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Neurality is a neural network based, handwriting recognition application developed in Java. It can be used as a neural network builder and also as a handwriting recognition software.

Powered by the neural network model, it is a technique that can make sense out of the handwriting or speech in normal writing.

It allows us to make out the actual idea of any word or text from the handwriting, whatever the handwriting is.
It uses the technique of Neural Network modeling for the same purpose.
It reads out the characters from the handwriting and interprets the same as NER[3] that is Noun,Entity,Role etc.,, that is, the NER based model can be used for converting the handwriting to the NER model and it is more accurate than OCR.

Neurality can be used for handwriting recognition of any such language, which is needed for writing and the language itself will determine the size of the model used.
The small size of the model makes it quicker than the large model.

1. Which port should be used for the Neurality?

Any common ports can be used.

2. How can we use the Neurality?

We need to take the license and download the software.

3. How to install Neurality?

Before starting to work on the Neurality software, you need to have Java2 SDK or the Java Runtime Environment installed in your system.

Then install the Neurality software. The download can be downloaded from the same site or you can take a direct link to the software.

Once you have the software, the next step is to start Neurality.

4. What are the modules available in the Neurality?

Neurality comes with three main modules, Conversion, Recognition and Manager.

Conversion Module:

Conversion module has many options which allows the user to make the handwriting text in any script like Sanskrit, Pali, Arabic, etc.

Recognition Module:

The Recognition module is used for the purpose of recognizing and interpreting the handwriting in any language. It supports 99 languages including some English dialects.

Manager Module:

The Manager module is used for the administration of Neurality.

5. What is the difference between Conversion module and Recognition module?


There is one to one conversion of handwriting. The conversion will not

Neurality [Win/Mac]

Neurality is a handwriting recognition app based on Neural Networks. The application is an example of deep learning in the form of practical handwriting recognition.
It started with this question: will the neural networks it runs be capable of recognizing cursive writing?
Today, Neurality recognizes over 70 languages.
Neurality Features:
• Handwritten recognition based on neural networks
• No requirement of the presence of any fonts or training sets
• Use of connectionist algorithm for handwriting recognition
• Editing concept: easy to make corrections or modifications to your data
• 100% automated handwriting recognition

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In the Neurality application, the input and output is represented in a way that can be processed on the Neurality software. The input is text presented on the screen as a series of words or groups of words, the output is the screen image of the word that a user has inputted.

A single neuron is a single processing element in a neural network. In a neuron network, the neuron represents a single processing element, meaning that if a neuron detects some specific characteristics of a group of inputs, it can respond by changing the state of its outputs and that this changed state will remain until the network is updated again, like a single processing module in a batch processing software. The neuron always provides one output that can be changed and that change persists until the network is updated again. The neuron has some inputs connected to it that contain the information about the inputs. Once the neuron receives information from its inputs, it produces a message to the next neurons that has an influence on the state of the neuron. If this message is received, the next neuron receives the message and if it has received the message for some long enough time, the neuron output is changed. If the neuron has no influence over the next neuron, it has no impact on the output of the next neuron, meaning that all neurons are independent of each other.
Neurality’s architecture is based on the back propagation algorithm, which is a generic and widely used algorithm for teaching neural networks, involving only the review of the data.
There are 4 types of neurons: Input (Pre), Feedforward (Fw), Perceptron (Pw) and Output (Pw).
Neurality for web browsers
Neurality for Android
Neurality is a web server that allows you to train and use an artificial neural network in the browser, without installing any extra plugins.
Bestow the Cloud Neurality.
Features of Neurality:
Neurality uses the backpropagation algorithm for training, which is a learning algorithm that uses the error to correct itself, in contrast to other neural networks.
Neurality is built with web technologies and you are the one using it.
You don’t need to run any programs on your PC.
Neurality is in the cloud and it’s available from anywhere in the world.
You get a high level of privacy and security, and Neurality doesn’t store any of your data on its servers.
If you train your network on Neurality, you

What’s New In?

Neurality is a visual word recognition software tool for creating neural networks. That software is designed to be used for learning of the Neural Networks. Every Neural Network created can be used to recognize handwriting.

The software uses N-layered Neural Networks. N-Layered Neural Networks are the most powerful form of Neural Networks. Every layer of a N-Layered Neural Network contains Layers of Artificial Neurons (AN). Each AN has it’s own abilities. Ability is the capacity of the particular neuron to identify a particular pattern.

Each layer of the network has it’s own abilities, according to the last layer. In a N-layered Network, the layer from which the highest ability is seen in that layer, are connected to each other. In the highest layer there is usually the word to be recognized.

Neurality is also used for creating Neural Networks and for learning those networks. In learning, every neuron gets a trainer. Neurality can learn many different types of Neural Networks. It can learn Multilayer Perceptron networks, one-layered networks and even N-layered networks, the most powerful Neural Networks. The simplest type of neural networks created with Neurality are the one-layered networks. These are the simplest, most basic Neural Networks.

Neurality is a Visual tool for creating N-layered Neural Networks. N-Layered Neural Networks are the most powerful type of Neural Networks. Every Layer of those networks has it’s own abilities. Layered Neural Networks are the most powerful form of Neural Networks. Every Layer of a N-Layered Network has an N-Number of Layers of Artificial Neurons (AN).

Every AN has a Number of Outputs or Output Neurons. Output Neurons are the neurons of the particular layer. Output Neurons give the Layer it’s abilities. Each Output Neuron is connected to a many Input Neurons in the Layer.

Every Layer of the Network has it’s own abilities. In a N-Layered Network, the layer from which the highest ability is seen in that layer are connected to each other. In the highest layer there is usually the word to be recognized.

In Neurality, each neuron is a white square placed over a black square on the page. Each neuron holds a value, called “ability”, and a value called “Input”. An input is connected to the neuron. The horizontal and vertical values have been illustrated

System Requirements For Neurality:

Windows 7 or Windows 8 (32-bit OS only)
2GHz dual-core or faster CPU
1024 x 768 screen resolution
20 GB free hard disk space
$49.99 to buy the full version
Download the utility and follow the instructions from the window.
1. Install the software.
2. Enable the software to automatically detect new network adapters.
Click the “options” button and then click on “

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