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Bio-Terror is a shooting game where you have to eliminate bacteria and virus that attack your body!
You have been hired by the government to travel to the laboratory of your enemy.
To make sure everything would be OK, you will have to send out helicopters and bombs in order to clear the area from any unhealthy thing!
Your goal is to navigate through laboratory, find out where your enemy is, disinfect the area and finish him with a shot of your gun!
If you feel strong enough, you can make a second shot and move to the next level!
As soon as the first level is completed, a lab assistant of your enemy will wake up.
This is your first challenge!
Every boss you eliminate moves forward the game and unlock the next mission!
Thanks to your achievement you will be able to move to the second stage!
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A new version of the popular DS game “Zombies in Space” is about to be released! This version of the game will be called “Zombies in Space: Mir Space Station”. Just in time for the 5th anniversary of the Mir Space Station, SEGA launches this “Mir edition”. Zombie’s Mission, an exclusive mission for this special version will be written by Yuji Oda and will be released in the Mir space station. But you’ll have a certain mission to complete before you can play it.
Features include:
– Two huge worlds
– Many enemies
– Shoot them with rockets to earn money
– Various weapons
– Clear the screen to earn points
– A variety of missions
– All new cutscenes
– 3 hours of gameplay
– Beginners Mode
About Zombie’s Mission:
An agency called Mira has found a girl called Kat.
The girl was kidnapped years ago to a secret unknown location.
You are the agent of MIVA, Kat’s father’s agency.
On your mission, you will find clues to this mystery.
In this mission, you will have to engage in various operations.
From the 13th day, to the 18th day, to the 19th day,
everyone will be on the mission of you.
For each day, there will be a variety of missions that you will have to complete.
Each time you will have to clean the screen in order to earn points.
After you complete each operation, there will be rewards waiting for you.
These rewards will be sent to your control panel.
Which will take them to


Features Key:

  • Picodrive logo
  • Requirements:
    • OS: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • System requirements:
    • CPU: 700 MHz
    • RAM: 256 MB
  • Features:
    • SD card or HDD with 350 MB free space
    • Bundled games:
      • All included
  • Questions:
  • Play now

    Then I receive a and debug.txt as described from here: Android build – Debug with logcat How to use Build>Track down.apk which has error
    Though I still can’t see my application’s storgae(check logs it doesn’t show me)
    Then I read this piece of thread, hop on Tower of Hacks Part 5, and tried my own trick:

    Set logcat output debug level to ‘4’ and compile or run your app. (Dont forget to clean and build project before run it).
    Clear logcat in real device phone.
    Submit a bug to developer of Logcat, so it will be resolved. 🙂

    This is the place where Debugger gets stuck again…
    How to enable debug mode in Android application.


    Seems, that you need to change almost all build settings:

    In your project->properties->android fill log level and set it to 4
    In your project->properties->build fill min sdk and set it to 28 (28 is SDK version of Android 4.4, which required to you to be set to 4)
    In your project->properties->android build fill target SDK and set it to 28 (For you SDK version 28 is required minimum API level to be set to 4)

    (I edited your project properties settings)
    for debug app is required


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    Such methods and devices are particularly suitable for aligning the optical axis of an optical fiber, with reference to the statement in the preamble of claim 1.
    The known methods for aligning the optical axis of optical fibers for the purpose of connecting together a plurality of fiber ends in an optical fiber connection are capable of taking into account deviations of only a few microns from the desired alignment.
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    U.S. Pat. No. 4,652,872 describes a device for aligning optical fibers. The device is provided with a rotatable, hex


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    Seven different unique characters that all have their own love interests and intentions.

    An all-new battle system: “Battle” is back! Battle allows for a full action RPG experience.

    A wide variety of enemies, with multiple difficulties, and the possibility of customizing their appearances.

    Puzzles, challenging quests, and secrets. Discover the mysteries of the Mountain Cave.

    An Item System, various “Bloodstones” (etc), and plenty of gear to bring you back from the dead.

    Tons of different endings, as well as multiple paths to each of them.

    The game is a cross-platform game that will work on both Windows and Mac. It should work fine on Linux, but I haven’t tested that personally.

    Steam users, please make sure that you have the latest Steam client! If you don’t, you may need to download it from here:

    An old classic with a modern twist. In Spellbound a young man’s interest in his classes are put to the test by a strange game. Within the game, he meets a young woman named Margaret, who quickly becomes his true love.

    In Spellbound: Journey of the Spellbounder, you play the role of the main character, a young man named Will. Just as he was starting to settle down with a woman of his choice, a mysterious portal into another world appears before him, one that he quickly finds himself in. A world that’s full of dangerous creatures, and most of them have a sweet tooth. This world is known as the Land of Sweets. Its sole purpose is to promote and encourage proper dieting. As the main character, Will is challenged to go on a journey and figure out why the portal has opened. Along the way, he encounters many challenges, but one of the most interesting ones is his own. If he gets all of the sweets right, he gets to stay in the Land of Sweets, but if he fails, he may find himself in the Land of Pain. Throughout his journey, he will meet plenty of quirky characters, and will have many opportunities to pursue his love with the girl he wants. Unfortunately, when it comes to the sweets, they are just out of his grasp. Will will need to use his own wit, and some help from his friends, to save the day and get back home.

    Want more candy? You can


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