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Help me to make a game

What’s New:

The DLC content adds 8 new levels to the game with a lot of new traps and game mechanics.
Also brings changes to save files and the game’s main program, with better support for backwards compatibility.
The new levels have been designed with the following objectives:
– To bring more challenge to the game.
– To require the player to change his tactics, to figure out new ways of getting around the traps.
– To improve the experience.

The goal of the new DLC is to complement the original set of levels rather than being a replacement.


The new levels will be installed into the same locations. The game will remain fully playable, but you may have to change the way you play, since the new levels introduce new game mechanics and traps.

Packages size

DLC packages are usually very large because they need to contain:
– The level pack for one language.
– The save game file.
– The folder for the Level Pack.

In 1BIT CASTLE you have access to a folder, which stores the level packs and the save games for all available languages. The new DLC will be implemented into this folder. Each level pack will be designed to cover the series of levels following the original game’s order:


The DLC will store all the files for the new levels in the same folder as the rest of the game, and not in a separate folder. But the files in the folder will be in the alphabetical order that should be used for the new levels.


The new DLC will be in strict backwards compatibility with the previous levels.


The DLC will be downloaded automatically after the purchase.

DLC Content

The new DLC will be added to your game as new levels and a new folder for save games. Please check your game files.


This DLC would not have been possible if it was not for the support of the following people. I am deeply grateful.

1. George Lombarti for the “patreon” support.
2. Ido Sion of the “patreon” support.
3. Mikael Haldorsson for the “patreon” support.



  • Featuring up to 3 human-controlled ships at any time.
  • Crafting new ships in survival mode, and upgrading your base in campaign mode.
  • Having a near endless supply of resources will never run out.
  • Strategy: attacking, defending, resource procurement, building and upgrading ships.

Bears Can’t Drift!? Key Game Points:

  • Create new ships in your base in survival mode. Once you are out at sea in campaign mode you start with what you have built.
  • Upgrade and improve your base in campaign mode. Goal is to defend and produce.
  • Keep the trade route open.
  • Your ship cannot be caught by the bears.

Bears Can’t Drift!? – Walkthrough

  • Free Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Campaign Mode

Bears Can’t Drift!? – Requirements

  • OS :Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz


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In Yar’s Revenge, you play as Yar, an agent of the Stroyers – galactic peacekeepers. Your mission is to protect the planet of Yevon from invaders known as the Qotiles. The Qotiles have overthrown the last king, and are systematically destroying the world in their quest for destruction. As a member of the Stroyers, your mission is to protect the planet of Yevon from the Qotiles, which have seized control of the neighbouring homeworld of Qolle.
You will encounter a variety of enemies in a variety of unique and beautiful environments on your mission to defeat the Qotiles. With a mission generator at your disposal, you have unlimited freedom to craft every mission for yourself.
Key features:
Return to the glory days of games like The Legend of Zelda – Action-adventure gameplay with a modern touch.
Free flowing action – Run through forests, through jungles, across deserts or through the hallways of a mad scientist’s lab and through the tunnels of an alien world.
Exhaustible adventure – Travel on your own pace through fun and varied levels, exploring exciting locations and finding collectibles along the way.
Easy to play – Obvious controls, easy to play, intuitive gameplay and much more
Yar’s adventure through a colourful world starts with a short tutorial. You are given a starting point and an objective: Protect the relics of your fallen race. The story of Yar’s Revenge is the first chapter in a series of storylines, and each chapter can be continued at will, and any completed chapters can be replayed at any time.


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Tactile input required:D-pad,ZL,ZR,A, B,X,Y
Music: “David’s Theme” original motion picture composition by Michael Giacchino performed by the American Film Institute Orchestra
“The Beast” original motion picture soundtrack song performed by Shania Twain
* If you find the game entertaining please consider donating to the charity:

* Support me on Patreon:

* Recommended music:

* Images used in “Alone in the Dark” belong to their respective owners
Written by Nick Elchner
Screenplay: Nick Elchner, R.J. Yorke,
Voice: Tanner Sturm and Cory M. Elchner
Produced by Nick Elchner
Story Development and Direction: Nick Elchner
Voice over by Cory M. Elchner
Edited by Nick Elchner

CopyrightNick Elchner

published:19 Dec 2013


Are you afraid of the dark? Yeah, so am I! We’ve all heard the horror stories about dark and dangerous people who do bad things when they are in the dark. So, when the light goes out, whether it be an accidental turn off or a halfhearted turn off, I take it as my personal warning to be safe rather than sorry. It also seems that all of the bad guys have switched over to the dark side in whatever movie or book they’re reading from. Or maybe it’s just movies in general that have these dark themes. Anyways, let’s talk about these dark themes, which we’ll represent with our creepy, scary, and spooky lists taking place around your apartment. You can decide how dark these themes can be, but with the lights off. That will be our determinant for each theme, so it’s important to pitch in. If you find dark themes around your apartment, welcome aboard!
No matter how dark your room may appear, there’s still a way to remain safer than you would be in the dark. Let’s work out where these events around your apartment might occur; from under your bed to behind the


What’s new:

– There Will Be Blood(ANNOUNCER: FUCK)

Episode 10 Introduction: A few days ago we were telling you about Henry, the teenage gunslinger of the wild west. We also introduced the theater of blood, the vicious death acts performed by this teenage gunslinger. We talked about our good friend, Jack Hardly who is travelling around the west with Henry. We talked about how the gunslingers of the west have to fight for the souls of the Indians who are warriors. We talked about the value of life and the difference between good and evil. That is when something very interesting happened. The boy that appeared to be a real person turned out to be a horrible 12 year old boy who thought his name was John 1:51-52 and he didn’t write this quote: “The Bible tells us to stone them. All caught except for Nabal’s”, but he did stab his teacher. (Oh, it gets better) As he was stabbed, he released a dark energy from his body and it created the Hellmouth, a portal that we have seen in other mythologies. He said that was a made-up quote, but as the screen cracked open we see the quote written by a speech computer. The gunslinger walks through the Hellmouth carrying Jack’s unconscious body. As he does this, a series of pop-ups tell us that he will not be forgiven no matter how much good he does or how many lives he saves…

Opening Credits: Verse: I want to be surrounded by a warm place, in the shadows with the dust still alive, decaying corpses sitting up start to smile and their smile fills up the corners of their mouth, the smiles of the dead…face with this blanket that smells like dead men and rotting flesh that covers my past…once I was born into the world of the dead, dressed in mirrors…feed the flesh of the mirror itself…yes, now the Last Place is going to be in hell, but it’s already there. Asking for forgiveness for my sins is soooo the last place that I want to be in…. Just give in to the dark and remember the blood that runs through the veins, licking the wounds of the fallen… I got it. I got it. I can’t help it, but I still got it. I want to be good again. I want to be happy again. I want to be the empty one. To be filled with emptiness again. I


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In a world where the creatures of legend roam in the forests and deserts of a post-apocalyptic Earth, a group of monsters escapes from a laboratory experiment into a long forgotten dungeon below the city of Durandal.
As the Durandal’s dungeon-crawling heroes, band together with your monster allies and prepare to enter the dungeon, where you will face untold dangers and discover the secrets of a forgotten world.

Pro Features:
3 Unique Areas with Different Monsters
Each Area is Large and Difficult, with Limited Treasure
Potential Monsters have Adequate Level Cap and Varying Strengths
Unique Monsters and Items
Journey to the Vast Horizon and explore an Immersive Enviroment and Fantastic Creatures
Crowd-pleasing Action Gameplay
An Enchanting Story with Moments of Cute
The First of its Kind, Enormous Levels
A Powerful and Intuitive Character Customization System

Feature Overview:
Features Monster Catching Game
(1) Catch Monsters and Turn them into Powerful Allies
After toiling for several hours, you’ve finally been successful in capturing a monster and its stats are detailed in a pop-up window. Now all you have to do is throw the captured monster into the Transmute System.
The Transmute System allows you to turn captured monsters into powerful, newly recruited allies.

(2) Explore Dungeon and Defeat Monsters
Now that you have a large number of monsters, it’s time to head to the dungeon!

After defeating monsters, you can bring them to the Laboratory to learn more about their weaknesses and strengths. In the Laboratory, you can learn about a monster’s appearance, its original location, and its strengths and weaknesses.

After spending some time training your monsters, you’ll be able to equip them with new, interesting equipment!

(3) Over 2,000 Different Monsters
By defeating monsters in the field, you’ll increase their power. They’ll then return to the laboratory to be upgraded.

With the Laboratory, you can learn the statistics and weaknesses of over 2,000 different monsters, and you can even transfer monsters to other worlds. In other words, your monsters can grow in strength and level independently.

(4) Unique Monsters and Items
You’ll have to carefully research each monster before you can equip them with new, interesting equipment.

While each monster has different strengths and weaknesses, they are, by and large, very similar to one another.


How To Install and Crack BOY BEATS WORLD:

  •  Download Gra&Vity from the link given below.
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    Worked for me. It’s a windows program, but works great on my Linux boxes (Inux Mint)

    Did you install the “banned app”? Click on the APPNAME.exe, an click on “Allow”. Then install again. Apparently it’s full of bugs then, if you still can’t install it, my magic fingers may help:

    Personally, I use mplayer with no additional codecs or software. It’s ridiculously simple to configure, people usually either use their default audio player or VLC. And it’s “the best”.

    Only Mplayer? Don’t you know that what I want is a media framework with H.264 support for Intel graphics cards in non-accelerated mode?

    And this

    In particular it supports playing H.264 files with no need for 3D acceleration.

    Got any links for Intel’s “no need for 3D acceleration” in my second paragraph? There would be a lot more people than me that don’t play H.264 streams via Intel cards.

    No, I had already a machine with only Intel chips, so I could browse the site and get the information for that
    My comment refers to the Linux distribution side of things, the docment especially.

    I thought H.264 was the old way?

    On a side note VLC can play H.264 as well, although you will


    System Requirements For BOY BEATS WORLD:

    Supported OS:
    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    Mac OS 10.4 or later
    Linux (64-bit or 32-bit)
    Supported Play Modes:
    Front Mission 0’s new “Zenonia 2” arcade mode allows players to take on all kinds of enemies and bosses from the battles of fictional 1990’s
    America in real time. Players can also use the classic Mission Mode to guide their characters through a story campaign, while battles let them take on
    their friends in a series of unique encounters


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