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Download ——— DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Phos is going to be a semi-infinite space crawler game, that has complete unit control. The player will be unable to attack unless they are in front of the units. The game will allow the players to send resources back to their mother planet. Resources will be used to build new units and structures and will also be used to buy structures to improve your defensive and offensive power.
My goal is to have fun in my game and I hope that this game has that. I’m looking to get this game in the hands of my friends as quickly as possible so I can get feedback from them. I’m also asking for advice, criticism, and ideas. As far as platforms, my initial thoughts are Android, iOS, and probably all major pc platforms. I haven’t decided on the structure of my game yet, so that’s not a priority for me.
Development Goals for Phos:
* Have fun
* Be accessible
* Not too difficult
* Good pace
* Push units
* Make structures
I’m excited to see what you guys think.
*Stay tuned for more updates


Have fun
…you say that at the end of your post. But fun by itself is not a sufficient goal – it’s missing all the other points that distinguish a well-written game.
The “fun” piece of this game is when your units harvest a building, so you can essentially send them out on their own. But you don’t give them any direction – they’re just wandering around wondering where they need to go. They never see the map, they never see any map, they don’t even see the other parts of the room (guests, doors, guards, etc.). If you click on their tool-unit, it will show you everything they can do.
Beyond that, they never talk to each other (because there isn’t a map). They are never positioned correctly – they are always moving, so there is no tactical advantage to their having “the best position” on the map.
You won’t be able to click on a button to “push a unit” – they have no control over that – it’s just a mindless task. None of the stuff you click is going to have any impact on the “enter action phase” – there is no “action phase” other than the fact that you can click. You cannot distinguish between what units are doing and what


Features Key:

  • Six games
  • Suitable for players of all ages
  • Four clubs, top staff, exclusive stadiums, high-tech Super computer


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Experience the huge open world of Death Valley in a brand new, action adventure game. Explore the desert and face off against massive bosses and groups of enemies. When your health is about to run low, summon Death Metal from the in-game shop to give you even more lives.
Game Features:
– Tons of weapons and armor!
– Explore the Death Valley with a car
– Customize your own character
– Six distinct classes, each with their own special move
– Unlock special moves that make your character more powerful
– Numerous enemies, each with their own attack pattern
– Customize your gun-battle weapon to your liking
– Discover the hidden Relic in each stage
– Dozens of different challenges
– Challenging dungeons and bosses
– All new and original music and sound effects!
What’s New:
– There are new enemies and dungeons to explore
– There are new boss battles, each with their own attack style
– There are new weapons to find and customizations to make
– There are additional modifiers you can add to your gear
This is a special offer that will be available for a limited time.
Please note that this content can only be purchased once. If you have not purchased this content in-game from Direct Hell, please restart your game to receive this item.
Thank you.
Kind regards,BGM
Death Valley: The Game on Google Play Store

Death Valley is an action RPG located in the middle of the desert.

About This Content
(Special)10 Death Metal
Special offer: one chance per person!
You can use these 10 Death Metal to continue your game after your die, and expand your storage among other things.
10 Death Metals
*This content can only be purchased once.
*If you didn’t purchase your additional items in-game from Direct Hell, please restart your game to receive your items.
*Other than Death Metal, the items obtained in this content will be sent to your in-game Rewards Box once purchased.
*If your Rewards Box has 50 or more items in it, you will be able to claim your purchased items when the amount of items in the box drops below 50.
*If you already have the maximum amount of Kill Coins, you will not be able to take Kill Coins out of your Rewards Box.
About This Game:
Experience the huge open world of Death Valley in a brand new,


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The overlay is a handy menu for quick access to dice interactions, vendor offers, and card backs.

These screens come into effect after you complete three transactions with DiceCorp!


Opening overlay

Holding down the spacebar on the overlay will bring it up, click the menu icon to bring up the overlay’s full list of contents.

The overlay lists your last three DiceCorp Transactions, Vendor Offers, and Card Backs.

Your list of transactions and vendors can be adjusted and viewed from the bottom of this screen.

You can also adjust your vendor offers from the bottom of the overlay by clicking ‘Edit offers’.

Note: If you’ve no transactions, you may still see offers in your offer list.

Card Back

Card Back

The Card Back screen comes into effect after you complete three transactions with DiceCorp!

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see both of your dice- a non-hurt and a hurt die- that will generate after your next transaction.

You can hit the ‘Add a Card Back’ button on the lower right of the screen to generate a new card back.

There’s a variety of different cards available. They can be unlocked by buying, selling, or using specific goods.

Using a good will purchase new cards for you.

Buying a good will make it available in your inventory for a time- and each subsequent purchase will use up all the remaining time.

Activating a good through an offer will make it available for you to use during that week.

Using a good to gain a point or chip will leave that good in your inventory.

Selling goods will leave a permanent mark on your dice, in the form of a unique card.

Dice offers may contain the remaining time that you’re required to activate the good.

The overlay, card back, and card backs features are all accessible from the bottom of the screen.

The vendors offers are accessible from the bottom of the screen, right next to the card back feature.

After you’ve sold a die, you will be able to swap it out for another one on your way to your rent payment.

Dice Toss

Dice Toss

The dice toss is an exciting, in-your-face mechanic that let’s you make the best of every dice flip.

Using this


What’s new:

    was hired to capture designs for a performance back pack worn by an actor in a modest USC Regent Street Residence rehearsal just as the 2007 play was under production: a play about a 20th century army officer who was inspired by the Dalton Gang.

    I’ve been trying to come up with some designs that would enhance the aesthetic of the play, but still include some practical elements as well as being wearable. I am also not sure if it is really the dressing room or the set that needs “accessories?” What do you think?

    Happy New Year, Happy New Year. It seems to me, that your need in your design is a 180 degree answer to the detail of this post — and — no surprises. My thoughts too. Well done!

    Every garment is a piece of art. Great design is the end all, be all. Think of garments as cathedrals of the body.

    The “bag,”of course, goes everywhere. That’s why duffel bags go with most every outfit — or separate outfits — Today on “designer’s design” it’s Greek to me, but certainly an answer to your problem.

    Have fun!!!

    — William

    (He knows what he is talking about in the text conversation, but this post applies to women too)

    Admix here and there, I find that in women’s clothing, the vintage and period look often showcases the form and shape of the person well. Think Marlene Dietrich, Brenda Starr, and other 1950’s and 60’s fashion icons. (see the source images in post #2)

    This is a difficult one. If the object is to camouflage the actors somehow, I’m pretty sure you’re right. Should the actors be noticed, but their bags not? And what about carrying a cravat in the scene? The premise of the play concerns people who are reading their own plays, so there’s that aspect too.

    I guess the bags must be there, but just maybe a messenger bag, like you suggest, trimmed with a contrasting trimmings, would be a good idea.

    Consider that we are all put together fairly well on average. Not everyone has a perfectly dressed body. I’m not even sure what this would look like, we have all seen examples of how someone can be off balance.

    Even the bright California Summer sun limits the time available to use outdoor dress with little extra.

    Considering the relatively comfortable clothing styles in this century,


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    Attack Of The Gooobers is a fan made mod with the mission to prove once and for all that Gooobers are indeed alive and well after all these years! The game revolves around a Gooober invasion to reclaim the Earth and replace it’s inhabitants with Gooobers. After a brief explanation of Gooobers, Prepare yourself for some intense Gooobers on a mission to destroy you and your household!
    Key Features:
    -7 different classes with a unique ability to defeat the Gooobers.
    -12 Gooober boss fights
    -Grow your Gooober and evolve yourself to prepare for the next Gooober challenge.
    -Purchases weapons to defeat the Gooobers.
    -Tons of Gooobers and monsters to kill.
    -Many shopkeepers to keep your Gooobers happy.
    -The ability to play for free without any account.
    -Explore many diverse lands and fight other players.
    -Multiple options for weapons to beat the Gooobers with.
    -Ability to survive the Gooober onslaught, kill the Bosses and get weapons for the next Gooober attack.
    -Customize your character’s appearance.
    -New weapons to buy to beat the Gooobers.
    -Many survival possibilities to choose from.
    -An endless attack of the Gooobers!
    -3 difficulty options for the best challenge.
    Purchase your weapons, choose a class and fight the Gooobers!
    How to Play:
    1. Choose a character, this is your base.
    2. Customize your character to feel comfortable.
    3. Purchase weapons for your Gooobers and get ready for the boss battles.
    4. Fight the boss battles, beat the Gooobers and get the rewards.
    5. Talk to shopkeepers and use your resources to get more weapons and survive the next battle.
    6. Explore the lands to find new weapons and monsters to hunt.
    7. Explore the lands to find new weapons and monsters to hunt.
    8. Be the best survivor and defeat the endless attack of the Gooobers.
    System Requirements:
    -Windows 7 or later
    -Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
    -512 MB RAM
    -DirectX 10
    -Hard Drive space needed (Approx. 8GB for total disc space)
    1. Download the game
    2. Extract the zip file to the main directory (C:\Battlefield Fallout)
    3. Run the game


    How To Crack:

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  • Run the setup
  • Click on the Gamble button to start
  • Wait till the game installs
  • Close the setup
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  • Enjoy playing the game Reek N’ Havok

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How to write in C# without porting SQL

I want to write a simple back end of a website. The website must be self-contained, but have all of the necessary information to retrieve and store data off a MySQL server.
My question: Is there any (simple) way of writing in C# that uses MySQL to store the data?
I could understand if I was writing a client, but I just want the server itself.




System Requirements For Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment:

1. Your Intel® Core™ i5-4590 or equivalent 2.6 GHz processor
2. Your video card must be up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 Ti
3. Installer memory must be between 2 GB and 8 GB
4. Installer disk space must be between 25 GB and 200 GB
5. Windows® XP SP3, Windows® 7 SP1, Windows® 8, or Windows® 10
6. DirectX® 11 is required to play all Test Drive games
7. Windows® 64-bit only


Download ——— DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ——— DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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