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Chances are your daily schedule is way too busy to remember small things, but can also lead to forgetting important events or tasks. On the bright side of things, working on a computer has its benefits, such as alarm clocks which can be configured with audio alerts and text messages, and this is also the case with PS-Alarm. Plan your alarms with a calendar A cool thing about it is that you don’t have to go through a setup process to make it work, so you can take it for a spin from the moment download is done. Moreover, this also allows you to have it stored on a thumb drive in case you want to use it on other computers as your personal alarm. Registry entries are kept intact, so system stability is not put at risk. To help you manage your schedule a little better, the main window puts a calendar in focus, which makes it easy to navigate through years, months, and days. Once an alarm is created, the window is expanded to let you view all created alarms. You can schedule them for days to come, and selecting a day unveils all active alarms. One-time and recurrent alarms Creating an alarm isn’t a complicated task, and a new window is brought up to complete this operation. Needless to say that an hour is the main requirement, because the date is based on the calendar selection. A text message can also be added, just so you know what it’s about in due time. On the bright side of things, the application doesn’t support just one-time alarms, and you can choose to make them recurrent. This means alarms can go off daily, weekly, or monthly. The application can quietly sit in the tray area until the alarm goes off, with a new window showing up. It allows you to dismiss or snooze the alarm. A few last words Taking everything into account, we can state that PS-Alarm is a reliable application which can help you keep on track with your activities by setting up alarms based on a calendar. Audio and message alerts are included, while tasks are easy to configure, making it worth your while overall.







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Download and manage recurring alarms in a snap. Vast available alarm types. Visual alarm scheduler. Reminders are supported. Multiple alarms can be set to occur concurrently. Here are a few highlights: • Find and Delete multiple items in a single operation. • Expand or collapse columns. • Mark multiple items to be removed. • Hint-based file selection. • Import and Export to text file. • Listing and item properties for search. • Support for basic and advanced file encryption. • Support for partitioning. • Support for overwriting of the entire disk. Advanced filters and sorting Syntax :, PATH Alarm list format %\%\%\% 1 = To start or end at this time 2 = Between this and this time 3 = This but no later than this time 4 = Between this and this time 5 = To this but not later than this time 6 = This but not in the next time period 7 = Before this 8 = At this time 9 = Before this and after that 10 = At this time or a week after this time 11 = From this time or a week before that time 12 = From this and a week before that time 13 = Between this and the next time period 14 = In the next time period 15 = From this to this time 16 = After this and no later than that time 17 = In the next time period 18 = After this and no later than that time 19 = From this time and a week before that time 20 = In the week after that time 21 = From this and a week before that time 22 = The week before that time 23 = Before this and the week after that time 24 = At this time and the next time period 25 = At this time and a week after that time 26 = From this and a week after that time and the next time period 27 = At this time and the week after that time and the next time period 28 = In the week after that time and the next time period 29 = From this and a week after that time and the next time period 30 = After this and the next time period 31 = After this and a week after that time and the next time period 32 = From this and a week after that time and the next time period and the next time period 33 =

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Ring or buzz a bell to get your attention. Add a message to let others know it’s an emergency. Set an alarm for any day or any time and get help when it goes off. Features: – Recurring alarms – Alarm tone – Icon for volume setting – Snooze and dismiss buttons – Supports calendars and task lists – Supports multiple alarms – all configured in the same task. What’s New in Version 3.0.1: Added notification panel where app settings are displayed. Features of the last version have been changed to a new notification panel. Still retains features like settings to snooze, repeat alarms. Ratings PS-Alarm for Mac 3.0.0 for Mac OSX Free The Bluetooth name of a device is just a descriptor, and it doesn’t tell anything about which device it is. For example, an iPhone communicates in the same way as an iPad, or another device which is outside the phone. Read it using this tool. If your daughter or son is upset with you, you can listen to the conversation and check if someone is calling or messaging his or her phone. To check your neighbor’s, you can search for a particular name and tap on “monitor”. You can schedule a conversation between two, which is useful when you want to monitor that person for the sake of your kids, for example. What’s New in Version 3.4: • More ways to monitor family: in addition to parents and kids, you can monitor your neighbors, spouse, or even boss. • Monitors multiple devices (such as the phone, tablet, and laptop) at once. • Added monitor group in List of Devices. This allows you to control monitored devices as one group. • Changed the button order of list of devices. You can now control your devices directly from the list of devices. • Optimized touch responsiveness. • Displayed the timer from the notification bar of the screen when the app was open. Ratings Moovsoft Control for Android 3.4 for Android Free This tool has been designed for IP phones, in order to help you monitor your phone from your computer, while the phone is on. 91bb86ccfa

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Hi, here is a general look at PS-Alarm. In this short program we’ll show you how to use it and hopefully show you why we believe PS-Alarm is a great tool. Start the application by selecting it from the startup program list. You will be asked to provide your administrator credentials (admin or admin). If you go to the ‘Settings’ tab at the top of the window, you will see a variety of options you can use to control the application. You can set the time to be alerted off, the frequency of the sound, and the message to be triggered. You can also set alarms to be triggered on a specific day, week, and month. Click on the ‘Recurrence’ tab to view the different alarms available. Click on an alarm to view all you can do with it. You can also add alarms by clicking the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the page. On the alert window that pops up, you can enter the time you want, frequency, and message that needs to be triggered. To exit the application, click on the X icon at the top left corner of the window. If you want to change your settings, click on the ‘Settings’ tab and you will see all the settings you can manipulate. Hope you enjoyed the video and as always hit the like button if it helped. Read More Hi! Here is a quick look at Total Audio Recorder and why we think it could be a great program. Allow me to introduce you to Total Audio Recorder by CNET Networks. This small utility allows you to capture sounds in just a couple of steps. From playing music to answering calls, Total Audio Recorder could be your best friend in capturing audio. Let’s have a look at what it has to offer. The program is small and easy to use. Launching it from the Start Menu pops up a window with three tabs at the top. They are labeled, ‘Sound’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Record’. Let’s start with the recording tab. By default, the application is set to record in a quiet area. In the window provided, you can enter a sampling rate, bit rate, and the number of channels it should record. On the sound tab, you can also control the sound to be recorded. You can set the sampling rate, bit rate, and number of channels. The recording quality is decent and you

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Schedule alarms based on your need. Record daily, weekly, or monthly reminders to your PC. Alarm sounds can be configured from various audios, but you can also use customized sounds. Allows recurring alarms to be set for daily, weekly, or monthly options. Reminders can be scheduled to go off anytime, for one-time or recurring events. Can be configured to go off after a preset interval of time or can snooze the alarm to postpone the event. Can be configured to play a sound on the specified alarm, can add a message, or can dismiss the alarm. User-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use. Record alarms only from your phone or computer that has this application installed. Alarms can also be sent to your PC. Audio and message alerts can be scheduled to go off at a preset time or can be configured to go off whenever. Ex. Can configure alarms to go off, wake up, or snooze at any time of the day or night. Alarm sound, message and set interval can be configured to a preset option. Audio can be selected from a preset list or the users audio can be added. Alarm can be added in the form of text message or with attachment also. Recurring alarms can be set to go off daily, weekly, or monthly. The alarm settings can be saved. What’s New in PS-Alarm: Adds Timezones support for alarm creation. Adds Alarm “On Windows Laptop” Feature. Adds “Add alarm icon to taskbar” Feature. Adds support for starting alarm after morning and evening hours. Adds support for adding custom sounds for alarms. Added minor UI enhancements. Download PS-Alarm via Google Play PS-Alarm Review 5 7 All timezones are supported. Great design Impressive functionality Works on Android and Windows phone (Multiple platforms) Has a nice interface Cancel/snooze alarms Multiple alarms Recurring alarms Multiple tasks to select from Multiple alarm sounds Alarm sounds can be custom… Download PS-Alarm via Google Play 4.7 5 This is a very good alarm app, one of the best so far. The cool thing is that it allows you to set recurring alarms. It’s sleek and does not have all the bugs that others have. The only problem is that it might show two

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Windows 7, Vista, and XP compatible with DX 11.x. PCSX2 1.0.1 or above CPU: Intel Core2 Duo (Single Core) 2GHz (Up To 2.66GHz) Memory: 2GB RAM (4GB Recommended) Hard Disk Space: 250MB Free Space for Extracted ISO GPU: ATI Radeon HD 3870 (1GB) HDD: 2GB Free Space Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card DirectX: 9.0c compatible

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