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JRobust Serial Key is a free and open source software dedicated to the analysis of AFM images and AFM force curves. It supports a number of image formats (such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PNM and BMP), can export images to the clipboard in a number of useful formats (EMF, PS, PDF) and allows the user to perform many image manipulations. With JRobust you can:

– Analyze the morphology of your AFM images;

– Extract texture and other mechanical properties from force curves to obtain a better understanding of the surface’s chemical and physical properties.

Key Features:
JRobust allows many image and/or force curve manipulations, including:

– Morphological analysis of images: with JRobust you can perform a wide range of morphological analyses on your AFM images. For example, you can perform a binary (black/white) analysis to perform a fast evaluation of the surface characteristics and to construct images of surface height and 3D topography maps;

– Image histogram and map generation: you can generate a series of images and maps showing the composition of your sample surface in a manner not possible with standard tools. For example, you can create images of the chemical composition (using FISP or any other suitable technique) and the map of the surface roughness, to look at the real chemical composition of your surface. You can also generate a histogram of your image, or a map of the surface height;

– Image filtering, binarization and thresholding: JRobust can perform these image manipulations to perform a quick evaluation of the chemical or mechanical properties of the surface. You can define the threshold that will be used to convert the image into a binary image, allowing you to get a better understanding of your AFM image.

JRobust is a free software distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2.0 or later.
If you are interested in using it, please refer to the below section titled “How to get JRobust”.
If you have any questions, comments, problems or suggestions related to JRobust, please refer to the forum section below.

How to get JRobust:

To install JRobust in your home directory

Compile and install JRobust on your computer by following the installation instructions in the README file.

How to download and install JRobust for an

JRobust Free Download [Latest] 2022

With the applications of JRobust Torrent Download,you can analyze AFM images and extract mechanical properties from force curves as well as generate map and image histograms.
The program will output the details as following:
Define width, height and color for each map
Define average displacement, root-mean-square (RMS) position, all displacement histogram and all curve histogram
Show the image map in real-time or create a new image file
Get histogram
Detect peak and position
Plot maximum value in different range
Get curve
Plot, draw and calculate maximum point
Show map:
The map image is a set of 2-dimensional color map in a grid on the left and right side of the image.
You can select colors, width and height of the map.
You can customize the following parameters:
Center and size in each cell of the map, width of each colored line
Number of cells in each row and column
Also you can change the range of color in each cell.
Detect peak and position:
The image histogram is a graph that shows the distribution of pixel values, defined by certain range.
In the graph, the vertical axis is pixel value, the horizontal axis is pixel number, and the color is determined by pixel value.
Specially, the range of pixel number represents the maximum value in that part.
For example, the whole image represents the distribution of pixel number.
Define the range of pixel value in each cell of histogram
Define the range of pixel number in each cell of histogram
Graph in real-time:
You can use graph function and see the change of pixel value during the AFM process.
In fact, the yellow line segment is the mapped curve in one cell of the map image.
The movement of yellow line is an example of pixel value during the mapping process.
Detection of peak and position in real-time:
You can find the maximum point of the curve in the real-time, which is recognized as a positive peak.
The vertical line represents the curve in one pixel cell of the map.
Generate map histogram and curve histogram:
You can create map and image histogram in real-time.
At the same time, you can analyze the number of pixels in each cell of the map.
Also you can analyze the number of pixels in each cell of the histogram that corresponds to a peak value in the

JRobust Activation Code

— To extract AFM images, AFM data, force curves and force-distance curves from images and files
— To choose the appropriate algorithm for computing the force curves
— To trace the lines in the image
— To recognize the mechanical properties of the sample based on the choice of the algorithm
— To calculate a number of mechanical properties of the sample based on the choice of the algorithm
— To visualize graphs and plots
— Python 2.5 or higher
— JRobust installation path

GTK is a lightweight, powerful and extensible toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces and applications.
GTK Description:
— To create complete applications, from small screensavers to sophisticated games and demo-systems
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— To draw graphic elements such as buttons, lists, etc.
— To manage menus
— To implement powerful user interactions
— To easily manage colors, fonts, sounds and fonts.
— To drag and drop files
— To build protocols for standard hardware
— To perform events in response to user interactions
— GTK installation path

3DFFmpeg is an extension to ffmpeg that allows you to do 3D video compression without using any dependencies. 3DFFmpeg supports several video file formats such as 2D, 3D and 360°. 3DFFmpeg is also fully GUI-based.
3DFFmpeg Description:
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— To split a file into videos
— To join multiple videos
— To export videos in several formats
— To split a video in several video files
— To join videos in several video files
— FFmpeg installation path

Librecad is a free, Open Source CAD application for drafting and designing that provides an innovative way to design using digital drafting or creating physical parts.
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— To edit paths
— To print models on paper or paper-like material
— To convert models to different formats
— To convert files to other applications
— To import and export files
— To work with multiple layers

What’s New in the JRobust?

– Extracting mechanical properties from force curves
– Can export map and histograms
– Simultaneous analysis of Force and Topography map in JRobust
– Robust – No Compromised Stability
– Code optimized for performance
– Allows importing of binary
– Contains only.jpg/.png/.tif/.svg files
It is suitable for both novice and expert users.
– JRobust is written in standard C/C++ and runs on Linux and Windows (32 and 64 bit).
How to execute:
Start the executable and choose: Automatic / Manual Analysis / System tray and JRobust opens automatically.
The user can also start JRobust from the “Start” menu under: “Programs > Accessories > Startup & Shutdown > JRobust”.
When JRobust is running, the user sees the map and the histogram on the left hand side. An error message occurs on the right hand side. Click on the bin view.
When JRobust is closed, the map and histogram is saved in the “%USERPROFILE%/JRobust3” folder. If JRobust was started from the menu, the map and histogram is saved in the folder “%USERPROFILE%/JRobust”.
The files are named:
MAP- {number}_counter.bin
WHERE {number} is the number of the bin, starting from 1.
HIST- {number}_counter.bin
…where {number} is the number of the histogram bin (every bin has 1024 entries), starting from 0. The histograms are saved as signed 16-bit integers. The origin of the histogram is 0.
Start X and/or Y axes
Change calculation of histogram’s step, values and the output of the histogram
Exporting maps and histograms
Saving maps and histograms
Create your own application:
There is no need to check out source codes. Just unzip the compressed file and start the executable.
After downloading, just run it, click on the “Automatic / Manual Analysis” button and select “Start JRobust”. The analyzed (tool and selected) file will be saved as an image and will be added to the list of image files.
Change log:
Version 1.0.0:
– Created the JRobust project files
– Added a button for “Start X and/or Y axes” and “Change calculation

System Requirements:

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