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When striving to keep a computer in top shape, taking care of the device drivers is a must. Driver Updater is a tool that can help you in this respect, as it is able to tweak your system by detecting, updating and fixing drivers.
Scan your system for outdated drivers
When you first initialize the program, it starts an automatic scanning process on your system's drivers, and provides you with notifications regarding any problems it may discover in this respect.
The user interface is generally simple to follow. There are four main sections – Update, Request, Backup, and Free Scans. Using them you will be able to fully enjoy all the features of the application.
Driver Updater allows you to select drivers from your computer and back them up before changing their attributes, just in case an update goes wrong. You can view information on the driver developer, version, date, and operating system.
Perform updates for optimal PC performance
So, basically all you can do with Driver Updater is to scan your computer for missing, corrupt, or old drivers. And if you want to update them without using this software, it is still handy as it can offer an idea of what is needed for the system to work properly.
While seeking for updated versions of the installed drivers, the 'Scan Progress' window will show the real-time progress of the process. Also, after Driver Updater finishes its job, you will see a pie chart that presents the percentage of obsolete and up-to-date drivers.
The program uses a moderate amount of CPU and memory resources and perhaps this is the main strength of Driver Updater that you will notice when trying it. Driver Updater is, nonetheless, very easy to use and can help users to some extent.
A few last words
To sum up, Driver Updater is one of the tools you might want to install after a fresh Windows configuration. It alerts you when outdated drivers are detected, and is the kind of tools which can help you keep your PC’s performance optimized.







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Driver Updater is a driver file updater. It updates your computer’s drivers to a current version. If the drivers are outdated or need repair or update, you must update the drivers with Driver Updater. Driver Updater runs silently and your computer will never stop for an update.
Driver Updater is a highly customizable program that easily modifies your computer’s drivers and can be accessed without installation. The standard interface is easy to use and each screen has one main purpose. You can easily configure the program to your liking.
What Is New in Version 1.5.3:
The main purpose of this new release is to provide a better user interface by providing a new style. Also, the update manager will now be backed up and presented with a warning dialog box.
This change will significantly improve your experience and confidence in using the software. You can now choose to disable the backup warning dialog box or set any other preference you like.
Fixed a problem that may cause the program to stop after updating.
Updated the software installer to use the latest technology for faster updates.
Updated the changelog.
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If you want to enjoy your favorite computer games with maximum performance, you will have to remove all the bloatware and unwanted applications that may hamper the system’s efficiency.
Advertisement Removal Tool (ART) is a tool that can help you remove bloatware from your system. In short, this tool is able to remove all the unwanted items that may unnecessarily slow down the system as well as fragment the hard drive.
ART is a very simple tool, with a highly user-friendly interface that will help you remove bloatware at no time.
To use it, you just have to install the program on your computer and launch it. After that, make sure the system has enough memory to perform the removal task. Also, you can decide whether to uninstall the app automatically or not (you will have to enter the license key manually).
The program will scan your computer for unwanted programs and then remove them all. Additionally, it will detect and delete the application’s leftovers on the hard disk.
Before you use ART, you will have to choose your Operating System (Windows, Linux, or Mac), the amount of used memory, and click the start button.
So, ART does not eat a lot of your computer resources, which makes it one of the best removal tools.
However, ART can remove only the bloatware programs that you might want to be removed from your PC.
How to use ART
In this section, we will discuss the basics to remove apps with ART.
Step 1: Install the program on your system
If you want to use the ART tool, you will have to install it on your computer. To start the installation process, follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 2: Launch ART
After the installation process, you will see a start button on your computer screen. Make sure that you hover the mouse over this button. Then, click the button to run the app.
Step 3: Accept the program’s agreement and remove the bloatware
You will see a screen asking you to accept the program’s terms. If you want to use ART, you should agree to the user terms and press the OK button.
After that, you will be able to see all the unwanted apps that might be leftover on your hard disk. As you can see, the listing has been made easier by pressing the “Remove Now” button.
From there, you can decide whether or not to remove the apps automatically or manually (you will have to enter

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If you have ever had to reinstall Windows after installing a new device driver, or after your computer fails to boot properly, you know that it can be a troublesome and time-consuming task.

But with Driver Updater it will be a piece of cake, as it will automatically detect, update, and repair missing, corrupt, and obsolete device drivers of your computer in order to optimize the performance of your system, network connection, and peripherals.

Another good thing is that Driver Updater supports numerous languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Polish, so you have the opportunity to use it in many different parts of the world.

Driver Updater is an outstanding and accurate device driver updater software which will help your windows based PC’s significantly. The software is a real savior for driver update and troubleshooting purposes. It is a very easy to use tool and can provide you with the necessary information for the purpose of updating and repairing your all the device drivers. Another good thing about it is that it supports numerous languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Polish. So, you will get the chance to use it all over the world. It will automatically detect the missing, corrupt, and obsolete device drivers and update them for you in order to optimize the performance of your system, network connection, and peripherals. It can remove the device driver problems you might be having from your system. You can download it from our site and install it on your computer for free.

Drivers are software programs that are specially designed to manage the performance of a component. This might be a mouse, printer, or some hardware devices. In this way, most of the people use the hardware in their system on a daily basis. For this reason, these special programs are needed to make sure they work in the best possible way. In case you have drivers running on your system, then your hardware devices will work perfectly and without having any problem. However, there are a lot of situations when the drivers are not working properly and a lot of people face it every day. This is the reason why the driver updater is a must-have tool for all the people out there.

The purpose of this free program is to provide a way to fix device driver issues that are causing problems. This is done automatically with a few simple clicks. You do not have to worry about having any other issues, as the program

What’s New In Driver Updater?

Improve your PC performance and make your devices work more efficiently with thisDriver Updater. Find out what needs to be updated on your PC, and update your drivers with one click. Download the program and install it on your PC to start the scanning process and update missing drivers. Or, you can click on the ‘Free Scan’ button and let Driver Updater automatically find missing drivers on your PC.

Make sure you have a backup of all of your drivers, and don’t forget to keep the backup ready for when you need to update all of them. What if you need a driver and can’t find it? The program can also make copies of your drivers for you so you’ll never lose them. That way, you can use them on your different devices without problems.

It’s really easy to use, but it is very comprehensive. The program is highly customizable, and you can decide how often you want it to perform scans, and even choose a different color scheme. Also, you can choose if you want the messages and notifications to pop up on your PC, or display them in a separate window.

Your Software & Hardware

There are not many drivers that are managed by this software as it is designed to find outdated drivers and make drivers available for you. It is not a virus scanner.

Drivers are critical, especially if you have a graphics card that has a driver problem. Let your graphics card talk, and so it will.

Driver Updater

5 stars

Driver Updater 1.0.1


May 6, 2016

4 out of 5

This is a great program to find missing or outdated drivers. I have installed many drivers this way and it works great. It is a fast and free program that can inform you if you have the latest driver version or if you need to update to the latest driver version. It works on all Windows operating systems.

Driver Updater 1.0

4 out of 5

Feb 16, 2016

4 out of 5

After updating the latest drivers, I found out that new updates are available for other drivers. I have so many old drivers that I need to update that this program is the best there is. I’m still looking for a program that can update all the drivers in an efficient manner…

Driver Updater 1.3

4 out of 5


System Requirements:

Windows Vista
Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Intel Core2 Duo
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M or ATI Radeon HD 2600
Audio card: Analog or Digital sound card
DirectX compatible video card
DirectX compatible sound card
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