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I’m in a bad position because I wanted to play Most Wanted again, but I only have a laptop with me that doesn’t have a floppy drive. I’m going to ask for an extra one, but I’m not sure if I’ll have it before tonight. I have to blog during the day, which, as you can imagine, is not very easy.
4. Before I call Jack at 8:45 am, I take a pill to get a level of sleep where I feel rested enough to take calls from the department and the channel.
5. I call Jack before I set off. I tell him how things are.
6. I am in the department at about 8:40. I know that Jack is in the meeting room, and they invite me to them.
7. I follow Neil Farrell through the meeting room feeling jealousy rising like an avalanche. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.
8. I am sitting in the meeting room, glancing from time to time at the door in search of a girl whom I saw there for the first time, with whom I did not exchange a single word that night. Neil and Mary destroy them. They attacked Tom with accusations, denying their words and insisting that if Tom was really mentally retarded, they would not talk to him. It works, and we come to an agreement that I will meet again with Thomas’ girlfriend upon his return from a concert in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack.
nine.I call Jack back after I hang up and tell him about our trials.
10. I give him the words of the guy I brought with me. I told him about both Jack and Mary and how they were accused.
11. We learn that the girl was quite able to invite Tom into the so-called “guest room” to sleep with him and put some kind of lead plaque in his clothes when he returned from work.
12. Then I go to the staff room and call Tom. I put questions to him and Mary asking him to clarify what it all means.
13. Tom says that he has no information about this. He suggests that I meet him at the office after the end of the working day, during which I will have time to talk with the girl and the child. I agree.
14. We agree to meet after






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