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The music was composed by Hans-Jörg Schmitt (Hungarian Composer) and Emmy Stein (Educational Composer), the soundtrack was mixed by Christer Gobb (M-NET, Zappar, Epidemic Sound, Media Evolution) and the music label’s name is Pelagic Records. The voiceovers (English and German) are recorded and edited by Chris Goeter (also known for his work on Zang Tuum Tumb, The Mystery of the Hidden Game, Bit Trip Runner) and BigKidStudio ( The French and Spanish versions are provided by Tricouébé ( The game was financed by a German publisher rather than by a crowdfunding campaign, we just decided to launch it on the App Store. SUPPORT: * Follow us on Twitter: * Join the Discord community: * Check out our Website: * Don’Yoku is created by Planktonstudios AG, as part of our OST branding and PR strategy. Enjoy the game and show us some love! For any inquiry you may have, please contact us here: Or you can contact us directly at: published:23 Feb 2018 views:891 There’s a new nomad hero in town, and all the locals are acting so hostile! Watch out, world, cause your new hero is on their way! And don’t forget to stalk us on social media! YouTube: Twitter: Tumblr: published:13 Feb 2018 views:8805 Why don’t we meet the ‘garden of Eden’ on a daily basis? This land is so different from any other we’ve explored, and makes me wonder if it’


SteamWorld Dig 2 OST Feat. El Huervo Features Key:

  • 3 Different Game Modes: Deathmatch Battle real time and Game mode when the player has to steal one of the three Lords hearts. Download Allura Demo Game Free
  • Ranked Play: Challenge your friends to the top of the leaderboards! The champion of 2012 will become the champion of 2013!Download Allura Demo Game Free
  • Community: Sign in and play with your friends in the Allura Community! You can win prizes!Download Allura Demo Game Free
  • Install Notes

    • Directx9.0 / Windows 7 SP1 or newer is a pre-requirement. Minimum system specifications:
      — Dual Core 2.4 GHz
      RAM: 2 GB.
      Free HDD: 2 GB
      HDD: 40 GB
    • Games are automatically patched
    • Based on the Allure cloud service
    • Lootipi is integrated. Lootipi feature available in beta version. You must restart the game if you experience issues.

    Install Requirements

    • Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
    • Wi-Fi connection
    • 1 GHz processor
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 12GB Hard Disk space
    • At least 128MB of video RAM

    Setup Requirements

    • 1080p HD screen
    • Internet connection is needed to play online and download DLCs

      SteamWorld Dig 2 OST Feat. El Huervo Free

      This game contains two themes: science and logic. The logic theme is a mind game, to use the information from science and leave clues as many as possible. You will think multiple times to solve each part of the puzzle. The science theme uses the formula key to let you formulate the result. You need to calculate to get the result. In this theme, there are no clues, just calculate the result. Find your way in a mysterious world to escape the claws of an evil bear with the light Switch, Detective. In the late summer there was a disturbing report from a survey of the ancient village of Monfalcone in the Swiss Alps. The remains of a bear began to be dug up, and of their paws found a strange poison. The official cause of death was officially a heart attack, but the rest of the physical evidence left no other explanation. Some witnesses claimed that they had heard strange music and the appearance of a bear in the woods around the time of the excavation. The bear was an unusually rare snow bear, indigenous to the high Alps. The village locals believe the bear was sacrificed to a demon. Now, the bear is missing and the strange music began again. A young entomologist, Marco Vermeer, arrives from Italy to investigate, and a local guide named Hilda, accompanied by her nephew Giorgio, a hermit who has apparently been studying the demon for a long time, accompanies Marco on the journey. It is not long before they find themselves lost in this mysterious and dark world. They need to restore the harmony between the living and the dead. The latest adventure of the Detective Heaven series returns in the sequel. Return to the universe of Detective Heaven where you will have the opportunity to play it freely, using your mobile device or PC. The King of the Monsters is up to no good! He’s kidnapped the Queen of the Monsters, Princess Ashitaka. Save her from the clutches of the King and his army! Play the adventure game from the creators of Detective Heaven. You will have access to two modes: free play mode where you can explore the world without the enemies and fight, and the story mode in which you will explore the story in which you’ll have to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. The Monster Factory 2: Creator of Monsters! Based on the popular novel “Monster Factory” by Jack Kirby. The Monster Factory is the first game in which you can create your own characters! c9d1549cdd


      SteamWorld Dig 2 OST Feat. El Huervo (2022)

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