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SDL_Console was designed to be a drop down console that can be easily added to any SDL application.
It is similar to Quake and other games consoles. A console gives you the ability to interact with your program in an easy way by executing predefined commands. You can also have more than one console at a time.
NOTE: These files were created with DevC++ 5 (mingw32)


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1. Main.cpp
2. SDL_Console For Windows 10 Crack.cpp
3. SDL_Console.h
4. Readme.txt
5. BSPConsole.bmp
6. BSPConsole.wim
SDL_Console Project Files:
* Main.cpp:
* SDL_Console.cpp:
* SDL_Console.h:
This document contains instructions to build SDL_Console.
In order to compile the program, you need to have DevC++ 5.0 or later.
DevC++ is a integrated development environment. It consists of a text editor, a compiler, a debugger, and a library manager. You can get DevC++ at the following URL:

In order to build SDL_Console, you will need to have the Mingw32 C compiler and the Mingw32 libraries. You can get them from the following URL:

SDL_Console has a working directory. This directory should not have spaces in it.
See the Readme.txt for detailed instructions on how to compile the program.
This documentation assumes you already have SDL_Console installed.
SDL_Console installation:
1. Download the required SDL files to the directory where you want SDL_Console to be installed.
2. Open the SDL_Console directory and read the Readme.txt.
3. Run the installation program. The program will automatically copy the SDL_Console files to the Windows directory.
Known Issues:
1. SDL_Console uses the SDL_tosfix.dll library, which only works on Windows 2000 and newer.
2. Some of the console fonts are not antialiased.
3. Setting the SDL_HAS_DOUBLE is not supported by SDL_Console.
4. The command prompt is rendered with ansi mode instead of UTF-8.
5. The command prompt doesn’t have mouse support.
6. The command prompt resizes when the window is resized.
7. The command prompt cannot be moved while an SDL_Console window is active.
8. For the full version of this program, a frame buffer console program is needed.
9. The console is slower than the

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SDL_Keyboard macro creates a key event at the location of the mouse position.

The following dialog box will allow you to easily choose which version of the library you wish to build.

STEP 1 – Building a Unicode build:
Unicode builds support unicode based keyboards. It is recommended if your keyboard is not ANSI compatible.
For the purposes of this project, I suggest a Microsoft Natural Keyboard and/or USB keyboard that supports Unicode, unless you wish to use a non-English keymap.

STEP 2 – Building a non-unicode build:
If you wish to use a non-unicode keyboard, you will need to use the SDL_GameController and SDL_Joystick interfaces.

STEP 3 – Building a non-SDL build:
For this project, I suggest a Microsoft Natural Keyboard and/or USB keyboard that supports ANSI, unless you wish to use a non-English keymap.

STEP 4 – Building a non-SDL, non-unicode build:
In this case, you will not use the SDL_GameController and SDL_Joystick interfaces.

To build the library:
1. Go to the directory where you have extracted the files.
2. Run the build.bat file.

To run the test driver:
1. Run the testdriver.bat file. This is recommended before building a driver for SDL.

The testdriver.bat is now setup to read the joystick and keyboard locations from the registry. You may now test your driver. You will need to be sure the keyboard and joystick are plugged into a USB port.

What you need to know:

Both the keyboard and joystick test drivers use the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry hive. You must have the selected keyboard and joystick plugged into a USB port in order to use these programs.

I have tried to make my files as small as possible to fit into a 64 megabyte data disk. This is a clean install of Windows XP.

Several of the files were created with DevC++ 5 (mingw32). I have tested the files with both mingw32 (5.3.0) and mingw32 (5.3.1). The files work in both versions.

Known Bugs:
If you wish to build for Linux, you will need the SDL_x11_11.h and SDL_x11_11.c

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What’s New in the?

SDL_Console is a small console that can be added to a SDL based application. It is built in such a way to allow the console to be easily added to an application and also easily removed. This program was designed for use with C++ but it could also be used with the GNU compiler, with very little modifications.
SDL_Console gives the user the ability to add commands to the console by defining it in the console_commands.h file. This file can be edited and removed easily by the user.
This program also supports colors and also allows the user to add their own commands to the console.

Installation Instructions:

Open the Console Manager window.
Click ‘Add’ and browse to your SDL_Console.exe file.
Click OK
Add the following lines of code into the SDL_ConsoleManager.cpp file.

#include “SDL_Console.h”
using namespace std;
int main()

System Requirements For SDL_Console:

Windows – Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM
Storage: 2GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 7.1 audio output required
Other: USB keyboard, mouse, and video card required for installation
Mac – OSX 10.7 or later (64-bit)
Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 2GB RAM

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