Simple Random Wallpaper [Win/Mac] 2022

Constantly changing your desktop background can help you set you in a good mood or even get you to smile a little, no matter if you are at work or at home.
Simple Random Wallpaper is one of the apps that can come in handy in this situation, since it can automate the task and help you save time and energy.
Straightforward GUI
The main window of this utility is highly intuitive, so you can easily create a list with the graphic files you want to use as desktop wallpapers. You can set the app to rotate the background only for the currently logged-in user account or for all available ones.
The frequency can be adjusted just as easily, you only need to enter the amount of days, hours, minutes or seconds that need to pass before displaying a new wallpaper.
Multiple source types supported
When it comes to settings up the source list, you have several methods you can apply. The fastest and most comfortable one is to drag and drop the images onto the main window. Alternatively, you can browse to the location of each picture or load the contents of an entire folder.
Another option is to load an Excel or a text file where each image path is stored on a separate line. This can come in handy when dealing with numerous source files that would otherwise take a long time to add manually.
In terms of supported source formats, Simple Random Wallpaper can process JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP.
All in all, Simple Random Wallpaper is a quick way to spice up the appearance of your desktop background. Its feature-set or GUI might not be too impressive for expert users, yet novices are sure to appreciate the simplicity of all operations and commands.









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Chose from 42 breathtaking backgrounds to randomly pick a different one every minute!
If you want your wallpapers to follow some pattern, not only that but the task takes almost no time at all!
This easy-to-use random wallpaper app is suited for all of you who are looking for a quick and fresh touch to your wallpaper: just pick a picture, change the brightness, and wait for a random new wallpaper!
You can even share your wallpaper with your friends: with just one click you can add the link to your Facebook account, so you can send your wallpapers to all of your friends.
You can even share your wallpaper with your friends: with just one click you can add the link to your Facebook account, so you can send your wallpapers to all of your friends.
Import pictures from any folder on your computer or use the in-built one to randomly pick a new wallpaper every time you open your PowerPoint presentation.
Setup: just add to your favorite wallpapers and set the time for how frequently you want the app to randomly pick a new wallpaper:
The app is easy to set up: just add to your favorite wallpapers and set the time for how frequently you want the app to randomly pick a new wallpaper:
Light/Dark mode
Choose your favorite dark background as the “active” wallpaper, and then you can choose any of your favorites wallpapers, so that they appear as simple colored backgrounds.
Description of the selection is stored in the first tap, so you can easily switch between wallpapers without the need to manually scroll through them.
One click to change all of the active wallpapers. Use this option if you want to “pin” your favorite wallpaper to a single position on the main window.
You can even specify a range of wallpapers by entering a value in the text field or choose the number of the wallpaper to display.
The option to reset the display to one wallpaper should work almost every time. There is also the possibility to select the folder that stores the backup pictures.
You can also save a picture file in the same folder of the “app.cfg” file. If you want to give this option a try, please be aware that the file will be saved with the name of the file, not the file extension.
Exporting wallpapers:
You can export selected and all of your favorite wallpapers into separate files. All you need to do is to select any or all of them and send a link to your Facebook

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