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This article will help Photoshop novices and pros alike create unique images that use the software’s features to their best advantage. Note: These tips and tricks assume you are familiar with Photoshop’s essential functions, such as layers, tools, and keyboard shortcuts, and that you’ve made it through the Getting Started, Essential Fundamentals, and in-depth tutorials. If you need to brush up on basic Photoshop skills, then visit Adobe’s Getting Started page for great tutorials. How to Add a Background Image to a Photo 1. Drag the Background Image to the Layers Panel Layers are a powerful way to create and combine images and other layers of the same and different types (grayscale, color, or transparency). You can add, remove, or arrange them in a vertical or horizontal row in any order you choose. You can even attach them to another layer, which can come in handy when creating complex compositions. To use Photoshop, drag a background image to the Layers Panel and drop it on the empty, light-colored layer. Drag the image to your desktop or insert it into the Lightbox Panel. If you want to move the image later, right-click (PC) or Control-click (Mac) the image and drag it. 2. Rotate the Image Photo editing tools enable users to rotate, resize, crop, flip, and distort images. With Photoshop, you can rotate images by using the Rotate Tool (R). Double-click (PC) or right-click (Mac) the active tool in the Toolbox and choose an option, or use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+Z (Windows) or COMMAND+Z (Mac). To rotate an image 90 degrees counterclockwise, set the angle to 90 in the Options bar. 3. Lock the Rotation Click the lock icon (Microsoft Windows) or hold the Option (Mac) key to make the rotation permanent. Click the lock icon again to unlock the rotation. 4. Resize the Image Use the Resize Tool (W) to resize images. You can change the height and width of the image by using the handles that appear when you move the tool over the image. When you’re finished resizing the image, you can click the Unlock button. The size you set now appears on the small toolbar at the bottom of the image window. 5. Resize the Layer For complex edits, resize

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We at BouncerApps know that even for the most advanced user, Photoshop Elements can be a daunting tool. To help you get the most out of Photoshop Elements, we have compiled a list of the features you’ll find in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Just below this feature list is a short list of links to helpful tutorials. The list has been split into sections. The first section will cover the basics of the program. The second will cover how to use the filter feature to make complex edits. The third section will cover advanced features, such as using custom actions, creating your own filters, and altering color. Frequently asked questions are also included. Basic Features: Welcome to Photoshop Elements, the best edition of Photoshop yet. However, since Photoshop Elements has many options that take some learning time to figure out, you may find it easier to start with a “brick wall” tutorial, where you can simply follow the instructions and do exactly as they are told. On this tutorial page, we will cover the basics of Photoshop Elements. After that, we will cover more advanced topics, like custom actions, filtering, and other features that you will find in Photoshop Elements. Making Your Own Actions: Photoshop Elements has a collection of built-in actions that you can find at Help>Photoshop Elements>Actions. You can find Actions for many different tasks, such as rotating, resizing, cropping, deleting, and a variety of other actions. Image Processing: Photoshop Elements has a number of features that let you manipulate the color of your image and make complex adjustments to its components. It also has a number of other options, including masking, cloning, and so on. Color Tools: Photoshop Elements has a number of tools that let you select different colors within your image and apply different filters, levels, and masks to them. Advanced Features: These advanced features will not be covered in a single tutorial. Some of them will require you to do a bit of research into Photoshop Elements and some of them will require you to learn a new feature. However, we have created tutorials that will show you how to do a wide variety of complex changes in a short amount of time. Other Tips: Complex editing processes will not always be covered in a single tutorial, so it is recommended that you follow the tutorials as a 05a79cecff

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The Liquify Filter lets you distort and manipulate an image, making it more interesting and unique. You can also create some serious effects. The Healing Brush is an image restoration tool for repairing images. It can restore missing pixels, remove scratches and other imperfections. The Pen Tool lets you mark on the photo. You can draw, erase or use a Brush tool. The Smart Brush is a brush that maintains smooth edges for you. Use it for fine-tuned corrections or special effects. The Sharpen Filter sharpens images. It’s a good way to improve the overall appearance of a photo. The Sponge Tool is a useful tool for selectively softening the colors of a photo. The Pen Tool in Photoshop is similar to the Painting Tool in the GIMP. It allows you to mark on a photo and create simple drawings. Typography in Photoshop is different than in other image editors. You can create text or add text to an existing document. Once you place text, you can change the colors, fonts, sizes and line spacing. Change the Color of a Photo in Photoshop You can change the colors of any photos in Photoshop, including adjusting the brightness and contrast. Some Photoshop tools allow you to do this directly from the menu. The Color Tab in the Effects menu contains a number of useful tools for adjusting the overall look of your photo. You can use the sliders to adjust the RGB and HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) values. HSL is a more accurate representation of color than RGB. Use the Hue/Saturation tab to adjust the saturation and brightness of a photo. The white point sliders can be used to change the tint of any photo. Use the Brush or Pen tool to colorize an image. You can create an image that simulates sepia or black and white coloring by adding Grayscale. If you have a color photo, use the Colorize tool. Simply click the eyedropper tool and click on any color in the image to change its color. How to Adjust the Brightness of an Image in Photoshop You can adjust the brightness and contrast of a photo using the Adjustments panel. You can find this in the Effects panel. The slider at the top adjusts the brightness, while the sliders in the middle allow you to adjust the contrast. Adjust the Saturation or Hue You can adjust the saturation and hue of a photo by using the Adjustments panel. Click on the slider

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