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1. Client-side and Server-side mode
EasyNavigate for Access Torrent Download has both client-side and server-side modes to allow for easy development and ease of deployment.
The client-side mode only contains the data table creation and the data table is created in your database once you drag the data table from the data table view to your database.
You can use EasyNavigate for Access to easily create a database structure with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
3. Web-Page Template
If you need to show the common functionality and data table in one location, you can select the default “Web Page Template” to show the layout of your data table in HTML.
4. Server-side mode
EasyNavigate for Access server-side mode is the popular way to do, it supports database setting, structure setting, user permission setting and so on.
5. Embedded User Control System
EasyNavigate for Access has an embedded user permission system to ensure security. You can set up the user permissions before and after table preview, using EasyNavigate for Access to create custom permissions will require a little more effort.
6. Outlook-like Views
EasyNavigate for Access has many user views. For example, you can copy the data table to other Access databases and users will be able to check out the data of the original data table.
7. Drag and Drop Data View
EasyNavigate for Access offers a drag and drop data view to save many time.
8. Data Table Preview
EasyNavigate for Access preview your data table layout without creating a database.
9. SQL Control Views
EasyNavigate for Access can preview control views in an MS Access database.
10. User View setting
EasyNavigate for Access provides users an easy, flexible and rich user view settings.
In addition, EasyNavigate for Access provides some easy field mapping, such as date field to edit, text field to input and text field to check.
download a sample here

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EasyNavigate For Access Product Key Full

This Add-In aims to provide an easy-to-use and convenient user interface for Access databases. Its data navigation is similar to that of Outlook (including the Bookmarks, Favorites, Reading Pane and Contacts pane), and is also a Microsoft Access Add-In. EasyNavigate for Access Product Key is a complete,

Norton Dialer for Access

Price : $24.95

By norton

File Size : 37.07 Mb

Date Added : 2010-12-27

Norton Dialer for Access is a simple and efficient phone dialer for your Access database. Its user interface and tools, such as dial pad, keypad, and selecting options, are similar to that of the Microsoft Outlook.

Advanced Access Address Book Add-In

Price : $119.00

By Northern Light Software

File Size : 17.00 Mb

Date Added : 2010-12-27

Advanced Access Address Book Add-In for Access allows you to quickly build lists of contacts, events, or appointments and keep them all in one place. Add new items and customize your Address Book and agenda views to suit your needs.

Enhanced Access Address Book

Price : $199.00

By Northern Light Software

File Size : 23.00 Mb

Date Added : 2010-12-27

Enhanced Access Address Book for Access allows you to quickly build lists of contacts, events, or appointments and keep them all in one place. Add new items and customize your Address Book and agenda views to suit your needs.

Concepts for Access

Price : $18.00

Date Added : 2010-12-17

Concepts for Access is designed to help you write, compile, and deploy your Access application with ease.
It consists of 65 ready to use Visual Basic Code modules that will help you write most common methods such as add, subtract, add to list, copy, sort, zip, count, find, lookup, edit, display,


Price : $119.00

By VistaAccess

File Size : 15.22 Mb

Date Added : 2010-12-17

VistaAccess is an Access database template. It contains a Toolbox, two database forms (Outlook-like toolbar and Ribbon-like interface), one menu, one toolbar, and one ribbon. For the most part it should be mostly

EasyNavigate For Access Full Version For Windows [Updated] 2022

• A well designed, easy to use UI tool for Access database (created using Access 2016, Access 2007, 2003, 2000, 97, 96, 95) with:

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What’s New in the?

EasyNavigate for Access is a complete user interface solution for Access and is designed to make Access databases better looking.
It is a complete user interface tool with the navigation pane and embedded user permission control system for developers whose solutions are based on Microsoft Access platform.
The source code of EasyNavigate for Access is available for download under GPL V3.

See more about EasyNavigate for Access Here

EasyNavigate for Access for developing applications and portals based on Microsoft Access (ACE) database engine, using Visual Basic for Applications. EasyNavigate for Access is a tool to create handy access applications based on the popular Access 2003/2007.
If you want to develop software for managing Access 2000/2003 databases, then you need the latest version of EasyNavigate for Access for Visual Basic and it will allow you to create your handy software tools. Access web development and modern portals using Visual Basic and then putting them together into a database. When using EasyNavigate for Access with Visual Basic, you can easily develop applications and portals by writing and compiling only few lines of codes.
EasyNavigate for Access allows you to provide access to your data using a new language and a new file structure. If your application is supposed to give access to your data by the fast and easily creating of forms, then EasyNavigate for Access is a convenient solution.
EasyNavigate for Access is a complete user interface solution for the development of applications and portals based on Microsoft Access 2000/2003. The solution includes the Visual Basic scripting engine, the component-based architecture and the embedded system that serves to hide the database connector and allow it to be used through a single module. It can be both installed with the product or integrated into other product.

EasyNavigate for Access’s embedded system is the server that allows using an interface similar to Outlook. It has the same capabilities as Native Access with the advantage that the application is not an Access application but a normal Visual Basic application.
The server components are also available separately, enabling you to use them in any other software. And finally, as the solution is based on Visual Basic, it can easily integrate into Access applications.

Indonesian Screenshot:

How to UseEasyNavigate for Access:
Open the solution in Access.
Create the interface with EasyNavigate for Access’s user interface builder.
Insert the component library that you will use.
Compile the application


System Requirements:

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