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## Chapter 8 ## Transforming Digital Photos

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Note: The online tutorial was written with the latest release of Photoshop Elements 2018 as a reference and is not guaranteed to work with previous versions. We also recommend using a newer version of Photoshop to view the instructions. Word of caution: Even if you have tried installing Photoshop Elements on your computer before, if you are installing from a CD or DVD, you may have to first launch the Windows Installer. To do so, you can right-click the downloaded file and select “Run as administrator”. You are not required to purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit your photos, graphics or create new images. You can download the software for free! If you do not already have Photoshop Elements installed, you can download the software for free. Download Photoshop Elements Tutorial Download the Photoshop Elements tutorial here. How to Install Photoshop Elements The following steps are for a Windows user. Part 1: How to Install Photoshop Elements Part 2: How to Use Photoshop Elements Tutorial Part 3: Create an Online Tutorial Step 1: Install required software Before downloading Photoshop Elements, ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. Step 2: Download Photoshop Elements Download the Photoshop Elements 2017 installer. It may take some time to download if your internet connection speed is slow. Step 3: Run the installer Run the installer which should automatically start downloading the Photoshop Elements installer. If the installation window closes automatically, close the installer and restart the computer. Note: If you still have trouble, you can download the installer in binary format (zip). Step 4: Once you run the installer for Photoshop Elements, follow the instructions. Part 1: How to Install Photoshop Elements If you are installing Photoshop Elements 2017 for the first time on your computer, read the Setup section of the tutorial. You can skip the following steps if you have previously installed Photoshop Elements. Step 1: Accept the licensing terms In the licensing terms, accept the license agreement and click “I Accept” to continue. Step 2: Choose your computer language Select “Install in English” or “Install in your language” (if you speak other languages). Step 3: Follow the instructions Click “Next” and follow the instructions to complete the installation. Step 4: Confirm the installation 05a79cecff

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The Gradient Tool allows you to create various gradients to fill an image. The default gradient is a color ramp—a gradual change from one color to another. The Pen Tool gives you the ability to create precise selections, lines, shapes, paths, and selections with points. Photoshop also comes with the ability to draw on top of images. The Pen Tool is used for drawing, cleaning out lines and shapes, editing, and to create patterns, textures, and objects. After you pick the tool, you will see a dot in the middle of the tool—this is the active point on the canvas. To change the selection, you drag the active point and see a selection snap to it. The basic Pen Tool The Gradient Tool Pen Tool Options The Paint Bucket can be used to remove an object from an image. If you accidentally erase text or image on an image, the paint bucket is a way to correct that mistake. The paint bucket works slightly differently depending on the tool mode you choose. For example, if you use the paint bucket in the eraser mode, you will erase the image and not clear the object. If you want to remove the image, you would choose the eraser mode. The Eraser Tool is used to remove an object from an image. The eraser tool works in a variety of modes. You can choose to remove or change the color of an object. The Eraser Tool works by first erasing a section of the image. Then, you decide where you want to place your object on the image. If you want to place the object on a previously erased object, you can click and drag the object to the section of the image where you want the object to appear. To erase the background, click on the background before erasing. The Eraser Tool also allows you to remove images from an image by erasing an object from a different layer. The Blur Tool is used to blur areas of an image. The blurred area can be a solid color, a soft-focus effect, or the object that you are blurring. To do this, you select a circle and drag it to the area that you want to blur and create the blur layer effect. The circle will circle as you drag. The Marquee Tool is used to select an object and apply a selection marquee around it. You can also go back and erase the selection. The Free Transform tool makes it

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