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The Internet is filled with many applications and programs, designed for various professions and hobbies. One of such applications is Johannes Kepleris For Windows 10 Crack. It’s a topocentric astrological chart that allows you to check the Julian Date, Local Sidereal Time. It comes with lots of nice tools and features that you can check out, together with many nice options.

Sleek graphical interface with many tools
The application doesn’t take long to install and it doesn’t come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete, before you can actually use its features. It sports a really intuitive graphical interface with many charts and options.

Johannes Kepleris is a very useful tool that shows all bodies in their natural positions. It displays tables and astrological data with all necessary astrological information like positions, retrogrades, aspects, essential dignities, accidental dignities, other dignities, dispositors, mutual receptions, ruler of the chart, lunar day and lots.

Explore various charts
Except for main house positions, which are topocentric, sign positions are provided too. Sign positions are geocentric/ecliptic – the same as in traditional geocentric charts. A comprehensive set of interpretations is available.

To get any interpretation on any object just a mouse click is required on the symbol of appropriate object – planet sign, house number, retrograde or aspect sign. Interpretations are implemented for the chart, position tables and the aspect table.

Kepleris provides a real model of the local sky which includes all necessary objects – Sun, Moon, Mercury.Pluto, 3141 stars, 1598 asteroids and 101 comets.

More features and tools
It displays Lunar days and the lunar calendar so you can check out easily. It also shows Gregorian calendar dates, now used universally for civil purposes, and Julian calendar dates, its predecessor in the western world.

The service options for each program item are – printing, copying and getting help. Each help text contains a link to the basic astrology information. All in all, Johannes Kepleris is a very comprehensive application that provides you with tools for checking charts and astrological positions.

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Johannes Kepleris Keygen

Comprehensive tool for calculating and plotting theoretical and practical positions. Shows all contemporary stars. A planetary world. Interactive, zoomable, flexible grid. Supports the Julian and the Gregorian calendars. Understands topographic charts and houses. Easy copying, printing, pasting of individual positions and charts. Four programs: Potential, Computing, Parallel and Graphical. Extensive documentation with an archive. Free for personal use.

Applications such as this really make the world a better place – as long as they are free to use.

If you find any bugs in this app, please report them and then please help others by rating the app.

The Astrological Community would greatly appreciate it.

Please keep in mind that the author(s) of the applications we provide are volunteers, not professionals, and that they often do not have the time to help you. But, if you need help, you should know that many users have had great experiences from the support forums and Reddit community.

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Johannes Kepleris Crack + Download

A program for checking the current astrological charts, positions, essential dignities, accidental dignities, rulers and all other astronomical and astrological information.
It allows you to check a single chart or an unlimited number of charts. The program is interactive, so you can choose which chart to check and why you want to check it.
The program can display all necessary information, including the sign positions (observable from the local sky), the rulers of all charts, and the retrogrades of planets. It allows quick look-up and interpretation of the planetary positions and planets in your chart.
The program can display the positions of planets relative to the horizon. It displays all necessary information in an easy to read way, as described above. In addition, there are the following features:
– lunar and solar day, lunar month and local time
– full solar declination table
-‘sidereal time’ (local time calculated from the ecliptic)
– the 10 signs of the zodiac
– the 9 lunar mansions
– the 8 planets
– the retrograde planets
– solar and lunar houses
– the natural positions of the Sun, Moon and planets relative to the horizon
– the duration of the eclipses for all planets
– solar and lunar chart
– sunrise and sunset times
– the Sun’s place of declination
– Moon’s place of declination
– the monthly moon’s cycle and its phase
– the 11 house systems
– four house system views (standard, pah/pres, nakshatra and 3-fold)
– ‘natural planet’
– ‘karmic planet’
– ‘name of the day’
– ‘hour of the day’
-‘sign of the day’
– lots of other interesting features that make up this comprehensive program
Johannes Kepleris main features:
– interactive program for checking a single chart or an unlimited number of charts. You can check charts without local time (UT) or check charts with local time (GMT or local time zone).
– checking a single chart – check the time when the chart was created and the chart’s creation date and time. The date and time for each chart is saved in the chart’s properties dialog. This dialog is displayed as soon as you double-click a chart. You can check the chart’s properties with just one mouse click.
– checking an unlimited number of charts – check the charts you

What’s New In?

Johannes Kepleris is an astrological program which can be downloaded at
This is a powerful topocentric astrological program which can be used to calculate local sidereal time, cusp configurations and many other functions. The charts you create can be printed on any printer, and the data can be saved as vcard, HTML, XML or text file.
Best features:
1) Real time star chart – feature for realtime star chart.
2) Table of Positions – various views of the table of positions.
3) Astrological finder – find a precise date/time by entering your birth time.
4) Timeline chart – timeline chart with events for the current date/time.
5) Boomerang chart – Boomerang chart for current date/time.
6) Astrological dates for each day of the year.
7) Draw and explore effects – this feature gives you a possibility to create an effect symbol, drop it to the chart and then get an interpretation for the effect.
8) Astronomical calculator – calculator for various calculations.
9) Comprehensive chart (conjunction, debilitation, rulers) – comprehensive chart for current date/time.
10) Zodiac calculator – calculator for various calculations.
11) Html chart – get a printable version of the chart (HTML or PDF).
12) Save chart – save the chart to disk as text, html, XML, PDF or RTF.
13) Calculate charts – calculate any chart for another chart by entering the values.
14) Fast search – fast search (entire chart) for any value you want.
15) Histogram chart – histogram chart for one value in the chart.
16) Lunar day indicator – show day of the lunar month/day.
17) Graphical calculator – calculate any value with several options.
18) Alphabetical rulers – ruler for any sign according to IAU standards.
19) Ruler ruler – ruler of sign positions for any house.

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System Requirements:

1GB free hard disk space
512 MB RAM
Activation Key
Operating Systems:
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Internet Explorer 7, 8, 10, 11, 12
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.Enjoying this article?
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