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Don’t Edit in Photoshop

As with most graphics programs, Photoshop lets you create an image on your computer and then copy and paste a new version back on your computer (or send it to a colleague or client). You’ll use that technique to resize and crop an image to bring it down to the size you want. It doesn’t work the same way with your photos, though. When you crop and resize a photograph with Photoshop, you are making what is called a _destructive change_ to that image. Because you are editing on a layer-based editing system, each layer of the photo also has its own separate shape, size, and position in the photo, and changing one changes them all. You can end up with a cropped image that isn’t in the desired proportions. If you need to flatten the layers (more on this later), that means that all of the layers change and any overlays disappear, too.

As always, the most important thing to keep in mind is that when you edit a photo, make sure that the original is saved. Printouts and e-mails are usually saved in a variety of formats, and other methods besides a traditional print service can copy an image too. Besides, you can always go back later to edit a photo.


Elements is a valuable choice for those who want to edit photos, crop, fix red-eye, fix contrast, resize, edit backgrounds and add a signature to images.

Perhaps the most useful feature of Photoshop Elements is that you can easily download apps to make some great plugins to make your work even better. You can add new features to Photoshop Elements with these plugins.

The plugins are some of the fastest, most powerful graphics apps in the world. These plugins are also free. They have a high average rating on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

So what is the best Photoshop Elements plugin?

Are you interested in learning how you can write your own custom plugins for Photoshop Elements? In this guide, we will guide you to write your own plugin for the most common uses.

We have picked out five plugins, which you can use to edit, make, print, or make a custom gif.

1. BooGif

BooGif is the best free gif maker for Photoshop Elements. It is a multi-purpose and fun to use plug in.

The best part of BooGif is that you can create, create, and create gifs.

Create, create, and create gifs

BooGif can be a useful tool for creating GIFs out of your photos or clip art and video.

You can create and create GIFs using BooGif.

As you can see on the screenshot above, BooGif can edit images, create gifs, resize images, make GIFs and add signatures. BooGif is a great tool for designers, as it has many similar features with Photoshop.

Free and useful

BooGif has an average rating on the App Store and Google Play Store. So, BooGif is a quality program that is free to use.

2. BooBoo

BooBoo is the best Photoshop Elements plugin for making memes. It can be used to edit images, create memes, and fix face photos.

When people are starting out, they often copy and paste memes online. This can be a very important job for a graphic designer.

BooBoo is a good plugin to make memes.

Like BooGif, you can use BooBoo to edit images and create memes. BooBoo can use BooGif to create and edit many memes.

Free and well-rated

Photoshop [Mac/Win]

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Kate Middleton’s new look is complete – and the Royal Family is loving it.

As well as the headlines for her and Prince William’s wedding, being Royal Family, and a national obsession.

The Duchess of Cambridge has gone ahead and given us a peek at her own take on the look, which will be splashed all over the press as the UK gets to grips with the change in fashion.

And as far as the future Royals are concerned, there can be no doubt that they love the new style.

Kate’s official press team shared new pictures of the new look, with the statement: “Following a visit from the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duchess opted to wear the Y” – for “Yorkshire”.

They added: “The Duchess’ style looks to place her firmly in the present, with a nod to the future and what lies ahead.”

And the press team went on to say that it “sets her off beautifully to appear at home on such a beautiful family holiday”, with the words “Thanks Mum and Dad” appearing on the back of her jacket.

The Y-cut top is from Aldo and has been accessorised with a pearl necklace, comfortable brown brogues and a leather belt.

It is similar to the one worn by the Duchess while on a visit to the US, where it was made available to the public for $850 (£635) and has also been spotted in shops across the UK.

And the Duchess herself has been spotted in several looks recently, wearing the style.

Here she is in a pink onesie and fluffy trousers, with a matching hat.

This was as she arrived at the Duchy of Cornwall Christmas party, where she talked to guests at the Pleydell-Bouverie in Cambridgeshire.

Another recent sighting was this casual cut dress, which she wore to a private lunch with Prince Harry and Meghan.

The Duchess was wearing the best-selling black Alex McQueen jacket with a red-and-white-stripe shirt from the British brand, teamed with black trousers.

And she was also on a PR jaunt to Camper, a company which is

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How to get callback on Connect timeout with Node.js + Rails application?

I have an Express/Node app with Rails backend. In Node I want to periodically make an http get request to Rails. This http get request to rails fails because of slow connection. In case of timeout I want to perform some action in rails (i.e., alert user).
I am using Node module And I am wondering if there is a way to notify the node client when the connection to rails fails.
How can I do this?
Thank you.


So supports two way communication with ruby at this time: (
socket.connect(host, port,
function (err, socket)
if (err)
socket.on(‘disconnect’, function () {
console.log(‘socket disconnected’);

socket.connect(host, port,
function (err, socket)
if (err)
socket.broadcast.emit(‘some message’, { message: ‘test’});
socket.on(‘disconnect’, function () {
console.log(‘socket disconnected’);

Stillbirth: a guide for child health nurses.
Stillbirth is a devastating experience for the bereaved family, particularly if it occurs to a first-time mother. For health professionals, it can be a frustrating and distressing event which has many aspects which can affect the ability of the health professional to provide appropriate care. This article will describe the nature of stillbirth, assess the difficulties in providing care and identify some of the practical aspects of care. It should be regarded as an opportunity

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Safari version: 8.0.2 or later
Macintosh of 64-bit
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Windows of 64-bit
Windows of 32-bit
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