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Start your journey in Nuanor with this starter pack as it contains:
A Novitiate’s Boon, allowing a chance to activate “Cultivation Boost” and “Battle Boost” when the player has reached Level 20.
The Novitiate’s Boon becomes permanently and automatically active when you reach Level 20.
A variety of consumables and currencies, including:
15 Depleted Phlogiston
10 Restorative Philters
18,888 Imperial Coins
7-Day Mount: Moondrinker Deer
20 Discount Vouchers

About This Content
This Content is intended for all the players of Revelation Online who wish to be a part of the Nuanor story. Through this Starter Pack, you will be able to start your journey in Nuanor with items and upgrades that will help you through the beginning of your adventures. The starter pack is created for players who wish to begin their journey in Nuanor, no prior experience with the game is needed.The Starter Pack contains:
Novitiate’s Boon
You will be able to activate Cultivation Boost and Battle Boost when the character reaches level 20, granting you additional experience and making certain boost packs easier to access.
Premium Service – Explorer’s Boost
Access to Explorer’s Boost! The Explorer’s Boost increases your travelling speed outside of combat and will not wear out your wings and mount when you use them.
Premium Service – Cultivation Boost
Get additional XP, Legion Points and Demonslayer Points, helping you gather a stronger group to achieve your goals. Also, get 30% more experience from honing, and get 30% more League Points and Demonslayer Points from using food.
Premium Service – Battle Boost
Get additional activation pages to allow you to have different character builds. Also, get additional free dungeon respawns.
Voucher Discount
A total of 20 Discount Vouchers, which can be redeemed at Voucher Discount Items.
Waters of Rest, a special buff that lasts 7 days (1/2 duration with Apostates)
Novitiate’s Boon can be purchased again for 10,000 Sen (if they are the same as the last one purchased).
Premium Service – Rewards
You can claim your Explorer’s Boost Rewards! Get 10% more XP, 20% more Stamina Recovery Speed and 2% of Stamina Regeneration.
Premium Service – First Month
You can now claim your Battle Boost Rewards! Get 20% more experience and 15% more Initiative Recovery Speed.


Kernmantle Features Key:

  • Lingvos have curving, spiky tails, with two rows of spikes coming out of the rear of the tail. One row for the back-ends, the other for the middle backs. Each spike has a small fur-like toe, such that the creature has five sharp spikes on the underside of each toe. It must be said that the smaller the spikes, the greater their threat as the creature has to struggle so hard to withdraw it becomes more likely to cut its claws and the offending blood easier to retrieve.
  • (Berik,Zell’s)Bio:

    The first bears to land on the Planet Birma, the Bircains took them to be the gods of the land. Their legend tells of a leap and over the animals that were littering the land. Their Legend tells of them being the first predators on the land, a gift from the Loveds who gave them their names in the thunderous roar of their Landing.
    Tobe led a pack of varins from the west that inhabited the hills and stills, where their lands seemed to meet those of other ranges. They were the dwarfs of the mountains, taking to the slopes where they hunted deer, bear, and the certain hybrid of man and varin.
    Then one day the lands trembled as the men appeared. Tobe heard of humans through the year: the men who talk, use their hat and cloak, and carry some sort of a grub in their mouth. He had never seen one, nor had the other varins he knew.
    On that day a group of foot soldiers found Berik in his den. They shot at him, their talons ripping his back, but Tobe charged in and released the bears, the first to hunt in the new lands.
    The men that Tobe had never seen were nearly on top of Berik and the others so Tobe settled in, and waited for the council. At council the elders of the varins had a wise man named Zell, who told them where the men would not likely be found, Berik was still alive, and that he should lead the varins to the humans.
    So Tobe took charge and led Berik to the small council where Berik was introduced to the humans. The meetings were friendly and the men declared that they would like to know more of the varins who they found.
    Zell took up the load of the learned man


    Kernmantle Free (Updated 2022)

    Hi everybody! We’re CUBE VR and we’re very happy to bring you this all new content for CUR3D VR Steam Edition! With this new DLC, you can import your favorite VR scenes, characters, or objects into CUR3D and create awesome 360 degrees videos in VR. You will also get access to the iconic Superstar Omega figures in the game and two new 360° portraits, one for each character in the game. The CUR3D action in this content is in full motion. You will experience all the action on screen as you play the game; all the game physics and characters movement are fully imported into CUR3D. Once again, this DLC is a great addition to the game and a perfect way to experience it all again in VR!
    As you know, with CUR3D we work in reference to the Unreal Engine 4 and animations with CUR3D are built with unreal asset files (.wrl). You can import your own animations or use the ones made by our game developers to create your own animations for your characters.
    If you choose not to import your own models, you can import models from 3ds Max. The models that you can import are the ones that were designed for the game. Importing this kind of models is easy. You can see the importation process by following the instructions that you will find on the game’s Knowledge Base:
    We’ve already created content in CUR3D that has already been published. To export those scenes, models, or objects you will have to choose “import scene” or “import character”.
    If you like to play CUR3D using the VR headsets, you must choose “import content” instead of “import character”.
    Before importing your own models, please contact us so we can help you with the following:
    How to import your models:
    – Create the file with.wrl extension (that’s the file format that CUR3D works with)
    – Upload the file to Google Drive and make sure you can access the file from the original zip file
    – Upload the file to Google Drive again and access the file through the file access link that you should find on the zip file.



    Kernmantle Free Download [Latest] 2022


    HACK: Weight gain for the players after doing the fight move and a fix to the gear animation in the Ascension combat move.

    ACTIVE CUSTOMARY FADING: The environment now fades out more for the fight moves.

    ADDED ANGLING ACTIVITY – The side headbutts in this character now give a RAY RAY RAY RAY RAY RAY for 5.0.

    ABILITY GENERATION: You are now born with either:

    ABILITY 1: REJECT – Your stats increase with number of fights you have had.

    ABILITY 2: NOBODY NOTHING – Your stats increase with your opponent’s damage.

    ABILITY 3: LOVE ME YES I CAN – Your stats increase with the number of hits your opponent has received.

    THE CHALLENGE MODE UPDATE: The character level is now 5: You can now start a new game for 10 credits.

    You must have the Skin, Face and Body DLC to use this costume.

    Skin DLC / Face DLC / Body DLC:

    Get the “Danger Street” DLC from the Battle-Net Shop for free.

    The Casual Mode update now works with this costume.

    The following characters have been unlocked:

    All DLCs from the costume must be installed.

    Colour Hue DLC:

    Enemies have changed:

    (Currently only enemies during the Colossal-Maniac Wave have been changed.)


    Fixed the issue where playing the Barrier Break for the second time did not give you the buffs.

    White Day – BANSHEE:

    Enemies have changed:

    ROUND 6:

    Enemies have changed:

    (This wave only.)


    Enemies have changed:

    White Day – Yuri:

    Enemies have changed:

    (This wave only.)

    White Day – Noel:

    Enemies have changed:

    (This wave only.)

    White Day – Noel:

    Enemies have changed:

    (This wave only.)


    Yuri has obtained the Colossal-Maniac Weapon.

    Yuri has obtained the Perfect Grade.

    Yuri’s character level has increased to 60.

    Yuri’s ability


    What’s new:

    (Wed., Feb. 25, 9PM ET/PT)

    A stomach problem is causing Will to live on a liquid diet, and Sasha must figure out how to cook for him when he’s stuck in the hospital. Meanwhile, foraging for food could be his best (and last) option, forcing the other girls to once again throw themselves on a menu.

    Girl Meets World (Wed., Feb. 25, 8PM ET/PT)

    Girl Meets World has a new student and she’s here to stay, but which parents are welcoming her with open arms and which are trying to sabotage things? It would be great to get a look into the chemistry between Maya and Riley, but it’s the same story—these two girls just so happen to be best friends.

    The Middle (Wed., Feb. 25, 8PM ET/PT)

    Muffy is going to a school dance with Tobias. A really cute thing happens.

    iZombie (Wed., Feb. 25, 9PM ET/PT)

    Ravi doesn’t know he’s alive until he’s revived by nightfall… but he’s the key to a deadly conspiracy with a corrupt company.

    Broken Home (Wed., Feb. 25, 9PM ET/PT)

    Things get more tense in the run-up to a worried mothers’ meeting, when tensions between couples escalate.

    Black-ish (Wed., Feb. 25, 9PM ET/PT)

    Pramisha tries to figure out what she wants out of an upcoming adoption when it comes to custody of her son.

    Speechless (Wed., Feb. 25, 10PM ET/PT)

    For a lucky little girl, everything looks perfect. But for little Jack, nothing is as it seems. And for his parents, everything is about to get a little weird.

    Mr. Sunshine (Wed., Feb. 25, 10PM ET/PT)

    Henry, late for an audition, goes home to find his life has a unexpected twist.

    Super Fun Night (Wed., Feb. 25, 10PM ET/PT)

    The girls of Vida Doubt are ready for their Valentine’s Day party, but the houseguests try their best to ruin their plans.

    The Magicians (Thu., Feb. 26, 9PM ET/PT)

    The Professor tells the story of the reader and the strawberry. Alice is impressed.


    Free Kernmantle Crack + Activation Code

    ÁRIDA: Backland’s Awakening is a single player survival game. The story takes place in an unique and fascinating environment inspired by the Brazilian backlands of the 1870s.
    It features a classic point-and-click gameplay. The puzzle is based on interaction with objects and animals. It uses a dialog-based narrative to tell a story about the Brazilian backlands of the 1870s through the main character of Cicera.

    Long ago, before the Brazilian backlands were christened, the indigenous people used to hunt small animals and gather fruits from trees scattered through the vast plains. Their knowledge of the flora and fauna back then is still intact, so they know how to get around the backlands without ever forgetting the best way to avoid a dangerous environment.

    When you play ÁRIDA, you will encounter new foes and old companions, who will ask you some questions and teach you how to get by. But not all your difficulties will be human-induced. The ferocity of the backlands is there to test your reflexes and skill.

    Fight for survival. Use your wits. Explore a world threatened by drought. Face the effects of the drought in this historical single-player game that blends elements of survival and adventure.
    Equipped to venture out. Use the machete and hoe for essential actions such as getting water, opening paths, or cutting a corn crop. But do not forget to have a handful of grindstones because blunt equipment is of no use!
    Get ready with recipes. To live in the backlands you need to be wise. The fauna and flora are unusual, so try to learn the recipes available for crafting with the typical items of the region. Maybe one day you need to cross the backlands.
    Interact to survive. Hunger and thirst can be very cruel in the backlands during the drought. Ask for help for the elders of your village and solve their quests to get some water and food.
    Explore to know. Explore the aridest regions to learn more about the backlands and find the resources you need to stay on your way. A full inventory is always a good idea!
    Stories to learn. The Brazilian backlands is a special place, with many stories that would only happen there. Venture out to search for the collectible lost objects and find out more about the legends of the backlands. Maybe one day you need to cross the backlands.
    Behind the scenes of Á


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