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A long ago legend spread from the great land of Tobimaru…

Rating: 3.7/5

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After a thousand years of seclusion and order, the four clans are united in order to defeat a new threat. Now, you must answer the call and unite with your fellow ninjas to face your fate.

「The Legend of Tobimaru 」 is a 2D fighting game in which players experience the legendary story in a single battle!

As Tobimaru, players face the hordes of red ninjas, monsters, and dragons as they fight to defend their village against the invading creatures from the sky. As you master martial arts, you will be able to destroy your enemies and become a true legend!

Online Multiplayer Features

● Player Rank
This is a player ranking based on online game experience.
● Player Rank Criteria
Every rank has a specific requirement to attain it.
● Player Rank Rewards
Players will receive rewards based on their ranks.
● Player Rank Notification
Players will be notified when they reach a player rank.

● Advanced Opponent Matching
Choose your opponent based on your rank.
● Player Matchs
Players can choose opponents with specific qualities.
● Advanced Scoring
Players can view the strength of their opponents online.
● Online Rankings
Global online rankings will be displayed.
● Player Statistics
Players’ statistics can be viewed in the player level menu.

● Player Matchs
Players can choose opponents with specific qualities.
● Advanced Player Matching
Choose your opponent based on your rank.
● Advanced Advancing
Players can choose opponents based on their rank.

● Advanced Rank Progress
Players can view the strength of their opponents online.

Learn how to select and build your team of ninjas for battle, and unleash your attacks!With over 150 hours of content, the NARUTO-ナルト –戦記– Ultimate Ninja Trilogy has everything you need to get a glimpse into the mysterious world of NARUTO® and reach your full potential as a ninja warrior!

A cool, authentic, highly detailed and deeply immersive experience – NarutO is no mere adaptation but a complete reimagining of the original NARUTO story.

In NarutO, players will get to experience a new epic story in the land of NARUTO®. Players will get to follow the adventures of NARUTO,


Fight High Features Key:

  • Stunning cinematic and realistic 3D graphics engine with advanced lighting and effects, with a wide variety of settings
  • Up to 60FPS gameplay – no Lag!
  • Unlocks later game content via an intuitive level system
  • Dynamic driving physics
  • First person view with an interactive third person view
  • Free deathmatch and team based modes
  • In addition to multiplayer, Squadron 42 can be played online on Steam
  • Watch the Launch Trailer:

    Key Features:

    • Single player Campaign & Dynamic modding
    • Epic environment and fine-tuned gameplay
    • Immersive Audio
    • Multiple weapon types
    • Vector graphics and highly reactive advanced Physics Engine
    • Unique Space Monsters
    • Brash and fast performance with no noticeable Lag

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