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Those still using computers running Windows 95, 98 or NT might have occasionally stumbled across some errors triggered by the fact that they do not have Microsoft Agent installed on their PC. This situation no longer occurs on machines running newer operating systems since these already have Microsoft Agent bundled within them.
If you have come across such an error, you need to install Microsoft Agent, then run any compatible app and notice that it runs smoothly.
Most notably, Microsoft Agent was used for the development of the famous Office Assistants, namely Clipit, The Dot, Hoverbot and The Genius.
Due to this technology, one could create conversational interfaces for websites and software solutions alike, as it supported animations, interactivity and flexibility.
The main purpose of this technology was to encourage more people to use their computers by providing them with a ‘natural way’ of communicating with their PC. The characters created with Microsoft Agent could speak (thanks to an integrated text-to-speech engine or previously recorded audio tracks) and some of them could even interpret and follow spoken commands.
In other words, developers who resorted to Microsoft Agent had the possibility to come up with appealing apps that supported more types of interaction, in addition to the standard mouse and keyboard.
It needs to be mentioned that Microsoft Agent is considered to be deprecated ever since Windows 7 was launched and that is no longer available for any operating systems released afterwards.







Microsoft Agent 2.0 Crack+ With Key Free

Microsoft Agent 2.0 Crack + [Win/Mac]

Microsoft Agent 2.0 is a software program produced by Microsoft that could work in tandem with more than thirty different applications to create an extra layer of intelligence.
Created back in 1996, the program relies on a software interface that makes it possible to create a sense of understanding of a human that could understand and respond to commands spoken by a conversational character for each application.
Microsoft Agent 2.0 is considered to be made in Python, Java, C# and Visual Basic, with an interface that is relatively simple and could even be used by users without much programming knowledge.

The software was created to be extremely versatile, so it could become even more intelligent and capable by relying on the fact that it could have an intelligent conversational character that would respond to commands spoken out loud and synchronize with similar conversational characters that were present on the same Windows PC.
The main advantage of this software is that it was extremely flexible, so any developer, not only Windows users, could also use it.
Another benefit was that the software was free, so any developer or user could use it without even having to buy Microsoft Agent or any apps that are bundled with it.
Microsoft Agent 2.0 installed on your PC
Although Microsoft Agent 2.0 has been discontinued, you can still install the program by searching for “Microsoft Agent” or Microsoft Agent on the major web search engines.

How to install Microsoft Agent 2.0
1. Log on to the web and type Microsoft Agent 2.0 in the search field.
2. It is recommended to download the latest version of the software from the official Microsoft Agent 2.0 website.
3. After downloading the right.exe file, follow the simple instructions that will be supplied with the download package and then you will be able to install Microsoft Agent 2.0.

How to use Microsoft Agent 2.0:
Once you have installed the application, you will notice that the setup includes the complete instructions on how to use Microsoft Agent 2.0, so it is quite easy to set up the software.

Make sure that you have turned your microphone on, because the software will use it to detect the sound that comes from your mouth.

Downloading Microsoft Agent 2.0
You can find the free download package for Microsoft Agent 2.0 by searching for Microsoft Agent on any of the web search engines.
Once you have downloaded the package, you will find it in the Downloads folder of your computer.

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Microsoft Agent 2.0 is a “Second generation” version of Microsoft Agent that was released in 2004 for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista.
It is recommended to use this program for compatibility reasons, but it is also recommended to upgrade to the latest version available, Microsoft Agent 3.0.
The format of this software is that of an.exe file and it is distributed on a floppy disk or a CD.
Once you click the EXE file, you will be provided with the Windows Installer. The setup interface consists of a simple dialog box and it will be populated with a license information dialog.
At this point, you should accept the license agreement and then the installation process will begin. The installation process is fairly short and doesn’t take more than a few minutes.
On completion, you should find a folder named [ Microsoft Agent 2.0 ] in [ C:] (if Microsoft Agent was installed to the root of your hard disk, you should use [ C:]\\MicrosoftAgent\\ instead).
The folder contains the following files:
– MicrosoftAgent.exe – This is the program’s executable file.
– MicrosoftAgent.pif – This is the program’s portable app icon.
– MicrosoftAgent.ini – This is a configuration file.
– MicrosoftAgent.pdb – This is a program’s debugging file (somewhat similar to an.exe, in that it contains information about the functionality of your program).
– LICENSE.txt – This file contains the license information.
– ReadMe.txt – This file contains a description of Microsoft Agent.
Microsoft Agent 2.0 Features:
Among the features of Microsoft Agent 2.0 are:
– automatic and manual updates.
– an auto-shutdown function.
– the ability to create custom dialogs.
– the ability to create custom “actions”.
– compatibility with Windows Vista.
– support for Unicode 4.0.
– a “database” that supports storing settings.
– the use of a scripting language.
– the use of a multi-threaded engine.
– the use of a UI-based engine.
– the use of an undo feature.
– the ability to produce PNG and JPEG images of the characters.
– support for “easter eggs”.
– the ability to “cut & paste” text.
– the ability to

What’s New In Microsoft Agent 2.0?

According to its creator (Microsoft Engineer Vince Prugnol, no longer working for Microsoft and currently living in Argentina), Microsoft Agent used a very custom-made architecture that was able to detect the presence of a microphone and even use it for live audio playback. Hence, whenever one of these Assistants was running, they would continuously listen to the environment and if they spotted the presence of audio, they would then silently record it and thus able to later read it with their own voices.
In addition, Microsofte Agent was able to automatically generate an app from a click-start conversation and could then send it off to the Macromedia Player.
In turn, it could even support a rotating camera through which users were able to check whether there was something worth looking at on their computer screen. In this way, developers would have created all sort of cool gadgets that were simply impossible to achieve with standard browser-based technologies.
Some of the Agent 2.0 Assistants:
Since Microsoft Agent was built in the late 1980’s, it created the following Assistant type of software:
Catch the Wave – A music player that allowed users to search their music library; then provide a click-start conversation with the AI and after a few seconds, download a specific track; once the music was played, the conversation disappeared.
Dot – A desktop magnifier that allowed the user to search their internet history, highlight a specific URL and also read text from that page by means of text-to-speech engines.
Hoverbot – A hovering mouse that allowed users to draw simple shapes and then provide a click-start conversation with the AI.
The Genius – An Encyclopedia, web-based search engine and a web designer that allowed users to take screenshots with the computer mouse.
The Dot was used by Microsoft for the development of Explorer Assistant.
The Genius was used to help the marketing department of Lotus to provide valuable information to Lotus users.
Not only was Microsofte Agent very intuitive and efficient but it also made certain technology much more accessible to developers who normally had to resort to video and Flash-based tools for task like this.
If you ever experienced such Agent-type software, feel free to share your impressions and thoughts with us in the comments below.Nyugu Island

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System Requirements For Microsoft Agent 2.0:

Microsoft Windows 7 or newer (Windows 8 is not supported)
Intel Pentium 4 or higher
1 GB of RAM
10 GB free hard drive space
1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution
Software Specifications:
DVD drive
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