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A powerful and unique Touhou project where you take on the side of a “sanctuary” (tea house) in charge of a powerful witch called Nagae Iku. It was created in the Touhou 14th project. The goal of this game is to clear the hard-mode stage 6 or 7. The “Sanctuary” (tea house) is a place where various individuals live. There is a shrine room that you can use to pray to someone’s aid, and in that room is a magic seal. The magic seal can be used to open a portal to the special stage “Rest Room” (private room). In addition to that, a Tower and another tea house (called this game’s version of a Home) has been added. Nagae Iku’s tower is a tower that challenges the opponent to find the best way to survive. Nagae Iku’s tower can be up to Level 7 with all possible items. In addition to that, the stage features a levelling system where players can level up to obtain stronger characters. Tower and stage management and the details of the supporting characters in the game itself is also included. The main characters and their evolution are also included in the story. Also, a new story to the main characters of Touhou Project is added. Touhou Project and Yosuga no Sora is being used as the basis of the game’s battle system. You can play as each character in the game, and you can level your characters using the data shared with the enemy (tea house). Nagae Iku will be unlocked at the beginning of the stage once it is cleared, and the newly-added Shou and Mikoto will be unlocked at the time of connecting the data to the tea house, too. Story: In a small town in the Touhou area, there is a shrine dedicated to a witch. It is known to local villagers that a witch has lived in this shrine for a long time, and no one in this town is willing to enter the shrine. In reality, the shrine is a medium for the witch to use to communicate with others. In the shrine, the witch does not say anything, but there are times when the witch does so through the medium. The shrine for the witch is called the “Sanctuary” (tea house). There is a famous witch in this area who is called the “Ven


Features Key:

  • fully integrated rulebook including replay and campaign options
  • 1914 era rules
  • replay and campaign useable in combination
  • analogue dice
  • campaign based on real competition and tournament gaming
  • high-quality plastic miniatures based on a single photography
  • unprecedented in scope and detail: gaming, project management and map tiles


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In Tiny Toy Tanks you are in control of a small blue tank. Your Goal is to destroy all the opposing tanks in 40+ hand crafted levels. Opposing tanks have different AI with different strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, every level has many other mechanics like TNT, Magnets and more. Overall the game is an Arcade game, but a arcade game with a story. In every level you are not only a tank driver, but also a detective. You have to investigate suspicious things that appear while you are driving. It will increase your score, but might also end up in death of your tank. As you can see the game is full of surprises and different mechanics. Shooting: You can accelerate (turbo) and drive slow(traction). You can shoot rockets with high power and land your bombs. Laying mines: You can lay mines, which will explode after a certain time. Magnet Fields: You can remove the tank of the enemy with magnets. TNT: You can place and activate TNTs. They can be very dangerous for your tank. They explode after a certain time. Scoring: There are two scoring methods. The standard score, which is basically the total distance of the move in meters, and the computer score, which counts how many enemies were killed by the player. By placing TNTs and crashing into objects, the amount can increase, and will never be negative, as long as the player managed to get points. If points are depleted, the amount is reduced. In the yellow tank version, it is always 0, as it has no weapons. Touch Screen Controls: Touch the screen and move your tank to the left/right using your finger. Back to Main Menu: Press the screen and the main menu will reappear. Credits and acknowledgements This game was developed by Martti Haapasalo. References External links Tiny Toy Tanks Game Page Developer Website Category:Game Maker games Category:Windows games Category:Windows-only games Category:2009 video games Category:Video games developed in Finland Category:Browser gamesCustomer acquisition is one of the biggest challenges of an online business. If you don’t acquire customers, you don’t get sales. But how do you get customers? Here are the 5 ways to attract the right people to your website. 1. Use the Power of Mobile c9d1549cdd


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Gameplay Cyberdrome is the complete version of the original Cyberdrome on the Amiga and only uses modern technology to look like the original game. About This ContentMain Menu: Map of Golden Meadow (OP)Alt. Config. Menu: Press “Left” in the status menu to use Quick Start Game or Save Game with no save points.The reference is to the catchy end theme of a popular Playstation title. A science fiction suspense drama tells the story of an obsessed genius scientist. His quest is to discover the origin of immortality and what he may or may not learn along the way. Overlooked by his lover, colleagues and the scientific community he develops an advanced understanding of human emotion. The inspiration for this story is real life- Physicist Nikola Tesla. About This ContentThe main menu screens and the first boss music track are made for the DK2. SettingsDialog is now a level select dialog and there is a cleaner background. Gameplay Cyberdrome allows multiplay of the game. Default saves are in the sub-directory, “save”. The game is designed to run on the DK2 with integrated screen. There is no jump or pause function in the game when using multiplay. The game will still run, and even has full support for DK2 rumble feature. Although the game looks like the old version, the game play is the latest and most feature packed version. (it can also run with the original install) Download Gameplay Cyberdrome and give it a try. Oh and be sure to have your DK2 on 😛 When playing Cyberdrome: You can use the “Customize Settings” button to set up the sensitivity of the buttons. The game defaults to setting all buttons to 4800. You can change this to 10000 for a normal setting. The setting will only apply when the game is in single play mode. (i.e. multiplay will default to 4800) The buttons also have the d-pad function enabled, so you can play the game using a single button. Change the d-pad buttons to the left analog stick, so you can select with the right stick. You can also remap the L1/R1 buttons to anything you want. The game has two sound settings-“Sound On” and “Sound Off”.


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