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Overmorrow Features Key:

  • Your puzzle game on the iPhone!
  • You can create your own puzzles
  • You get a choice to start the game right at the title screen
  • The background music has 4 exciting variations each unique for you to track down.
  • All your achievements get saved on your profile
  • Save your place at any time
  • Teleport option for longer puzzles
  • Option to cycle quickly when a puzzle is already solved
  • Experiment with all 16 puzzle themes
  • Solve all 8 or 16 stories of a mystery
  • Generates a list of the most common words for everything you solve
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Facebook Twitter Linkedin Play on Freesound > Apple Store Google Play


    “Not only does Circuit Dude Game has probably the best puzzle game around, it’s a good time too.” -Por: Livelink Gadget


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    Run a fast food burger restaurant for as many customers as possible over a 10 day period without being raided by the FDA, and the cartel. You have to balance your restaurant sales, and punishments. Features: • Support online multiplayer for one or more player’s on a single device and up to 4 players on two devices on the same connection. • Create a custom map layout or use the 4 default layouts • Fight between the FDA and cartel for a greater share of the illegal business that you get by moving customers from the burger joint to their own business • Unlock new food items that your customers can purchase • Customize your employees and restaurant with a complete employee and items screen • Your customers will always order your food, forcing you to balance your profits • Make your customers tips go to additional food purchases for your customers • Fight for higher reputation points, and higher pay for your gang members • Fully customizable backdrops, and menu items • Unlock different walk throughs and other secrets to find • Help menu to help you customize • Free play to practice, and play at your own pace • Achievements to earn • Delete “offender” and “customer” if you’d rather get a new customer • Unlock new characters, and easter eggs • Stay tuned for exciting new updates The Burger Joint is a strategy game where you you must balance the sale of your burgers, and joints. You begin with a small space and some petty cash to make some legal. and illegal, investments. Expand your restaurant by obtaining more space, serving new food items, and upgrading your layout. Build an intimidating crime empire by hiring a gang, selling contraband, and pulling off robberies. Beware, police will always be on patrol, and the FDA and cartel will be waiting for the right time to strike. Your goal as a manager is to finally reach your retirement, so your operation must survive six months without being raided.The success of your restaurant will build reputation, keeping the suspicions of the FDA lowThe success of your criminal enterprise will build fierceness, keeping the cartel awayBuild your business and earn your retirement! Game “Burger Joint” Gameplay: Run a fast food burger restaurant for as many customers as possible over a 10 day period without being raided by the FDA, and the cartel. You have to balance your restaurant sales, and punishments. Features: • Support online multiplayer for one or more player’s on a single device and up to 4 players on


    What’s new in Overmorrow:

    Leopold Jensen and David Meyer are two rookies. Meanwhile, a man truly born wild makes his mark in the Oregon woods. Journeymen writers Bernard Mattutus and Deb Zubris take an in-depth look at the first two contestants to arrive in Medford. I THE CAMP The ten-mile drive from Portland to the site of the contest is a highlight of any road trip. Lane County goes through cattle and timberlands before first growing into rolling and grassy hills. Then cows and logs are displaced by hills and cattle and small houses of plastic and brick. Finally, as the road turns to pavement and the hills turn to trees and flatlands, the town of Medford becomes discernable among the cone trees and willows lining the Columbia River. A few streams trickle through the city, including one that carries bighorn sheep directly into the Columbia. Medford is one of many boy towns shaped by the proliferation of logging on the north-central Oregon Coast Range. The first settlers arrived in the 1850s, and by 1858 the town became the county seat of Lane County. In that same year, a U.S. Forest Service camp was set up, and Medford is now considered the rim of the forest. Forest Service camp is one of many structures that dominate Medford’s landscape. Many are on National Forest land, and the soil and soil types are similar throughout both areas. From the field, the iconic sight of Medford is apparent. Dense pine grows in the foreground. In the background, the trees are interspersed by mountain sage and serpentine, overgrown with creeping vine, Oregon grape, or glasswort. This contrasts greatly with the national parks, the national wildlife refuges, and the national seashores, where only a handful of trees remain. Human intervention has not shifted the balance between land and water, where the birds and the white-barked trees dominate. The way water flows through this landscape is an asset to the one-mile riparian zone along the Upper Columbia River. But the way water flows in the forests is generally low. During the Bureau of Land Management’s summer recreation staff training session in Medford, the presence of Jordan Zimmerman was demonstrated. Zimmerman, a professional hunter, has been featured on numerous television shows and magazines, including ABC-TV’s This Week with David Axelrod and NBC’s Ringmaster. He is also a documentary filmmaker. But the talented Zimmerman is about


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    Apocalypse Knights is a story of a lone warrior who comes from the distant past, to the future to save a land tainted by monsters. You are the only hope who can save this world from the coming disaster. ● STORY: You play as a knight who takes on the mission to save the world from the coming apocalypse. You are the only hope who can save a land tainted by demons and monsters. You embark on a special mission to recapture a land from the dark age. ● MISSION: When the dark age is pushing the world to the end, the land is polluted by the monsters. You can now take up the battle and fight against the demons and devils. ● GRAVITY: A game on a different level. For all your enemies, moving on land, sea and sky are more than a game. They are a living nightmare. When you jump with your crossbow or spear or sword, your enemies can turn their attack on you. ● MONSTERS: Evolve them into terrifying demons, unleash a horde of them to fulfill the task. You will turn your enemies into demons by you attacks. ● UNIQUE GAME SYSTEM: ● You can freely use 6 weapon types, or switch to your ultimate and specialize in magic or heavy armor. ● You can add 7 kinds of mounts. ● You can be more powerful when you reach the certain level. ● Collection of upgrades, weapons, armors. ● Free to test new features. ● You can collect hidden items and rewards if you reach the highest level. ● Achievements and leaderboards are all included. ● You can directly jump into the battle with your automatic weapon. ● Easy to access your inventory ● Easy to enjoy your favorite scenes ● Easy to experience high definition, smooth battle ● Collect and craft up to 170 various weapons and armors ● Numerous highly detailed weapons and armors, such as Chain Knives, Pike, Short Sword, Dual Katanas ● Enjoy 17 scenarios, 20 missions ● Enjoy a thrilling visual experience ● Also for the Nintendo Switch version.Q: iPhone JGDataPopupErrorDomain code? I’m using JGDataPopup in my app and I have just recently started getting this error. Does anyone know what the error code means? Error = { JGDataPopupErrorCode = 0x00000002;


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  • Features of Tree of Savior – Vocal Songs of Masters from Ep.13:

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    • Vocal songs of effect highly appreciated by the players.
    • Reference Mode Vocal Artists.

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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz, AMD Phenom 2.0 GHz, or higher. Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics driver with Shader Model 2.0 or higher, OpenGL 2.0 compatible with windowed mode, or higher. DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics driver with Shader Model 2.0



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