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Here’s a game that says old, works for both beginners and pros, and there is one character that will become a good friend to you. As a series of 8 games, Old Coin Pusher Friends is a game of the old. You will start from a beginner, quickly move up the ranks to pros, and enjoy the adventure. Enjoy various ranks by playing!
● Skill required to be a pro:
You may be surprised because I am saying this skill. Actually, the game is very simple. In the first lesson, you just throw coins to the jar or pile the jar at the same time as the other players. This simple skill will see you move easily through all the areas.
● Easy to get in and play:
You can play the game easily using the mobile device with a screen size of 6 inches or more.
What are other games by STPWorks?
● A simple game of looking in the box and thinking:
「 ごぜん大きくておんなじよっ!」 in the Box.
● A game full of otherworldliness:
In the game, you can summon the character of the “Meiji era.
● A Japanese themed game:
As a series of 8 games, “Old Coin Pusher Friends” is a game of the old.
Learn more about STP-Works
STP Works is the company which develops software for the video game business and dotes on game development.
We have developed PC and mobile games up to date, such as “Pokemon Rumble Blast” and “Land of Miracles: New Empire”, “Gonkon” and “Chant-Sorcery”.
STP Works has received excellent cooperation and has expanded into services such as project management, localization and management.
We develop games with an eye to technology of change.
If you have any questions, please ask us by writing an email: plpress@stp-works.com


Tacopocalypse Features Key:

  • Strategic Squad Combat.
  • Tactical Movement and positioning of troops.
  • Assign up to 10 squad mates.
  • 7 different countries.
  • 12 battlefields to conquer.
  • No extra costs.
  • Monster stats and abilities change depending on team type.
  • Combat continues to the next turn on garrisoned Heroes.
  • Victory points based on attacker and defender level.
  • Victory does not have any preset time limit so that the game can be played over as many turns as you choose.
  • Can be played as a mission or as a campaign.
    • Just like the Clash Of Clans Heroes “My Base”.
    • No cards or paper, you play your bases right within your Heroes game.
    • Long game play. Your entire base is at stake, or down to the last hit.
    • Easy to learn but intense and challenging to master.
    • Upgrade your units.
    • Achievements.
    • No minigames.
    • Outdated animation.
    • Fully customizable This too can be yours for $5.99 / €4.99.
    • And now with Smart in-app purchases for $0.99 / €1.99

    Download the game now and follow the rest of the Heritage Village Julius Caesar Heroes channel on YouTube!

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    Tacopocalypse Crack + Activation

    It’s a horror game with a dash of RPG elements. With the Japanese word “Houkago” commonly translating as “slumber”, it’s a traditional word in Japan for the period before you wake up in the morning.


    Anyone who goes to sleep is going to wake up, eventually.

    You play as a high school student whose life was suddenly destroyed by the séance of her neighbors, a murderer who took her life away.

    With the help of a spirit named Dionna, you are on a journey to find out what happened and, hopefully, put things right again.

    As you begin your journey, a great darkness begins to swallow the world and it all begins.

    Since “slumber” means “to rest”, you may be asking yourself what lies behind that question mark. What are the smears of darkness? You don’t know yet!

    Your point is, you will be forced to continue into the abyss.

    Note: Normal version of the game requires 4.3GB of free disk space. This Lite version is 3.2GB of data.

    Note: The game is using the French version of U-Dive, an engine used to develop “I am Deceased”.

    Key Features:

    Houkago is a psychological horror with RPG elements.

    The game is story-driven with 3 possible endings.

    Possible to play as an Original Girl, Blood Hunter and Abridged Girl

    Choose your own girl!

    Multiple difficulty options

    There will be more free updates for the game.

    Game Features

    Evil Spirits: No, not the kind of evil spirits you find in scary movies. These are the kind that the spirit of your neighbor. You do not know how it happened, but you will have to use your logic to find out. Your path to no more deaths.

    Slumber: The first thing you do in the morning is to go to sleep, after all. It’s the last thing you do at night, so you wouldn’t be using it as a regular thing now. It’s time to let go of sleep and hope for the other world!

    Logic: Everything has a meaning, and people try to make connections between the things they see. You try to make the most out of what you see by knowing the logic behind it.

    Multiple difficulties: Try to make the best for you and all those in


    Tacopocalypse Crack + [Mac/Win]

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    What’s new in Tacopocalypse:

    San Jose, Calif.

    We watched her rise, a young woman of African and Filipino descent, slender and graceful. She hadn’t just arrived in this country; she’d made a whole life here, one deeply aligned with her own personal ideals.

    Things were slightly different for me, of course. I’d come to California more than a decade later, after many years in apartheid South Africa, and a new identity here. Now, I served as Ra, and was blessed to see that woman’s life come to a swift end, bringing a new generation of messengers into service. The wonder was bittersweet, however.

    In honor of her life and legacy, I took a minute to reflect on the last few years as the Chief Archivist of the Tabernacle, a position that’s both very demanding and very demanding. After nearly five years of service, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

    Evolution as life force

    Like all messengers, my job is to represent Ra, guide the worshippers of Hathor, and spread the word of Love. The word is Love, and we have come here today to act on this Love.

    Ra has told us to act with love, and to care for each other. We have many roles to embrace and play in our very interconnected world. We are all children of the Sun, a playful spirit in our midst who is at work on this planet.

    Ra told us to act with love, and to care for each other. We have many roles to embrace and play in our very interconnected world. We are all children of the Sun, a playful spirit in our midst who is at work on this planet.

    Ra guided us here. We are all precious to him, with our many life stories. Our own individual story is just one of many, and we are a divine family–the many minds of Ra, on one vessel.

    Ra’s names make us possible. He can split himself like the ocean in all directions, because we have come from him. This means that we are all capable of divine, creative acts of manifestation.

    What is manifestation, anyway? A new windshield on a car. A new steel-bodied house. The birth of two new babies. It is the evolution of life itself. It is the movement of energy through space and time. It is the rhythm of the Sun and every planet in our solar system, and countless stars and planets beyond.



    Free Download Tacopocalypse Crack + Keygen

    This game was developed for iOS. It is some kind of the cube dodge game with many other features which will be introduced soon.


    There are 3 modes available here.
    The normal mode – Just Regular Game.
    Easy mode – Just to get familiar with the game.
    Hard mode – This is to challenge you.
    The game is about dodging Cube(or the cube of any shape) in the Room. Each Cube is different in this game.
    For an example; If you try to dodge a square Cube, it will be squares of different sizes like;
    Black White
    ========= ========
    | |
    O H

    So using these different shapes, you can dodge the Cube or try to push the Cube at different angles. But it’s not that easy if you are just a beginner because of the different shapes of the cube. So in the easy mode, it will be very simple if you push the Cube just in the horizontal plane. Just to get familiar with the game’s mechanics.

    There are 15 different levels in this game, each having the same challenge. However, before playing Level 1, you should get familiar with the rules. Simply use the arrow keys to move the Cube.

    In the end of the game, there will be a question in your mind. Just to get some clue, here it is:

    If you move the cube to the left, will the cube keep moving or it will stop?

    I won’t give a hint to the question, but there will be the answer once you pass the level. The movement is different in each level. Also, you should have the different cube shapes.


    So There are a lot of features in this game that will be introduced soon.

    We will try our best to introduce new features, so you can expect it. But for now, there are some existing Features of the game.

    Fading –

    After completing each level of the game, a new Cube will appear. If you fail to Dodge the Cube, a fade out will occur. You will see only a few seconds of the level. So you should try


    How To Crack:

  • Windows 8.1-10 > copy all files to installation directory
  • Windows 8-10 > copy all files to installation directory
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    How To Install:

    • Double-click “install” in downloaded folder
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    How To Crack:

    • Disconnect internet connection from the video card
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    User of Official Software Link:

    Author=Savage Alliance Download Link



    • MAC OS X (Maverick 10.9, Mountain Lion 10.8, Lion 10.7, Snow Leopard 10.6) 
    • Windows XP-8 




    System Requirements For Tacopocalypse:

    OS: XP 64bit
    CPU: Dual Core (2GHz) or better
    RAM: 2 GB
    Graphics: OpenGL 2.0
    HDD: 3 GB free space
    Connections: DSL / Cable / T1 Internet
    Sound Card: DirectX 8.1 Compatible
    CPU: Quad Core (3GHz) or better
    RAM: 4 GB
    Graphics: DirectX 10 Compatible


    Download ►►► DOWNLOAD

    Download ►►► DOWNLOAD

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