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What’s New In Perfect B W Standard Edition?

Perfect B&W Standard Edition is a straightforward application that enables you to view and enhance the looks of your preferred photos without needing complicated and unnecessary functions. It features several image adjustments and effects.

Simple options to enhance your pictures

The app offers a modern and well-structured interface, opting for a black theme, which, sadly, can't be changed, making it hard to see the buttons. It's divided into a browser and extras tabs, the working pad, the navigator panel, the preview window and a small toolbar.

Select the display mode

You can load the picture either using the file browser on the left or the drag-and-drop method. The app supports only JPG, PSD, TIF and PNG formats. You have the choice to view the photo in single, left/right or top/bottom mode.

Use numerous layers and merge them together

You can use the loupe to check small details or zoom in a specific area, crop the image to the desired dimension, and mask unwanted areas. Plus, it's possible to add as many layers as necessary to get the result you want, delete those you don't need and merge the existing ones into a single design.

Add predefined frames for a rich collection

From the “Extras” tab, you can insert a default border from several distinct categories, such as antique, camera, emulsion, film or sloppy. It would've been nice if the app offered premade symbols, stickers or drawing tools to fully customize the creation.

Choose the desired effects and adjust the image

From the “Layers” panel, you have the option to apply a few filters like darken, multiply, color burn, linear burn, color dodge or vivid light. In addition, you can correct the photo by adjusting the hue, saturation, color and luminosity.

Decent picture editor

On an ending note, Perfect B&W Standard Edition is an intuitive program that comes in handy for everyone who wants to edit and enhance their images using effects and frames.

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System Requirements:

For Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (64-bit) and Windows Vista (64-bit)
Memory: 256MB of RAM required.
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 2400 or better with latest driver installed.
For Linux OS
Recommended System Configuration:
Unigine Heaven 3.10
One CPU core (except for NVIDIA TITAN and TITAN X)
4 GB of RAM
Graphics cards supported by Heaven benchmark
Max settings (16xAA and 16x

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