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In Memory Train you must memorize the sequence of numbers that appear on screen. Game starts with small easy numbers, and each game you get more difficult ones. Simple Game Mechanics: – Each number you memorize gets a star to show your level of success. – Press each digit of the correct number and when the whole number is shown, click it to reveal that number again on the screen! How to win: – There are two buttons, one to activate the countdown and one to reset the game. – When the game ends, the total amount of stars you got are added up and shown to you. – Points are given out for each digit you manage to remember correctly! Keep on playing and improve your score! Notes: – All the data you memorize will be stored in your “collectible” list. – You can press the button to open the list to see all the stored numbers again, and can then press them in order. – You can also click the button to clear the list and restart from zero stars. – Also, you can access the level score for an individual number, by clicking it. – If you want to remove the list of numbers from the game, you need to close the game completely and restart it. What’s New: – Now you can also share the progress of your Memory Train game with your Facebook friends. – You can now view your daily average in the activity screen, so you can check how you are doing. – Now you can also see which new numbers you memorized the most, and which digits you mostly remembered wrong. – You can now search for and browse games in a separate list, if you are not playing the game, for instance, to see if you like the game or the theme. – You can now favorite your progress and switch to another game you liked. – You can now receive notification from your in-game friend request. – You can now unlock special items, if you have a certain score for a number. – You can now remove your progress for individual numbers. Improve your memory in this game. You can use your phone to share your progress or reset the game. Keep on training! Thank you! Overall 5 out of 5 stars Performance 5 out of 5 stars Story 5 out of 5 stars Mugu 01-08-2018 Fun and addictive I really enjoyed this game even if it was a bit difficult at first, but I think now




Features Key:

  • Music
  • Improved version: This is one of the best game music of 2012
  • Improved version: There is 4 cinematics which were left out in the playstation version.
  • More songs from the soundtrack: 15 more songs were added to the soundtrack
  • Updated version: Release date is changing by 1 year, the original release date was the 21st of August 2012
  • Updated version: 45 minutes longer gameplay, thanks to Markus “Lucky” Jensen

Additional information

  • Bit rate: 320 Kbps
  • Artist: Yoko Shimomura from the Kingdom Hearts
  • Audio player: mp3


Neptunia Virtual Stars – Todoki Uka Pack Free Download

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