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Renaulttraficvectorfree UPD




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Renault trafic vector Free

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12-06 11:34 PM

But, I can’t believe that H1B is the only key to be accepted. You have the time machine to go back to 1986 and make sure that we cut more slack than we do now. All those hands up there gave us nothing! Really!

And just think of the HUGE salary we would give RajayT to be our professor for a Spring 2010 class for those who think in a similar way.


05-26 01:08 AM

This is really nice — and is something that has been needed for the latest 3 years.

It is only for students who are USA citizens and just submitted their petition on aug 19th.

Good luck to all those ones!


03-29 02:31 AM

Yes it is your right and that is what the system is for. If you are coming from Europe and have a Master’s in France or UK this would be fine. However, the US system is specifically designed for those with college degrees.


07-07 07:21 AM

can you suggest me any good team of immigration attorneys?


02-14 09:30 AM

USCIS files of nonimmigrants who were admitted between fiscal year 2001 and 2005 were recently transferred from the alien status system. The USCIS will continue to process those files so the Employment Authorization Document is not issued.

the employment authorization document that is issued based on my case should be slightly different than what you posted. I already got EAD from my H1B in 2001 but I have to renew the EAD every 6 years.

I got it from my understanding after 6 years, I can change the type of work that I am doing (change it from “Others” to “Law” or “Accounting” for example).

Does anyone have a great idea on this issue?


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