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In this series of articles, we will be going over, one piece at a time: Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9600 on a Surface Pro 3.

I did a bit of research on the surface 3 specifically but could not find much information about early builds. It was only when I encountered an article titled: “Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview on a Surface Pro 3” that all the pieces started falling into place.

Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9600 on a Surface Pro 3

With the new Windows 10 Technical Preview 3, Microsoft has added some very helpful 3D features to the Live Tiles that let you interact with the tiles a lot more. For the purposes of this article, I’ll be running Windows 10 Technical Preview 3 on a Surface Pro 3.

If you have experience with installing the Surface OS, you will be able to install Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9600 on a Surface Pro 3.


Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9600 on a Surface Pro 3

The process is the same for any Surface Pro 3. The steps are outlined in the article: “Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9600 on a Surface Pro 3.”

In short, the steps are:

Identify the Boot Partition.

Identify the System Reserved Partition.

Identify the Windows Partition.

Install Windows 10 on the Windows Partition.

Attach the SSD to your Surface Pro 3 and connect it to your computer.

Power on your Surface Pro 3.

Press the power button on the side of the Surface for 3 seconds. Release the power button to see the Windows logo as a confirmation of successful boot up.

On a Surface Pro 3, press the Windows button on the side of the device to go to the Windows Store.

Locate the “Store” link on the Surface Pro 3.

Select “Market”

Select “System”

Search for “Windows 10”

Select the tile titled “Windows 10.

Click Install.

Here are the steps that I took to install Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9600 on a Surface Pro 3.

Identify the Boot Partition.

There are 6 data partitions on a Surface Pro 3. It is very important to understand which partition is the Boot partition so that the proper system partition is identified.

To identify the boot partition:

Open the

# Installation
Using a minimal set of dependencies, we’ve been able to deploy the TensorFlow Compatible Cloud AI Engine to Google Cloud Platform on regions such as us-central1, us-west1, europe-west1, europe-west2, europe-west3 and aus-east1.

You need to have [Java]( and [JDK 7]( installed.

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