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There are 7 major suits (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and 20 of each). There are 21 cards in each suit. This adds up to 105 cards. There are 3 rounds in the game. In the first round, you can play as many cards as you want. In the second round, you can play as many cards as you want, but your accumulated points can’t surpass a certain score. In the third round, you can play as many cards as you want. Finally, the timer counts down to 1. All cards will stop at this point. If you want to clear all cards, don’t worry. You can clear up to 7 cards per round. In addition, you can choose to play cards with the same suit together, or mix up suits. If you don’t clear the cards in all 3 rounds, you lose. Features: – 7 major suits and 21 of each card – 3 separate game modes: Practice, Tournament, and Record – Score, length of lives, and time are displayed on the top of the screen – Save, rewind, and share your time on – Original music, original sound effects – Top screen display of points per card and life time remaining – Card flip to change the direction of the cards – Auto-play for beginners. Skip the introductions. – Playable with any digital device with touch screen. Please note: As long as the game contains cards, you need to register your device with a valid email address. You can download all you need from the Apple app store or Google play. Need help? Visit us at for assistance and more play games! Contact: Facebook: Twitter: Email: help@chickenz.com Web: Instagram: Poker is a card game in which players take turns playing cards to improve their hand. A poker hand consists of five cards, where the winner is the player with the best five-card poker hand ranking. Poker is considered a game of skill because the outcome depends on how well the cards are played, not on any underlying skill of chance. The game is a great way to relax and is a popular social game


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  • Straight from the creators of the excellent VCG Project, found on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.
  • No unlocked content. Everything you see in this trailer has been created, coded, and rendered by the developer. It’s entirely up to you to make this game shine!
  • All assets, textures and assets were created specifically for the game, while the team put up for your personal usage!
  • Unique voice lines written by the developer himself. No crowd-sourced voice lines.
  • Full voice track, optional. (We just had fun recording for a demo.)
  • The team wanted to make a game that can be played by VR newbies and experienced gamers alike!
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    Russia has started a bloody war against Ukraine, the Russian occupier – go fuck yourself! Are you ready to kill a thousand Ukrainians? Return to the frontline to defend your team and destroy their enemy: Новороссии! Новороссия (New Russia) is a free offline online strategy board game in which the players compete to be the first to capture opponent armies and towns. Taking the role of a foreign military commander, the player must battle for control of an occupied country in Europe which is split into hexagonal board areas that act as geographic territory. This game uses OpenFeint for multiplayer and online multiplayer. When your country is captured, it becomes an enemy country for the rest of the game. GAMEPLAY Each side is led by a military commander. To move troops on the map, the commander must either declare a military action or occupy a cell, or city. Each turn, the player selects one of the available actions to carry out or use. • Military – Each military action is a one-time action (R1 or R2). You can either move troops or attack an enemy troop or base. A troop can be of any nationality, although Russians are the most likely to attack. • Command – Using the command action opens a window for giving orders. When you command troops to a location, they are committed to the action. For example, I ordered one Russian soldier to attack the enemy’s town in the Northeast. • More Information – Opens a window with more information about the action such as, for example, how strong your units are. • Strength – Is a result of having more total troop strength than the enemy. • Upgrade – Shows what benefit you gain for this action. If you choose to attack, you can attack a troop, a base or a city. • “Evasive” – A troop uses this action to move to the opposite side of the board. For example, I ordered one Russian soldier to use this action to move to the SW of the board. • “Fallback” – A troop uses this action to retreat from an enemy. For example, I ordered one Russian soldier to use this action to retreat from the enemy. There are three options to attack a single target: • Move – The troops must all move to the attack location. For example, I ordered one Russian c9d1549cdd


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    – 4 different brutal game modes including solo survival, single player time attack, local duel and single player vs human – Single player survival mode is all about racing to finish your turn, dodging pain and avoiding dog fights – Singe player time attack mode is a brutal race against time. Don’t let your enemy outrun you or you will lose – A local duel with your friend is a tense battle for the life of one of your opponent – Realistic physics engine with character based attacks that will inflict physical pain on your opponent – Realistic graphics that make you feel like an animal fighting for life and survival. Features:Play as one of the 4 deadly animals – Shrew, Sheep, Hedgehog, Lizard – 4 deadly animals that are different in their attacks and abilities – Defeat your opponent in a brutal brawl that will leave you both with bruises – Each of the 4 animals have different attacks and strengths – Fun, visceral and challenging game mode to suit your need of fun and violent game play System requirements: OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Windows 8 / 7 CPU: Intel 2.66 Ghz or AMD Athlon 64 2.4 Ghz Memory: 128 MB RAM Graphics: Intel GMA 950 / AMD Radeon HD 4870 DirectX: Version 11 Sound Card: 5.1 Sound Card How to Install Deadly Animal Duel? 1. Unrar 2. Burn or mount the image 3. Install 4. Copy over game to your hard drive 5. Play (Optional) This game has been tested on all of the above systems. 6. Enjoy Deadly Animal Duel is one of those quick and enjoyable games you should play while you are waiting for something else. If you don’t own a Macbook you can download and install VMware Player, which is a free virtualization software. It is used for playing the Deadly Animal Duel game on your Windows-based Macbook. If you have a Macbook and do not use VMware Player you can run the Deadly Animal Duel game directly in your Macbook. It is safe to say that Deadly Animal Duel is one of the best games on the iPad and iPod Touch and now it is available on the iPhone.The game is being published by Ivor Novello (


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    ————————————– There are challenges and puzzles which form the basis of the game and it’s time you are helping him. Clear your mouse click. You have to drag and drop the stones and complete the whole layout. The stones are laid one by one and you can move it anywhere you want. It is necessary to clear his cursor by dragging the stones around before you can solve the level. That’s the basic rule of puzzle game. You can complete the stones which you require to remove blocks. The cat is quite challenging and it has not yet been determined yet whether you can complete the last piece. How to play? ————————————– In order to solve the puzzle you can change the field, so make sure you find the best position for each stone which is visible on your screen. You can choose the direction of movement for each stone and place it on the screen. Make sure that it is not too difficult when dragging the stones. You can slide the stone and move around them. Game Features: ————————————– • More levels: 40 • Different challenges and puzzles: * Gap. * Coins. * Stones. • Optimization: The game runs smoothly on a wide range of devices. • Game Center: * Get score + high scores. * Share score, high scores. • Locate your friends. • Earn badges. • Games which can not be found on app store.The North’s new high performance warhead will reportedly be almost 30 times more powerful than the current SN-17. (Photo : South Korean Defense Minister Lee Sang-jick) The North is prepared to test a new warhead, which is designed to target the U.S. missile defense system. Recent satellite images show that the North Korea is preparing to test a new warhead that is 30 times more powerful than the currently tested warhead, according to Yonhap News Agency. It is most likely that the new warhead will be attached to an inter-continental ballistic missile. CNN reported that Japan’s Defense Ministry believes that the North is preparing to launch another missile soon. It added that it is using the Hwasong 15 missile for its launches, which is similar to the Hwasong 12 used on the July 4, 2017, launch. All of the tests have been conducted at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station in North Pyongan Province of North Korea. The secretive state has been trying


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    CD Projekt RED – Player’s Guide The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz or better • 2 GB RAM • 1280×800 display • Direct X 10 graphics card with 1024×768 display support and Shader Model 4.0 • Windows 7 SP1 or higher • Windows XP SP3 or higher • SteamOS™ or Mac OS X 10.8 or higher • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt • Microsoft Windows® •



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