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* For those interested in learning Photoshop and developing from the ground up, I recommend Adobe Photoshop Essentials: From the Ground Up by Martin Evening (McGraw-Hill Professional, 2010).


You can access the Photoshop “Help” dialog box by pressing F1 (Windows) or CMD+Help (Mac OS).

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe’s predecessor to Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, was released in 2005. Some of the same features in Photoshop are also included in Elements (e.g., the Layers panel), though the interface has been altered and some features have been rethought. If you want to experiment with creating an original raster (as opposed to bitmap) image for the first time, I recommend starting with Elements.

Many of Elements’s functions are fully integrated into the Organizer, a shared workspace that allows you to work with any file, even if you’re not logged into the computer. When you’re in the Organizer, however, it’s easy to forget that it’s not a standard image editing program like Photoshop.

Accessing the Organizer

From the main menu, go to File. Then click the Organizer button. The Organizer window opens and shows thumbnails of images and Adobe-created templates, as shown in Figure 6-5.

FIGURE 6-5: Organize your image files into the Organizer window.

When you’re in the Organizer, the file appears in the main editing area of the program. You can click and drag images and effects into the editing area and also change their positions.

Elements doesn’t save original images as files, but as layers of type objects. If you decide to delete the original image, Elements takes it out without a trace.

The Organizer also has several features that, in my opinion, make it superior to a standard image editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop. To see more details about these Organizer functions, choose Tools⇒Options and click the Layout tab (the one with the triangle on it).

Sharing files

With the right software, you can send a personal file to a friend’s computer and have him or her make a change to it. The friend can alter or add to the file, then save it on his or her own computer. You can set this up in several ways:

* You can drag and drop files to and from the Organizer window. If you drag the

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Learn Photoshop Elements for free and easy on your mobile and desktop.

Learn Photoshop Elements for free and easy on your mobile and desktop.

GIMP is one of the most famous free open-source photo editing software. Developed by The GIMP Development Team of competent programmers, GIMP is a fast, powerful and feature-rich raster graphics editor. Its most notable features are:

Filters and effects available

Colorspace editing (8, 15 and 16-bit)

Layers, layer styles and masks

Effects such as blur, drop shadow, gaussian blur, sharpen and many others

Plugins (optional)

Undo and Redo

Raster to vector, Image to vector, crop or resize

Scaling and rotation

Image sequence editor (gif, jpeg, tiff)

Animation (movie maker)

Grayscale images

Color profile editing

Overlay, blend or layer mask

Saving and exporting (tiff, png, svg, bmp, jpeg, gif, eps, dxf, ico)

Desktop publishing (tiff, png, svg, pdf)

Photo and vector graphics.

It is mainly used for editing photos and images, retouching and desktop publishing.

You can find the latest version of GIMP at:

General photo editing

Learn Photoshop Elements for free and easy on your mobile and desktop.

Learn Photoshop Elements for free and easy on your mobile and desktop.

Krita is a free, open-source, versatile graphics application for pixel-based image editing, graphics design and (video) editing. It is written in C++ and cross-platformed.

Krita is an OpenGL-based program, which means it is suited for use on platforms and computers with powerful graphic processing units (GPUs).

Krita is aimed at those who wish to become professional graphics designers or need more powerful tools for pixel art, and for free and open-source gamedev.


Supports a wide variety of pixel-based image formats and output options (inflation, printer, tiff, etc)

Features a cross-platform GL renderer, and a single rendering backend

Integration of simple 2D and 3D graphics functions

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