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Featuring 50 levels of gameplay, this game is available on Windows PC, Mac and Linux.
Castle Disaster 2 is a part of the Castle Disaster series which means the next one is a downloadable update
with completely new levels, new story, new gameplay mechanics, bonus levels and new music track.
Unlike the previous Castle Disaster game, this version of the game does not have any DRM.
Castle Disaster 2, unlike other hacks, does not make any changes to the game file.
You can play the game with Steam account, and download the game updates later.
Castle Disaster 2:
– 5 difficulties (Easy – Nightmare)
– 7 game modes (missionary – campaign)
– 20 awesome weapons
– 30 various spells and over 20 armor
– 20 mini-perks, that are those with 5 and 10 points.
– new AI bots: Buff bots, that increase your block percentage and increases damage dealt
– more than 30 (almost) completely new levels
– ability to save games and continue at any point (during the game or in menu)
– password protection for levels, weapons, armor, spells and bots
– options for your own music track
– additional help in the game (tips, hints and FAQ)
– easy to use game menus
– fast (it does not hang and does not crash)
– do not use admin rights (avoid the necessity to close the game in the event of game hang)
…and much more

Unzip the file anywhere you want to.
Double click and it should run the executable.
Do not run the exe like a normal program – it will not work. Run it like an installer.
If the game does not work properly – please contact me using e-mail for support.

All work for this game is done by me – no other people.
If you can use the permission to use the full game and additional features, then please contact me.
I’d appreciate it.

You can find more information about the game in a game review and a video review on Youtube.
You can buy the game on Steam, AppStore and Google Play.
Copyright © 2012 – current version (2014).



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Features Key:

  • Four new Monster types with powerful effects:
    • Dark

      • Effect: Summon 1 Dark Spirit.
    • Ancient

      • Effect: Summon 1 Ancient Spirit.
    • Woodland

      • Effect: Summon 1 Woodland Spirit.
    • Evocation

      • Effect: Summon 1 Evoked Spirit.


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    Secret City is a conscious-bordering-on-paranoid puzzle game with rich environments, mysterious items, and a deeply engaging story with characters you’ll be hard pressed to forget. Explore a meticulously detailed cityscape as you search for clues to a kidnapped politician, solve intricate puzzles, and discover what lies beneath the metropolis of New York City. Focused on a well-written, narrative driven story and eclectic set of intuitive puzzles, Secret City is a thinker’s puzzle game.
    Key Game Features:
    -A real-life city of over 2000 objects with an astonishing sense of scope and detail in the bustling back alleys of New York City, in the rich and vibrant Central Park, the densely settled East Village, and the gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.
    -Rich and vivid environments teeming with history, compelling characters, and a dark and disturbing plot.
    -Intuitive and engaging puzzles that integrate real-world objects into a cohesive, supernatural mystery and create a deep sense of immersion.
    -Puzzles that are nuanced, layered, and challenging, and that have an impact on the story.
    -A game with a phenomenal sense of cinematic narrative and character storytelling. The in-game progression is focused on story events and character development, and the hints are entirely optional.
    -A dialogue tree-based storytelling system that lets you choose how the story unfolds, and provides hints to speed up your progress and earn achievements.
    -An interesting cast of characters, both human and supernatural.
    -A professional-quality orchestral soundtrack with live performances.
    -An original 1920s-inspired art style gives the game a modern twist on the classic Lovecraftian horror-mystery genre.

    After the events of Secret City: Velvet Goldmine, Phillip K. Dick’s references and “daydreams” now fill the supernatural world with danger. As a result, a mysterious figure known as the Collector is on the hunt for the objects he needs to complete his sinister plans. Even as the strange occurrences increase and the Collector progresses through the tunnels of the city, Ethan Tute is still in pursuit. He has a mysterious ally, the intrepid yet unheralded Evelyn Blue, and he leads the group that has been hunting for the artifacts and bringing them home to the institute to be studied. But the bad guys are on their heels—can Ethan, Evelyn, and the others catch up before the Collector picks up one of his deadly necklaces?


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    What’s new in Search And Rescue:

    ERSX is out now on digital retailers. Check out the trailer and listen to new track ‘Slow Down’ below. More BEATERSX

    17th December 2016

    Tracks to come with DUBSTEP BEATERSX

    16th December 2016

    We’ve now got approval to release new track ‘Aquawave’ on the PlayStation catalogue. That’s drop A, B, C & D in A’short

    14th December 2016

    Stream ‘Bubble Gum’ (Space’s 10th release) featuring the new title track of the album ‘Trulg’

    13th December 2016

    Stream ‘Bubble Gum’ (Space’s 10th release) featuring the new title track of the album ‘Trulg’

    06th December 2016

    Join Space for 6 weeks of 24 hour livestream on the GoFundMe and web page pages

    A UK based group founded by Jay B in that wanting to be competitive and on top of their heads in every area. The resultant obsessive belief in maintaining this state is what came across onto the record.

    A prototype that evolved into The Space EP (2017) and then the North American tour, getting signed to Ministry of Sound & Moshi Moshi Records. Through this we began to get really serious about how we wanted to release things and quickly stumbled into a whole bunch of very heavy works.

    It’s assumed you know what a TRULG is (a shield) and we recently put one up on a model for the record.


    All BIG!! EQUALITY FEST will be the only place to be. Watch out for schedule (looks good so far) – here’s to 10+ years of the label. #equalityfest







    11 – NO JONES 4 BITE


    13 – WORST EVER

    14 – NASTY VINE

    15 – TIO THE TRULG

    16 – I FEEL YOU



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    You do not know where you are but you are in a prison.
    You need to escape of the prison and reach the outside of the city.
    There are doors but you do not have keys.
    Can you go out?
    You start the game as a lone survivor of a prison with no keys.
    But you do not know where you are and you do not know how many people there are out of prison.
    Maybe you can find help outside but do not know if it is outside the prison or outside the city.
    You will have to cross the corridors of the prison in this race.
    You must not stay in the same place.
    You need to find the exit and go outside.
    You need to get out of the prison.
    You are looking for other survivors and the way out.
    Dr. Cherubs is a psychopathic doctor who tried to find immortality.
    Decided to sacrifice prisoners with a magic book.
    He did experiments on prisoners with the permission of the Ministry of Justice.
    Prisoners do not have any idea of ​​what will happen to them but they accepted parole.
    Goals of the Game:
    Getting out of prison by opening the doors of the prison you are locked individually.
    There are no keys so you need to find and use tools or traps to open the doors or there are locks that you can not open.
    Do not look back.
    You move automatically.
    Direction of movement.
    Controls for in the game:
    You start the game as the only survivor and you only need just to run and escape by opening the doors of the prison you are locked individually.
    Now you start the game as the only survivor.
    You have no keys and you only need to run and escape.
    Do not look back.
    Remember not to look back.
    The game starts as you are the only survivor of the prison.
    You need to get out of the prison and reach the outside of the city.
    By opening the doors of the prison and you’re locked individually.
    There are no keys so you need to find and use tools or traps to open the doors or there are locks that you can not open.
    You may not move continuously.
    You move automatically.
    Movement of the character in the game.
    The controller is the following way:
    Left stick


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System Requirements:

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