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Lookbao could real-timely monitor the webpages which you are interested in and get the information automatically.
It is the most popular browser tool in asia in 2004 and now the company is promoting the latest version in Europe to meet the need of customer.
Lookbao IE it also can automatically optimize the main memory for low system resource running.
If you wonder the latest information in a webpage which you are interested in,you may click the “Add URL” button to add it to Lookbao. Lookbao will real-timely monitor it and collect the information for you.
Lookbao could count the changes in the webpages you`re monitoring and show the titles of the latest information in the left top. You may browse the webpages with clicking the titles.
If you want to real-timely search and monitor the latest information you are concerned,you only need to add the keyword in the”Browse by keywords” dialogs and then Lookbao will automaticlly get the information and store it by this keyword.
If you have an interest and want to store a webpage,you only need to click”Save to History”button to save it.Lookbao can automaticlly create a date catalog and take webpage under it.
You may browse several webpages in Lookbao at one time .Lookbao also has visual labels and a lot of special features.It can effectively increase speed of browsing and save system resources.
■ 30 days trial

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Lookbao is a browser tool,which could automatically collect information from any websites that you have added into it. It could real-timely collect the latest information in a website.
You only need to add a url in the Add URL dialogs,the browser will automatically get it and real-timely monitor it.You can add several websites into Lookbao at one time and get the information in different websites in a very short time.
You can change the date to browse different websites,use keyboard to browse different websites,add a webpage into history,use tabs to browse websites,get the information,save the webpage and email the webpage.
Lookbao is able to realize the difference between the time zone and display information automatically,save the webpage,increase memory consumption automatically and increase web speed.
■ 30 days trial
Lookbao 2005 – 1.02 is now available.
■ “Import from MySql” function to import the table data into Lookbao from MySQL.
■ “Page Source” option now allows the page source to be viewed in a real browser.
■ Browser bar will be hidden for IE 6.
■ Date format is changed to follow the browser date format.
■ The “Save to History” function will be disabled when you have specified the time limit.
■ “Browse by keywords” function now provides the title for the most updated information.
■ It is now possible to automatically save the webpages into the history catalog.
■ The tab feature has been improved.
■ It is now possible to automatically save the webpages when you have specified the time limit.
■ Bookmarks are now disbaled when you have specified the time limit.
■ A bug has been fixed.
■ Lookbao will now not try to real-timely optimize the main memory when you have specified the time limit.
■ It is now possible to automatically add the websites you add to Lookbao into the bookmarks.
■ It is now possible to change the look of the Lookbao’s interface.
■ IE is now stable and can work well.
■ The new version is now available.
■ “Import from MySQL” function to import the table data

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What’s New in the?

Display Html/CSS/JS codes with their selectors,formatting,class names etc. in the right side of a webpage.
Supported Browsers:

Lookbao ￿Dive into the past with this incredible Web-based tool for saving Web sites you visit over time, displaying the original content and the differences as you make changes.


– Browse any Web site, whether online or off, without leaving the Lookbao page.
– Save sites in a catalog; set the date and retrieve a catalog on demand.
– Synchronize across all supported browsers.
– Load Web pages from a bookmark.
– View saved sites without an internet connection.
– Supports IE5.5+ (IE6), Firefox 1.5+, Safari and Opera 5.5+.
– View the HTML version of your Web pages.
– View the HTML version of your Web pages.


– Click here to download a 30-day free trial.
– Click here to pay a $30.00 per year license for Lookbao Plus.

Lookbao is really a wonderful tool for saving webpages.
You are allowed to use it for 30 days only.

After that you need to pay for the Lookbao license.
It is a quite expensive tool,so if you are interested in Lookbao,you may need to consider paying for it.
But it is better to try it and pay for it later.

Give me one example for using Lookbao on my computer.
I will try to explain its functions to you.

Firstly, I have installed the IE7.
I add some pages to Lookbao like:

Then click the toolbar button of Lookbao.
Lookbao will start up.
Then click on the “New” button.
The “Browse” dialog will pop up.
You have to type the website you want to save into this dialog.
Then press the OK button.
You will see the titles of webpages in the left of the dialog.
I have typed the title of the page “hello”.
Then click the “Add URL” button to save the page.
The website title will be saved into Lookbao database.
Then I will check whether the page has been saved or not.
Please check it.
Now I have saved three pages to Lookbao.

For those saved pages,I will refresh the browser window.
Then the last page I saved,the title of the page will be displayed in the browser window.

This is not a good way for saving webpage.
If you save them all at once,there are more

System Requirements:

For best performance, support up to at least a GeForce GTX 780. Older video cards may work, but are not tested.
Minimum Requirements:
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For Windows XP
For Windows 7
To get started, download and run the system requirements checker to make sure you meet the minimum and recommended system requirements.
Yes, you should have the right drivers. You can get them here.
Yes, you need to activate


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