginner and reach grandmaster status. Play Chess Grandmaster Challenges against the powerful Zarkov A.I. which utilizes its innovative KARTA Chess engine to adapt to the players style and draw conclusions from its mistakes. Enjoy chess tactics, strategy, and other game features at your full command. Use powerful chess customizability to make the game look exactly the way you want. Grandmaster Chess features eight customizable board designs and seven unique piece sets including Castle, Chessboard, and Tower to help you fight for every inch of the board. Look no further to experience the game of chess in a whole new way.
Features: – Five adjustable skill levels include the beginner, average player, advanced player, and grandmaster – Play as your favorite chess piece including the pawn, knight, rook, bishop, queen, and king – Play against the CPU or an online opponent in 1, 2, 4 or 6 player simultaneous matches – Challenge your opponent to a simultaneous game online against your friends or a master chess bot – Enjoy unlimited two-player offline play – Analyze the best move for any scenario to learn chess strategies with the powerful Zarkov A.I. – Enjoy powerful gameplay customization with the standard chess piece sets or try out various sets including castle, chessboard, or tower, just like the World Chess Champions – Test your reflexes in the challenging Blindfold mode – Play competitive matches against friends using Chess Play Ratings – Learn the basic opening moves in the extensive Opening Moves Library – Change the board design to match your mood with eight distinctive chess boards – Watch the evolution of the royal game as you master the traditional back and forth play of chess – The latest chess tournament news is reported in the GameboardNews, including player rankings, live match scoreboards, computer ratings, chess news, and interactive rankings – Play chess in ranked tournaments by country, chess region, player rating, or country player rating – Analyze your recent matches in the analysis mode and compare your strengths and weaknesses against other players – Available in Standard American English (English: USA), English (English: UK), French (France), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Japanese (Japan), Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish (Spain), Simplified Chinese (China), Traditional Chinese (China), Traditional


What’s new:

    – War Of The Pacific : Evasive Maneuvers – 3
    Tiger Tank 59?
    Tiger Tank 59?
    K. P. Reddy
    99605 08/06/94
    Battleship – War of the Pacific – Evasive Maneuvers
    As the war march across the Pacific both sides employ
    tiger tanks in many combinations. Tiger tanks are great in
    braving any enemy firepower, and strategic targets are
    often the main objective within that great circle of fire.
    But when you have a small tiger tank and a land battle
    approaches, the small tiger can be as helpless as the big
    tiger. It means that it can sneak into the battle, do
    the mission that the big tigers does not want to leave
    because they have to move, things get hairy, and it can
    sell itself to a bigger tiger.
    ‘Tiger’ is most common translation for Chuan Lian. But
    there are others. They are Chinese translation for such
    words as “ping ou”, “tai bei”, “tai niang” in Tibetan,
    “égid sars”, “chasse sauvage”, “sang iong doang”,
    “queens habi”, and some vague and imaginary translation,
    like “komurugu”. Any ‘Tiger’ tank will do, probably.
    I will use TK59 series tanks for my custom. They are
    mainly used in Chinese theater, but they also used in
    Indonesian theater, like Merkava series of tanks.
    TK59 series tank has quite some peculiar characteristics.
    They are only manned by two man crew and they have low
    armor, 85mm gun, very poor. It means that this tank is
    not an candidate for use in tactical combat, because it
    will be always exposed to fire of any armed enemy, and
    tactical engagement is the traditional area of expertise
    of that kind of tank.
    It has some features that make it worth a gaming
    experiment for a versatile tanker that I could use for
    fighting 2-3 player battles. These features are:
    1. Independent 4-wheel drive and suspension,
    both the road wheels and the tracks. This
    tank has a small armored shield as the front of
    the hull, and the top front and rear of the
    deck. It has two hatches on the end of the top
    rear deck


    Free The Real Man Summer Championship 2019 – Psychotic Clown Nose [Latest]

    A beautiful, cartoonish isometric puzzle game that combines the hand-drawn style of Braid with the light-hearted nature of LIMBO. Collect gold coins and find all 120 rooms in order to unlock new skills and power-ups that will help you solve the mystery of the disappearing inhabitants of the town.


    Full Steam Controller support.

    Choose from 12 characters and a variety of power-ups.

    Remix the game with a range of difficulty settings and challenge modes.

    Find the ultimate solution by combining different ways of solving the puzzles.

    About the Developer:
    Chronology is a game I’ve been making since I was a kid. I started off on the GBA, then moved on to PC and Mobile, and now I’m back on the console.
    I started making Chronology in 2011 to help me develop my programming skills, then I decided to release it to the public for fun. The game has been featured at gamescom, Droidcon, IndieCade and many more.
    Chronology was also selected as one of the 10 best indie games at the Game Developers Conference, and it’s also been selected as part of the Game Developers Choice Awards.
    You can follow me on Twitter @RaivoVoiman, visit my blog at, and subscribe on Steam to get notified about updates. Enjoy!

    From the tiny island of Vieyra, a newly-awakened Guardian watches the world around her turn to ash and regret. In the wake of that destruction, a new reality unfolds.

    You play the Guardian. You must find and take revenge on the beings who have made you this way. You must fight the world’s demons and restore the balance.

    Puzzles are scarred with blood: Your enemies have turned against you. You must hunt them down, capture them, and confront them.

    You have to fight to survive. You have to fight for your kin.

    You have to fight for yourself.

    You have to survive.

    About This Game:
    In your darkest hours, the world sleeps. But if you open your eyes, a new world emerges.

    There is something else awake in the world besides your enemies. She has lived for so long, she knows what she wants, but she’s forgotten why. She wants revenge.

    You have seen her. You know her. She is you.



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  • Download Spirit Swap – Lofi Beats – [Game Screenshot]
  • Download Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats To:
  • Spirit Swap: LoFi Beats

Also available for Android, Desura, and iOS if you missed it.

Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats is an amazing match-3 puzzle game, made by Technobuzzer, inspired by the popular classic, Super Hypercubetrotters.

As you may have already guessed, Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats is meant for being played in Minecraft. And since it is a MOAR MINECRAFT GAME, you may have that little patience to actually complete and play it. However, you can still download and install it and it should work as well.

Spirit Swap: LoFi Beats

It’s not so hard to start playing a virtual reality match-3 puzzle game, but how to stop and leave it? It’s not that difficult to open a game and defeat the last enemy without spending the next hour doing it right. But this time you have spirit swap. Spirit Swap was made with this in mind:

The main goal of the game is

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later
QuicPlay supports Yosemite.
GLSL 2.0
Direct3D 11 or newer
QuicPlay requires Unity5.5.3 or newer
Minimum Requirements:
System Requirements:
Minimum Requirements


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