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Vehicle development
Developers, designers, and engineers refer to vehicle development using several different names, including: Vehicle Development Engineering is a term used in the automotive industry to describe the development of a new vehicle or upgrade of an existing vehicle.

Vehicle Design is a term for the analysis, design, and documentation of new or existing vehicles.

Vehicle Engineering (also known as vehicular engineering) is the discipline concerned with designing, developing and building road vehicles as a whole.
Vehicle development would include both the design of a new car and the design of an upgrade to a used car, and would cover areas such as software, mechanical engineering, design, testing and validation, construction and manufacturing and delivery.
Vehicle development is a more specific term than engineering, and would relate to the design of new vehicles, while vehicle engineering would involve the design of a vehicle as a component of a complex system.

Engineering has two main sub-disciplines: Vehicle engineering and manufacturing engineering. Vehicle engineering covers the design, development and application of vehicles.

Manufacturing engineering is the part of engineering that is applied to the manufacture and production of products.

Most vehicles are built using a powertrain, which includes one or more engines, transmission and a drivetrain that delivers power to the wheels. The term engine is usually reserved for internal combustion engines.

The term motor could also be used to refer to an electric motor, which is also a type of engine.

Other vehicles are propelled by direct power, e.g., gas turbines or electric motors, or are powered by rotary aircraft such as wind turbines, steam turbines, and gas turbines.
Vehicle integration. General description of the use of a vehicle.
Roadway or roadway related functional description.
As of July 2007, only the KPN Group, KPN-Nederland, both corporaated in the Netherlands, and the Vodafone Group, a British Virgin Islands incorporated company, were listed in the United Kingdom’s official vehicle classification system.

Wiring and electronics. Any part that participates in the electrical supply of a vehicle; e.g., light bulbs, door switches, windshield wipers, and other electrical devices.

Vehicle engineering can be characterized as a subsystem discipline of mechanical engineering. The vehicle body, vehicle chassis, engine and transmission are subsets of vehicle engineering.
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bool AsyncWebServer::listAllowOn(const QList& list) {
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bool AsyncWebServer::listAllowConfirm(const QList& list) {




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