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Deployed as the client side of Ivideon Server, Ivideon Client can connect to your cloud account and play videos you broadcast over the Internet or the local network. Together with its aforementioned server counterpart, it implements a powerful video surveillance system that can be used to keep an eye on your home, office or any other place.
Watch real-time video streams from your surveillance cameras
Practically, Ivideon Client connects to the server via your account, enabling you to view all the video cameras in real time.
It provides support for up to 36 cameras or monitoring devices, enabling you to monitor them all from a single window, in grid view. Adding new cameras to the grid is easily done using drag and drop, no configuration required.
You can create as many monitoring layouts as you want and save them for later use. The fullscreen mode can help you focus on the cameras, without getting distracted.
Quality, speed, playback and exporting options
Ivideon Client enables you to watch live feeds from your monitoring cameras, recording and exporting clips with just a few clicks. The multi-screen player features basic playback options, enabling you to pause playback anytime you need to and adjust the acceleration and volume levels.
Monitoring a large number of cameras might result in rendering delays. In this case, you can compromise on the video quality and set it to medium or low to enhance playback speed and avoid frame freezes.
Connect to the server and monitor your cameras
Ivideon Client makes it possible for you to connect to the monitoring server and get real-time data from all the cameras associated with your account. Working with it is easy and should pose not problems, especially to those who already set up their monitoring network using Ivideon Server.
The client connects to your Ivideon account and retrieves information and live feeds from all your cameras, enabling you to keep an eye on the recorded data.


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Ivideon Client Torrent [April-2022]

Ivideon Client has been released on 30-04-2010.
What’s new in version
• Improved playback performance for “Continuous” mode.
• Fixed the issue when the client would crash when trying to exit when it was in the “Continuous” mode.
• Major performance improvements.
• Fixed the issue where the client had problems with logging in to the server.
What’s new in version 1.3.3:
• Added support for the new “Continuous” playback mode.
• Further improvements in the playback performance.
• Enhanced the client’s launching speed.
• Added support for new protocols.
• The driver problem had been fixed.

Ivideon Client is a minor update to the application that allows you to connect to an Ivideon Server and share your viewing permissions between your computers. Here you can see what you can see and use what you want on your own PC’s and that’s just one aspect of the functionality!

Ivideon Server:

IVIDEN is a full-featured cloud video surveillance solution, that allows you to remotely access and monitor all your PCs’s, Macs and mobile devices, anywhere in the world, on-demand. It is available as a service hosted in the cloud or as a downloadable, installable Windows and Mac application.
Ivideon Server offers the following features :

– Control cameras and monitor devices
– Create monitoring layouts
– Delete and manage camera, user and layout groups
– Restrict access to some cameras
– Sharing permissions
– Recording and exporting video clips
– Analyzing recorded data
– Sharing video with your friends, family and colleagues, using the free Ivideon Cloud or by email
– Optimized for PCs and Macs

Ivideon Server is software that enables users to control cameras and monitor devices. It can be installed on many different types of PCs, Macs and mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone to enjoy Ivideon Cloud services.

In many cases, it may be necessary to connect one or more of your devices to Ivideon Server, so that you can share your viewing permissions. This is where Ivideon Client is used. Ivideon Client can connect to Ivideon Server and allow you to view and control recordings made on any PC or Mac or even mobile devices

Ivideon Client Crack Full Product Key (April-2022)

This is the client side of Ivideon Server. It connects to your cloud account and allows you to monitor and control your Cloud videos from a single client. You can also view real time live streams as well as backups.
Feature Highlights:
✔ Free downloads!
✔ Browse and view all your videos in a grid format
✔ Watch live streams and recorded clips in real-time
✔ View and export your files with just a few clicks
✔ Push notifications of system events
✔ Configure your videos to be displayed on multiple monitors
✔ Connect to a monitoring server to receive real-time data
✔ Upload your recording locally or back-up your files to the cloud
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Ivideon Client is a versatile and feature-rich video surveillance program that can connect to Ivideon Server and retrieve live feeds from all your network-connected cameras. Download Ivideon Client here.Manufacturer: Rivarox

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What’s New In?

Ivideon Client allows you to watch video streams from a number of cameras over the Internet or the local network. The software allows you to maintain a watchful eye over a monitoring area with up to 18 cameras.
With its own web server, you can use the software to:
– Manage your monitoring devices over the web.
– Update cameras with a single click.
– Record clips from live monitoring feeds and archive them in the footage library.
– Upload the clips you recorded to your Cloud storage server.
– Monitor and record from any networked camera device, including IP cameras, network cameras, video and audio devices and routers.
The web server is capable of sending live feeds to a web browser, and can also be accessed via a mobile device.
By exporting your clips to a number of file formats, you can easily transfer them to your PC or another device.
Ivideon Client has been developed with a number of features and options that makes it easier for you to monitor your video surveillance system:
– Multi-screen view enables you to focus on a particular set of cameras, as well as zoom in to one of the cameras.
– Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to add or remove cameras from the list.
– Advanced multi-screen playback allows you to choose from multiple playback speeds.
– Collapse the video timeline helps you to quickly focus on the current events.
Ivideon Client Features:
– Can be accessed remotely via any modern browser or mobile device.
– Pairs to any of your monitoring devices, including IP cameras, network cameras, video devices, audio devices, and routers.
– Works with any web server, including Ivideon Web Server.
– Supports up to 36 cameras or monitoring devices.
– Free and Open Source Software.
– Streaming video, Captured video, and Clip downloading functionality
How to Playback our Software
Step 1. Download Ivideon Client
Step 2. Run the Ivideon Client
Step 3. Connect to the Ivideon Server
Step 4. Refresh the Video Clips
“Playback of the Internet TV Service in the United Kingdom”
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Try not to waste time! Start by buying the TV channels that you want.
In the “Channels” section, tap “Retrieve” on a channel you want to download.
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When downloading, you can set the program to extract or save in the “.

System Requirements:

iPad Air (2nd Generation, 12.9″ Screen)
Macbook Air (13″ Screen, Mid 2012-Early 2014)
Macbook Pro 13″ (Late 2012-2014)
Macbook Pro 15″ (Late 2013-Early 2014)
Macbook Pro 15″ (Mid 2014)
Macbook Pro 15″ (Late 2014)
Macbook Pro 13″ (Early 2015)
Macbook Pro 15″ (Early 2015)
iPad (


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