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Category:Electronic design automation software
Category:Electronic design automationThe Australian Greens say there are plans to bring EU refugee and asylum seeker children to Malaysia.

The party’s foreign affairs spokeswoman, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, said a group of asylum seeker children and their parents currently remain in Manus Island.

“They’ve been transferred there from Australia after having been in Nauru or on the mainland,” she said.

“We are aware of some kind of arrangements that Malaysia would be willing to take these children.”

Senator Hanson-Young said the EU scheme was the latest example of the Abbott Government dropping off refugees into other countries.

Malaysia is being briefed on the details of the agreement, she said.

She said the group’s transfer from Manus Island was arranged as a matter of urgency because the children had expressed fears about their safety.

“It’s a very difficult thing when you have children who are going through a really harrowing situation and now they’ve been in for such a long period of time and people have written them off in a way,” she said.

Senator Hanson-Young said there was a European agreement that would allow the children to be transferred from Manus Island to Malaysia.

The Gillard Government had recently voted against an amendment to Labor’s policy for offshore processing which would have allowed the continuation of the Manus Island refugee and asylum seeker processing centre.

But the Coalition has said it will continue offshore processing.

The Australian Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown, said it was not appropriate to continue the transfer of children to Malaysia.

“It would be a breach of the global convention on the rights of a child,” he said.

“Our Coalition government should stop this immediately.”

Mr Brown said the Greens would vote against the proposed temporary protection visa when it comes before Parliament.

But he stopped short of saying the party would support a formal re-introduction of temporary protection visas.

“The processing is completely inappropriate and we will vote against the bill [TPV].”

A spokeswoman for Mr Abbott said: “The Coalition will continue to work hard to stop the boats.”

Opposition Leader says his critics are just lazy

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says his critics are just lazy and should get a job.

Aged care nurse Sandra Phillips wants Mr Abbott’s own Labor leader, Bill Shorten, to look into this website, which names Mr Abbott as

. byvexinc-sofware.com.Andreas Schlegel

Andreas Schlegel (25 September 1810 – 29 June 1894) was a German composer and singing teacher. He was a contemporary of Richard Wagner and Anton Bruckner.

Schlegel was born in Grimma, in Lower Saxony, Germany, the son of the court organist Johann August Schlegel. He was the pupil of Karl Niemetschek, Carl Leopold Ritter, and Franz Hiller, and made his first concert appearance in 1832.

About 1840 Schlegel was appointed as singing teacher in the Städelsches Kolleg and earned an international reputation in this field. The most famous of his pupils were Maria Malibran and (1814–1879), both of whom made their debut in Paris as soloists with his music.

As a composer he was especially successful in the field of oratorios, which saw numerous performances.

In 1844, Schlegel was appointed by Hermann Preiss as music director of the newly established Deutsche Theater in Leipzig. The singing department, together with the composition and orchestral workshops, which had been founded by Wilhelm Müller a few years earlier, remained under Schlegel’s direction. In 1859, Schlegel was also appointed as conductor of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra.

Works, editions, recordings
His compositions include:

Ad Pharaon (1840)
Alfred (1843)
An der Küste des Triton (1855)
Die Alten und Jüngste in Jerusalem (1854)
Apocalypsis (1857)
The Brandenburgers (1853)
Der christliche Gottesdienst in der Hochkirche (1854)
Die Geburt des Herrn (1853)
Die Gräfin (1854)
Der Liebes- und Sündenwald (1855)
Die Nornen (1856)
Geschichte des Jehova (1858)
Geschwisterbeise (1864)
Goetz und Golgatha (1870)
Große Mysterien-Christi-Liebe (1864)
Kronenburg (1867)
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