IStripper V1.412 Virtual Strip Club Keygen [NEW] ➝

IStripper V1.412 Virtual Strip Club Keygen [NEW] ➝



IStripper V1.412 Virtual Strip Club Keygen

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How to get posts of non logged in users in Laravel?

I’m trying to implement a notice system, but the problem is, if the user is logged in, he shouldn’t see those notices or my notices for that matter.
The users can be signed in from anywhere, so I need to get the data from somewhere else.
I’ve been searching a lot but all I could find was code for only logged in users and that’s not what I need.
I’m using the built in Laravel authentication to log users in.
Basically in my User Controller I do this:
private function fetchUser()
$user = \Auth::user();
return $user->toArray();

And then I return $user->toArray().
Now, I can use $user->toArray() to get all the data of the logged in user (even the user that logged in anonymously with the session).
My question is, how could I get the data of the user that is not logged in, whether it’s the user’s ID or something like that?
Thanks in advance.


I would try to refactor your application to store the logged users somewhere else. Get the user id and then use it to search for posts that were posted from that user id.


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