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Build, expand, explore: take command of your own space station, manage resources, and explore the vast frontier of space. Use these incredible talents to grow your station to unprecedented levels. Make friends, build alliances, recruit smugglers, and stockpile all of that resource goodness!
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Problems and pains are a necessary part of life, but it’s the human spirit that drives us to change them. Discover the astrological influences that give each of us our unique individual powers and how they’re harnessed to be a force for good, or evil.
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Starport Delta is a trademark of Cloudfire Studios, and all rights are reserved.

Welcome, Recruit. Station Commanders around the universe are running into all sorts of problems with their starbases. Embark on a journey to help manage their resources, optimise station layouts, and defend civilians from life threatening dangers. Are you up to the challenge?
Starport Delta is a light strategy game that challenges veterans, yet is approachable for newcomers. The game’s campaign mode teaches you the basics, while sandbox mode allows you to aim for the stars. The aim is to survive, so make sure to keep an eye on those resources!
Developed by Cloudfire Studios, a two-person team from New Zealand, Starport Delta is always growing. The team is always happy to listen and respond to ideas from the community via Steam or the official Starport Delta Discord.
Currently Featuring:
Space dangers
Get ready to take on meteor showers, alien pirates, giant space worms and more! Each of these perilous challenges requires their own unique solution, so make sure to build accordingly, or you may lose more than you bargained for.
Engaging campaign
With understaffed stations and negligent Commanders, it’s a wonder the Empire didn’t call you in sooner! Move from system to system, troubleshooting station problems as you go. Supply resources, cull unneeded expansions and ensure sustainable growth before warping to the next system.



  • Ride several well known and popular games such as Minecraft, Terraria and more.
  • Decimate enemies with the exclusive Savage Rush.
  • Use the ultimate weapon to annihilate enemies with polygonal particles and explosions.
  • Explore ever expanding lands full of puzzles, enemies and obstacles.
  • Use your resource up to build the coolest structure.
  • Explore several unique game modes to defeat your opponents!
  • It’s all about fun, entertainment and epic quests.
  • Developed by members of our Studio!
  • Have Fun!
  • 9 Hours Movie
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    1433 MB

    Episode 3

    Story Mode

    Multiplayer Platformer

    Source Mode

    PS4 Game


    PlayStation Network

    Spirit Rush: Glorious Sweepstakes

    Uploader: CC-2095286-1

    Created on: 2016-01-11

    Gametitle: Spirit Rush: Glorious Sweepstakes

    Mon, 10 Jan 2017 03:03:24 +0000MYSTAMUSICSpooky Rush Ep. 3 Game KeyFeatures:Ultimate WeaponUse the ultimate weapon to annihilate enemies with polygonal particles and explosions.Explore several unique game modes to defeat your opponents!
    It’s all about fun, entertainment and epic quests!
    Developed by members of our Studio!
    Have Fun!
    9 Hours Movie
    It’s all about fun, entertainment and epic quests!
    Developed by members of our Studio!
    Have Fun!
    9 Hours Movie
    Your health refills will be increased by spending gold and mining other resources using blue gems.
    It’s all about fun, entertainment and epic quests!
    Developed by members of our Studio!
    Have Fun!
    9 Hours Movie
    The Stories features several animated cutscenes showing the characters growing up.
    It’s all about fun, entertainment


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