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IPTV Player SimpleTV Version 0.4.6 .rar


Public domain software is freeware which means that it can be used for any purpose as long as the source code is properly credited.
[NO-RAR] – [ www.torrentday.com ]. 609cd1627ec5dd3fa547a48aeb52e7a7ed2b4357 10912611 5 IPTV Player SimpleTV Version 0.4.6.
SimpleTV is a PC DVD player. the TV shows are streamed to the players directly. Very useful when you are a traveler.
[NO-RAR] – [ www.torrentday.com ]. 609cd1627ec5dd3fa547a48aeb52e7a7ed2b4357 10912611 5 IPTV Player SimpleTV Version 0.4.6.
Simple TV is an application that allows you to watch TV via the Internet without having to use a traditional Cable or Satellite box.
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