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For centuries, the trade routes between distant lands have been bridged by the mysterious “love cities”. When you think you’ve seen everything, we come back with something we’d normally never have thought of: a trading card game!
You can battle to become the greatest captain the land has ever seen. Ship them off on one of their epic trading adventures!
Built with the help of our Steam friend John (from Steam), Destroy All Buildings is an exciting new trading card game that combines a stylised high-resolution hand drawn pixel art style with the depth of a playing card game, giving you a whole new reason to play as you sail between your friends’ cities to fill your trading cards. Features
Super high-resolution hand-drawn pixelart
Huge board with multiple routes
Card deck
Accurately balanced game play
Unlockable special abilities for your ship
Gain more powerful cards over the course of the game
Steam Achievements
Version 0.5.2
Added more options for sound
Added to rotation all music and sound effects
Added additional options menu
Fixed bugs
Added alternate music
Version 0.5.1
Removed default music
Added more options for music
Version 0.5
Added alternate music
Version 0.4.3
3 more songs in the custom music menu
Sound improvements
Version 0.4.2
On all songs in the custom music menu, volume is no longer limited to 0 – 255, but on all songs, volume is now limited to 0 – 2048
Version 0.4.1
Added support for Middle click to new sound menu
Version 0.4
New added! No/Low/High sound menu.
Added more options for sound
Added custom SFX to new sound menu
Removed alternative music
Created alternate music
Version 0.3
Added music support
Version 0.2
Added remove option to new sound menu
Added ability to turn off old sound menu
Added toggle option to new sound menu
Version 0.1
Added music support
Added ability to toggle old music support
Added toggle option to new music support
Added new sound menu
Version 0.0.1
Added ability to remove sound menu
Added ability to remove old sound menu
Added ability to toggle sound menu
Please give us some feedback! We want to know what you think so we can improve the game. We use e-mail to contact us, so please make sure that the e-mail you use


StarBreak Features Key:

  • Building trees is lots of fun. To chop wood, you can use hatchets, axes, or crossbows.
  • Bloxiq has been so busy having fun, that he has forgotten how to walk.
  • Want to avoid the wild creatures?


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This game is build using the Indigogo platform and was almost a year in the making. It’s been a lot of hard work and many days spent programming.
About the Size of the Game:
Space Grunts is a roguelike styled RTS that takes place on the surface of a green planet with dozens of “islands” and no borders.
The game can be played on a single screen (using the background for instructions) but should be played on a second monitor in landscape view for the best experience.
The game is meant to be played with two player.
The game is a fully standalone stand-alone game. It was originally released for Windows, OSX, Linux, and Android. I have a working port for all the platforms, which can be found on the official launch page. I am also in the process of compiling it for Raspberry Pi, as well.
Download link:
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What the? New morning drone prototype! Now with fairies and more to come…
Space Grunts is a turn-based, top-down, rogue like where all your battles and interactions are handled using your deck of cards.JOIN OUR COMMUNITY
Every game you play is uniquely generated from building blocks. No two levels are the same, no two game sessions are the same. As you progress through the levels you get to collect items for your inventory : weapons, shields, and dozens of other type items. Each item in your inventory is a card in your deck.
Don’t want certain cards? don’t pick them up! That’s how you build your deck in this game: as you go.
When you encounter aliens, you will engage with them in a card-battle: Either you or the alien will choose the first card, depending on who attacks who. And then the other picks his card. Defeat the alien, and move on to the next! Card battles are swift, and to the point.
The game will randomly generate events, alternate routes and decide what effects plant-spores have on you or the aliens. Like I said: no two games will be the same!FEATURES
Endless variation – Every game plays like a unique mission for your away-team – the


StarBreak Download [Win/Mac]

This game features characters from Touhou Project.
1. Prologue: Suzaku-maru Lady Keiko
2. Castle of D-ness: Akane Takashima
3. Prelude to the Prologue: Koujin & Otohime (Remake)
4. Game Over: Youko Miki
5. Scarecrow Sake: Youko Miki
6. Song of the Wind: Akane Takashima
7. Kill Time: Kyoujin Yamada
8. Bird’s Eye: Youko Miki
9. Unrefined Soul: Tetsuko Kuroko
10. The Exorcist Princess: Kyoujin Yamada
11. Carnival Time: Saizo Udaka
12. Ito Makoto: Kyoujin Yamada
13. Asagiri Sadamitsu: Youko Miki
14. The Sound Of The Rainbow: Keiko Tsuchiya
15. Idol That Is Masterful: Haruhi Fujioka
16. Retrograde: Aya Shameimaru
17. Autumn Spinning Wheel: Gensou Tsukai
18. Blackout! Can Ya Say…?!: Aya Shameimaru
19. Why? A Small Problem: Kaoru Tsuki
20. Betrayal Of The Goddess: Rena Senkuu
21. Paths Of Time: Saizo Udaka
22. Ha Ha, Amusement! That Game!: Ito Makoto
23. Truth Uncovered: Gensou Tsukai
24. Needless Ruckus: Akane Takashima
25. The Idol Of Death: Youko Miki
26. That Which Does Not Fall: Kyoujin Yamada
27. Fluffy Wanderers: Tohko Kuroko
28. Soul In Despair: Youko Miki
29. Secret Room Of D-ness: Akane Takashima
30. The Succubus Of C-ute: Youko Miki
31. Trail Of Despair: Koujin Yamada
32. Killer Of Lovely: Akane Takashima
33. The Mirage Of Love: Kaoru Tsuki
34. Lost Words: Kyoujin Yamada
35. The Lady Of Resurrection: Youko Miki
36. The Palace Of D-ness: Akane Takashima
37. Quest Of Pure Vision: Kyoujin Yamada
38. God’s Seal: Youko Miki
39. Demise Of Innocence:


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