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Brik & Zombies features the award-winning 1080p graphics, a set of exclusive features as well as a wide range of unlockable content.
– Be The First To Play: World First – The first to unlock and play all the content included in the game!
– Game On: Check the Leaderboards and have fun – Battle your way to the top of the leaderboards.
– Be The First To Unlock: Some items are randomly unlocked as you progress through the game and they will stay unlocked after you complete the game.
• Brik & Zombies – The Game:
“Brik & Zombies” is a first-of-its-kind experience in virtual reality gameplay that puts you in the role of a legendary anti-aircraft gunner. Named after the huge airplane that your gun will be defending, its iconic role is to defend it’s motherland from an air raid – and to do so, you will have to brave various hostiles such as enemy fighters and bombers, tanks, artillery batteries, on top of an increasingly demanding series of missions.
A unique gameplay system inspired by the arcade and film, players will unleash their jet fighter right in the middle of the battles. The gunner has to point and trigger the machine guns, and manage the ammunition drop on the ground.
In order to survive and complete all the missions, the gunner needs to save as much ammo as possible. Successfully staying alive and shooting back will earn you a new weapon to unlock – allowing you to outmatch your enemies, gaining the power to play a deadly game of pool with the aircrafts: fire, activate the bombs, reload and fire again…
7 weapons, including powerful 70-mm and 85-mm anti-aircraft batteries!
A devastating array of enemies, including Allies, German and Soviet aircrafts
A unique gameplay system inspired by the film sequences and arcade games. The airplane is controlled by the player!
Ground battle with tanks and artillery batteries
Mission-based campaign with multiple missions, each offering multiple missions and gameplay challenges
Compete with your friends online via the leaderboards and online missions
Controller support for PC and PS VR. Support for Oculus Quest and PlayStation®Move controllers is coming soon!
Third person arcade shooter in a fully game mode compatible with Android and iOS tablets and mobile phones

Let me start by saying that when it comes to visual design and production quality this is an absolutely brilliant game. The colors are amazing and the environmental design and


Features Key:

  • 19 unique characters with original character designs
  • 160+ original music tracks
  • Over 130 hours of gameplay
  • Beautiful art, characters, and graphics
  • System Requirements:

    • Windows® XP/Vista/7

    Recommended System Specifications:

    • Processor: Core 2 Duo or comparable
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM

    Recommended Configuration:

    • OS: Windows® 7

    This eGuide includes:

    1. 1-disc full release of Dynasty Warriors 9 with all 19 playable characters. Version 1.1 features exclusive content.
    2. Information on how to purchase this eGuide safely.
    3. A clean install guide for the latest patch!
    4. Wang Yuanji in the nurse costume, originally released in Dynasty Warriors 7.
    5. Wang Yuanji in other costumes as downloadable content.
    6. And a full guide of the different playable characters with their abilities, from Tier 1 to Tier 3.
    7. Opening, playing, and screenshots of the game with all 19 playable characters and their costumes!
    8. All critical missions will unlock opening scences and pictures of characters in their soldier costumes.
    9. How to play with the different modes.
    10. The full guide of the tracks’ sections and Order of Battle.
    11. The full guide of the gauge-based character specialties.
    12. A guide to gameplay strategies and info on how to win!
    13. Link to this guide on Twitter and Facebook, as well as many other online platforms.

    Happy DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Playing!

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    This add-on package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X features a fully functional virtual cockpit with six aircraft models, realistic physics and authentic sounds. The package is based on the development tool, Unity and is integrated into the Steam Workshop. It is available for a flat annual fee for unlimited access to all of the upcoming Steam Workshop Add-Ons to help you customise your Steam, X-Plane and Wings3D-powered flight simulator to your tastes. Please visit for more information.About Virtavia
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    Take a step towards true-to-life classic roguelikes like nethack, and throw out the rulebooks that dictate what makes a platformer a platformer. See if you can continue to throw off the shackles of traditional platforming convention.

    Want more? Check out:

    * Levels can be shared. Multiplayer games can be shared as well.

    * Fade in and Fade out. Use the Fade In and Fade Out mechanism to destroy enemies quickly or easily, or you can let your enemies kill you.

    * Spread across 5 Levels.

    * Real World is actually a fragile, fantastical world, inspired by the patterns of an ant colony.

    * No walls, doors, traps or enemies are omnipresent.

    * Not all areas need to be explored.

    * Six of seven life stages.

    * We have the concept of non-linearity.

    * Feelings.

    * Tragedy.

    * The falling drop feeling is there.

    * Controlling a rifle or a flamethrower in a virtual space, knowing that it is a second-rate weapon, but used in a moment of fear and desperation, it can bring death to an enemy.

    * Time!

    * Death.

    * Jumping.

    * Sniper shot.

    * Peek-a-boo.

    * Story Mode, a story about a man attempting to change the world.

    * Steam achievements.

    * In-app purchases to expand the game.

    * Six difficulty settings.

    * Playing through the game will unlock more items, enemies and abilities.

    * Over 10 minute in game video.

    * Wider field of view.

    * Easter eggs.

    * Coded animation and visual effects.

    * Six weapons to use.

    * Obstacles like enemy bullets and gravity.

    * In-game references.

    * Music.

    * Since this is a roguelike, the game doesn’t always do things the expected way.

    * Four languages:





    7 Challenges available on Steam, including:

    * Complete all seven stages.

    * On all seven stages without dying once.

    * Get 1000000 points on all seven stages.

    * Complete Story Mode.

    * Top 75 games


    What’s new in SANABI:

    Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach is built for pixel-art chaos. It has a real-time battle system, an impressive resource structure, and even an at-a-glance inventory system. It’s a challenging game that rewards a player’s creativity and style.

    There’s plenty to do in this real-time shooter, but we have our doubts that even the most well-endowed player will be able to experience all there is to do in one sitting. It’s not the most intuitive of games, nor does it reward kills as the more conventional 40,000 games do. As a result, Sanctus Reach may prove to be one of the most difficult 40,000 games on the market.

    The game is comprised of four modes, ranging from a skirmish to a more multiplayer-oriented free-for-all mode. Two multiplayer modes aside from skirmish mode are competitive modes that offer up team battles that will likely stifle the creativity of the most skillful of players.

    The game boasts a main campaign mode composed of five chapters, and each offers unique experience. What’s more, like Mass Effect 2, Sanctus Reach offers a two-player mission structure, where two characters can play side-by-side. There are four difficulty levels, ranging from casual to pros. All this adds up to a very serious looking game.

    Sanctus Reach’s atmosphere and inclusiveness is refreshing, though not without its drawbacks. It breaks away from the tried and true 40,000 clichés in order to put its own spin on the genre. While there are similarities in tactics and experiences on all the difficulties, the hardcore 40,000 genre player will find more value in expectations they learned early on in their 40,000 career than those who take less seriously. This is more of an interactive textbook than an absolute masterpiece, as it is not a game for the casual 40,000 player, at least not right away. It takes awhile to understand.

    For example, the enemies in this game are fairly intelligent. Your weapons work differently depending on things like the weapons you use, bullets you use, and certain abilities of the enemy. If the enemy has a unique ability, they’ll use it more often. If a weapon has an ability to defend against specific abilities, it’ll be more effective if you shoot a more high-powered ability at enemies that are using the ability your weapon fights, but not the weapon. In multiplayer, these abilities are shared across all


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    You play as a ginger cat and have to survive in the house with the other cats. While they get on your nerves, you’re always busy. While they sneak around you and play pranks, you have to survive daily dangers to be saved by the mistress of the house, to hide away from the people trying to capture you. This is the tale of a cat who is fighting to stay alive.
    About the Author:
    Konstantin Savitskiy is a freelance journalist, and has been writing for 10 years. He has been writing about film, games, music and culture for the last 5 years. He has also published short fiction in various journals and anthologies.

    Also, is a collection of my own Yuri 3 anime reviews. I cover various anime series from Anohana to Chobits to Kanon to Hoshizora Rin, and I do my best to give them all the respect they deserve.

    I have another howdydoy, which is like a typical job application. Basically a parody of the application process that I have to go through every week. I may add some other short stories, so stay tuned if you really want some more.

    5 Responses to Newest Yuri Game is Here

    Quite the selection:
    I would love to try Anohana and Slayers pet but it’s on my PS3 console’s queue. Also I saw you’ve covered Kanon and I actually know where to find the key to get the Kanon OVA but where is the torrent and I’m looking for some more of that.

    Oooh, she does play those games. I have been watching that girl, she is truly a gorgeous girl. Most of the girls are already covered but you can use the spoilers for Anohana in the end of the day. There are no spoilers for Kanon when you use the key.

    I just heard of Hoshizora Rin just a few days ago and I just watched it. No questions ask I recommend this anime, although it’s easier to watch it in Japanese. I am considering buying it in an English version.

    I’m actually working on a yuri short story that is in the shadow of this game


    How To Crack SANABI:

    • Extract Artist Air War File With WinRAR,
    • Now Paste It In The Next Directory, Click “OK”,
    • Now Go In The “C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp” Folder And Paste All The Files Here,
    • Now Go To The “C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp” Folder And Open The “Air War Dump Folder”.

    The Game Art Of Air WarIs Complete!. You Are Ready To Playing.

    How To Play Game Art Of Air War:

    • Installed Game Art Of Air War On Your Computer,
    • Launch The Game Art Of Air War,
    • First Day When Launching The Game Art Of Air War, Choose “Cheat Mode” Or “Run The Game In Casual Mode”.
    • Select Your Flight How You Want To Play The Game, Look For Option In Menu “Flight” Or “Map”. For Example If You Want To Play On Normal Mode, You Should Select General Or Save And Quit. If You Want To Play On Single Campaign, Single Player Mode, You Should Choose “Single Campaign” From The Option “Flight”.
    • Select The Difficulty Which You Want To Play The Game, From The Option For Example If You Want To Play The Game On Easy Mode, You Select Easy Mode From The Option The Difficulty And Select Your Flight How You Want To Play. If You Want To Play The Game On Normal Mode, You Select General Or Save And Quit. The Game Art Of Air War Is Very Easy.
    • Now Start Campaign With Your Selected Flight.
    • Now With The With The Menu Option “Flight”, Go Back To The “Normal Mode” Or “Custom Flight” Where You Can Select The Aircrafts Which You Want To Play The Game With Or “Single Campaign”, Select “Campaign” To Start Single Campaign Mode.


    System Requirements:

    At least 32GB of available space, or at least 40GB when running the “High” benchmark mode
    A Windows 10 64bit or later operating system (if you are installing Steam and Origin for the first time, you will need to install Windows 10 separately)
    A GPU capable of DirectX 12
    A computer capable of running at least 2GB of graphics memory
    1,000 MB available disk space
    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
    Processor: Intel i3/i5/i7
    Memory: 2


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