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Wield the magic of Mahjong Ganesha, and enjoy 3 new layouts.
Explore the vast world of Mahjong Solitaire, and enjoy the latest game!
* The Mahjong Ganesha Refresh Update expands the original 3 layouts of 9 Sols to 3 additional layouts of 18 Sols!
* 2 new versions of panels, polished by Yasushi Fujiwara to even higher level.
* 100 stages with 4 bonus arranged songs!
■All hidden arrangement songs in the “Mahjong Solitaire Refresh Ex Panels”!
* Single Rightmost or Leftmost columns…
* Full Panels of 9 Sols or 18 Sols with strong development.
* Complete with the original levels (two solitaire games) and new layouts.
* Can be played in any order after clearing the puzzle panels.
* Only the first stages and the new stages are cleared by default.
* The option “Play All” is included in “Mahjong Solitaire Refresh”.
* All stages can be cleared manually.
■Highly polished Mahjong Solitaire panels!
※ All stages are made by Yasushi Fujiwara!
– With a hint system and easy to clear panels.
※ In-game tutorial to teach you “advanced” techniques (Most of the tactics have been changed).
※ Easy to play without losing the high level of Mahjong Solitaire of the original game.
■Bonus songs from the original Mahjong Solitaire “Shanghai I”!
※ Original arrangements of “Shanghai I” can be played after clearing “Mahjong Solitaire Refresh”.
※ The tunes are arranged on the single beat to the original songs.
■New scenarios and hidden techniques with “new” endings!
– Special stages of new tiles!
※ You can get tiles by clearing panels during your play.
※ Clear more panels to get new skills.
■With a fresh and new world of Mahjong Solitaire Refresh!
About The Game “Mahjong Solitaire Refresh”:
▼Refresh the classic game of Mahjong Solitaire
Wield the magic of Mahjong Ganesha, and enjoy the new experience!
※ You can play “Mahjong Solitaire Refresh” with an original Japanese setting.
※ Learn a new game with the character of Master Ganesha.
※ The original backgrounds of the multiple stages are displayed according to the situation.
※ Clear multiple screens to get high-level panels!
– Over 50 levels and 5 bonus stages!


Help Me Please Features Key:

  • An interminable and exciting Cell with many possible routes
  • An original soundtrack written by Natalia Bozhykova
  • Many different difficult obstacles and rooms
  • Original graphics and animation
  • An imaginative story
  • Storyline:

    Miss Fire is the keeper of a prison.

    Before, it was her father’s and sister’s pride. After the tragedy that broke him,
    the three of them became her family. Unfortunately, the prison was also an ideal
    place for his madness to spread. It’s hard to believe that Deborah along with her
    sister Ariela was hiding this misfortune all the time. The only way out of this
    hell for Ariela was to hide herself!

    But once the game begins, we discover that over the course of time, Deborah’s
    insignificance became the ruin of her family – her father, her sister, her sister’s
    little brother. It was too late to complain, but now Deborah will no longer rest!
    You are the last human being in the prison. You have to travel the dangerous
    levels of the prison to get out and survive!

    You still have hostages and your goal is not to lose one of them. It’ll become
    much harder for the player to lose them if the enemy crosses the boundary of the prison.
    Not only that – there are traps, demons, spooks, ghosts and other monsters waiting
    to kill you!

    And all this is true – you’ll have to tread over dead bodies and destroyed parts
    of the prison made by demons!

    Arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons to avoid the first enemies until you’re
    stronger. Remember, through the modernized equipment the player will lose his
    electricity supply. It’s necessary to find secret routes to survive.

    Use Timers and follow GPS coordinates to organize your passage through the labyrinth.
    Try to make full use of the objects and traps


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    Traverse the dark backwoods of post-apocalyptic America in this first-ever episodic The Walking Dead adventure game. Embark upon a heart-wrenching journey through the eyes of three separate characters, each with their own unique outlook on the world and their own search for survival.

    Using a unique mix of dialogue choices, narration and investigative gameplay, you’ll travel from the suburbs to the heart of the zombie apocalypse, with new stories based on the comic book series.

    Key Features:

    – Play through three unique, full-length narratives – Each narrative branches, with new decisions and consequences at every turn.

    – Choose your own path – Decide how the story plays out. Travel through time and space in any order.

    – Challenge a living, breathing universe – Prove your resolve by defeating the undead, not only in the story but in the midst of actual environment itself.

    – Explore every inch of a 3D world – Battle flesh-hungry zombies, dodge enemy attacks, climb over obstacles, or just sit and stare in the dark.

    – Interact with a living world – Based on the award-winning comic book series, The Walking Dead takes place in a world where society has been entirely demolished by a horrific zombie apocalypse.

    – The Walking Dead is based on the best-selling comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.

    System Requirements


    OS: Windows® 7 / Vista™ / XP

    Processor: 2.4Ghz

    Memory: 1 GB RAM

    Hard Disk: 7 GB available space

    Graphics: DirectX®9.0 compatible with 512 MB of dedicated video memory

    DirectX®: Version 9.0 compatible

    Additional Notes: This game requires the activation of an internet connection when playing.


    OS: Windows® 7 / Vista™ / XP

    Processor: 2.4Ghz

    Memory: 2 GB RAM

    Hard Disk: 7 GB available space

    Graphics: DirectX®9.0 compatible with 512 MB of dedicated video memory

    DirectX®: Version 9.0 compatible

    Additional Notes: This game requires the activation of an internet connection when playing.

    About Nightdive Studios

    The team at Nightdive Studios is a self-funded Swedish indie. We were indie before indie was cool. Now we’re just doing what we


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    1. Move to the next stage by getting to the chest, remember you can go back to the previous chest if you are tricked.

    2. In order to get to the next stage the goal is the chest and the enemy, you will need to avoid the enemies by moving left, right, up or down. If you fall down you will respawn back at the last checkpoint you were at.

    3. When you defeat the enemy or a block, you will get a star. Collect five stars to beat the level.

    4. If you collect a star in a level while you are playing, you will unlock the level.

    5. If you have a total of 10 stars you will unlock the next level.Nixon’s plans for instant amnesty

    May 31, 2010


    Charles H. Keating Jr., the “eight-hundred pound gorilla” who ruled the savings-and-loan industry with an iron fist in the 1980s, once left this warning to a friend: “You’re going to jail. I don’t care who you are.”

    The “You’re going to jail” part has always been his mordant sense of humor. This time, it’s a threat that might have serious consequences.

    Over the past year, a former savings-and-loan executive named Charles Keating Jr. has been embroiled in a series of lawsuits stemming from his involvement in the collapse of the L.A. insurance giant Executive Life. Keating first struck a deal with the Justice Department in 1989, and was tried on fraud and racketeering charges that ended with him receiving a five-year prison sentence in 1992.

    After that ruling, Keating continued to fight his case. In 2004, he secured a $125 million settlement from a group of S&L’s regulators and regulators that had begun to crack down on the industry in the 1980s. The charges that led to the trial and conviction were later found to be unfounded, and the insurance company whose demise resulted in Keating’s criminal charges admitted it had been financially dishonest in the years preceding Keating’s take-over.

    Now Keating’s opponents are finally charging him with fraud, racketeering and conspiracy to commit fraud.

    The accusers claim that in 1992, after his conviction and imprisonment, Keating illegally manipulated the S&L bailouts to his financial advantage, by buying


    What’s new:


      Cecconoida is an order of Coleoptera and contains five families: Mordellidae (emerald striped beetles) and Nebriolomidae, (black-and-white striped beetles), Bruchiidae (doubled-horned beetles), Timarchidae (coastal platypus beetles) and Staphylinidae (lady beetles and click beetles).

      Diplura (springtails) belong to a separate order, Diplura.


      Cecconoida are comparatively small in size but surprisingly diverse in appearance and color. Some have long hind legs, while others have short ones. The head appears much too small for the body, indicating the fact that the actual head is usually hidden by the elytra, much as that of most fleas. Although they look like moth or ant larvae, the larvae of most groups of beetles are rather large insects.

      There are numerous ways in which Cecconoida differ from true beetles, or Coleoptera, of which they are the closest relative. They lack a forewing, and are relictual in structure with antennal articles co-extensive with the antennae, and the two pairs of legs of medium length with three and five joints respectively, and usually placed on either side of the body. Other members of the larger insect order, Lepidoptera, such as butterflies, moths and skippers, have true structures which differ much more obviously from other insects, and are correctly placed near the end of the order. Although they are closely related to insect orders such as dipterans and coleopterans (beetles), they differ in many ways from the latter.

      They are divided into two families, Mordellidae and Nebriolomidae (Bruchiidae and Staphylinidae are fossil families, so they are excluded), and there are five subfamilies. The Mordellidae contain three species with somewhat of a larval form, they are Sciaphana, Toxidium and Sophontera. The Nebriolomidae are represented only by the genus, Nebria. The Bruchiidae (with two species), are a subfamily of the group mainly confined to New Zealand. The Timarchidae are among the best known and most widely distributed, with about 50 species in seven genera. There are 27 species in Staphylinidae (included within the Subfamily Lamprogin


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      – This game is in the style of old Mega Man.
      – Difficult action, stunning graphics.
      – 50 challenging levels.
      – 0 vs. 100 game.
      – Timed game with online leaderboard.
      – Save Game option.
      – Small mole who finds a strange mole in a machine.
      – A face-to-face game.
      – Inventive problem-solving gameplay.
      – Runs well on all devices.
      – Difficulty level adjustment.
      – There are new items and moles that appeared in the game.
      – If you successfully complete the game, you can unlock the bonus levels, new inventions.
      – In the game, mole has a friend to help and assists.
      – While playing the game, you can use the different moles and various objects.
      – You can be friends with the mole in a machine and together with inventing.

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