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“Something happened inside the dark walls of the Black Cube. It is a mysterious power that brings back to life the beloved dead. Other inhabitants of Terra can’t remember what they did before the awakening of the Black Cube. They can’t remember who they are. And they can’t go back to the world they knew before. At the same time a dark revelation unfolds. The mysteries of the Black Cube come together in a dramatic revelation that will change the future of Terra forever.”
Prequel of Black Cube series
The game was made in 6 years by a team of 3 people in France, Germany, and Canada:
· Yazorius – game designer and sound engineer
· Simon Mesnard -game designer
· Pierre Vetter -3D generalist

1961. The hero is Professor Dimarx, an archaeologist who thinks he made the discovery of the century on his planet, Terra, on the forbidden continent of Meridia. He is exalted by his discovery, and descends into the depths of the earth without precautions. He is as if called by an unknown force, and will discover the first Black Cube in the modern history of Terra. His mind is then like “absorbed” inside.
Kitrinos is a first-person #scifi adventure game set in the world of the Black Cube series (ASA, Catyph, Myha.) and initially created during Adventure Jam 2018 on Game Jolt. It takes place in a retro geometrical world, that can remind of old movies and polygonal games. We mainly created it in 2 weeks (the development continued during the next few days to complete the game).Gameplay
The gameplay is frame by frame (in prerendered 3D backgrounds) with 360° panoramic views in HD, and many short cutscenes in animated video. The game was developed with the Clickteam Fusion engine. It is recommended to play it with a pen and paper to take notes and solve the puzzles.Features
A prequel to the Black Cube games
1~2 hours of lifetime
An original soundtrack by Yazorius
3 different regions to visit
Challenging puzzles
The story is told through a diary and several animated cutscenes
1080p graphics, 360 panoramic views
Kitrinos is a kind of psychological journey, from the creators of ASA: A Space Adventure (Simon Mesnard) and ‘EnantiO’ (Yazorius).
About The Game Kitrinos: Inside the Cube:


Features Key:

  • Completely Independent mod
  • Graphics (German car models)
  • All loco types (all German locomotives)
  • 55 instruments with exhaust signals
  • World-of-rail mod with newly designed card models
  • No changes to AAR files (to work with Train Simulator TS)
  • Comes with user manual and high resolution textures
  • System Requirements

    • Windows (XP, Vista, Server 2003)

    Install Notes

    • Extract the.7z file to Train Simulator main folder. When installing, install to Train Simulator folder (not in desktop).
      After installation click on environment variable, go to system variables and add new entry : PATH. Type in the PATH entry “C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Common\TrainSimulator” where you have installed the mod.


    • Remove the files of Train Simulator first
    • Delete the Train Simulator folder (it will also be remenbered)

    Known bugs / Issues

    You can check on faq section to learn how to uninstall the mod.

    If you find any bugs or issues, please suggest a fix.


    • All files in this mod come with Demo Screens. Some of them are missing, because they are not included in the mod, other because they are not included in the Demo.
    • A3


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      The Imperial Guard is a worldwide battle-weary force of veteran soldiers whose commanders and captains are legendary. They stand as the last line of defence on billions of planets, and they fight to protect the Imperium’s honour and rule.
      Sisters of Battle are fierce warrior women who dedicate themselves to the holy cause of the Emperor. While the Imperium dominates the hundred worlds of the Golden Throne, the Imperium of Man has a mortal enemy – the foul forces of Chaos. They are determined to extinguish this enemy and reunite all of the Imperium under the Emperor’s rule, even if it means wiping out humanity.
      The greatest leaders of the Imperial Guard have gathered to discuss the future of the Thousand Sons — fellow Dark Lord Davarius. He has gathered a cadre of priests from the Emperor’s very own Legion, the Raven Guard. They must reach him before they are crushed by the foul buto of the Chaos gods that has been unleashed on the Golden Throne.
      Written by author Games Workshop
      Music and Sound by composer Psynax
      Developed by Bulletstorm Entertainment
      Playdius (USA)
      360Anima (Japan)

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      Tabletopia – Maximum Apocalypse Patch With Serial Key X64 (April-2022)

      Mango Cart is built around the fundamental game mechanic of the monthly development.It also features:
      Actions and Events to allow players to move forward through the game: an end of month Goal to be achieved, a second Goal for this month, an Events Block for spending the Players cash.
      Progress based on the ‘2-toughest-tasks’ principle.
      An embedded micro-system allowing players to unlock the minimal Cash needed to play their loan-bonds in action(The Highest Cash that can be spent by the player is reached by the completion of a Missions Block of the 1st month).
      A level rating system implemented in a Micro-system, therefore preventing players to spend money they do not have.
      The more expensive the Bonds are the higher the monthly interest.
      A micro-system for Loans: an interest is applied on Bonds and Loans. The player has to pay and the next instalment is deferred after 4 actions.
      A Micro-system for Loans: An interest is applied on Loans and Bonds
      Players can only withdraw cash once a Month.
      When a bond is redeemed all cash is refunded.
      Game “Wanderlust” Gameplay:
      Wanderlust is a card game based on the ‘2-toughest-tasks’ principle where players are challenged to complete their most ambitious Goals.
      You can spend your Cash now or later.
      You can only earn with a job or with Adventure and Exploring events.
      This game features a micro-system for Loans allowing a player to borrow an amount of Cash he does not have by spending the Cash he already has.
      The game includes a welcome screen allowing players to start the adventure with a set of cards to choose.
      The game can also include a starting screen (or load a saved deck) as well.
      Game “Flower Shop” Gameplay:
      Flower Shop is a game of Endurance that combines two elements:
      Exploring during which players can earn,
      Endurance during which players can withdraw cash
      This is a game of players rolling dice between actions.
      Players can spend the cash they have accrued by rolling dice.
      Endurance is found when the total points of a roll (rolling) exceeds the players remaining cash.
      Endurance is used to withdraw cash.
      To complete the game each player needs to roll more than 0, the minimum being to roll a 4.
      Players receive 3 points per action.
      Playing a card with value of 4 allows the use of


      What’s new in Tabletopia – Maximum Apocalypse:

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