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how to search for objects in a container from a string

I want to know whether there is a way to search within a container for an object that contains a certain value.
I know there is a way to search with a key in a map, but is there an equally elegant solution when the key/value are a container that contains the object (The objects are not stored in an ordered data structure but rather the container as a linked list)
I could do something like this
function search(Container $container, string $value) {
foreach($container as $val) {
if ($val->contains($value)) {
return $val;
return false;

I am just concerned about efficiency. If this was in PHP it would be one line.


Array::contains() is already your friend.
In C++ it’s also O(1) as it just goes through the list.
If you use the standard library you’re already done

So here’s the deal. Six months ago I decided to go back to university. My course is writing and I’m doing 3 years including undergrad and final year, full time at a University in Dublin. Three years isn’t a very long time, so I feel like I can do a pretty good job. Three quarters of the way through now I’m pretty optimistic I’ll pass my exams and have two years to go.

Today I had my first exam, and my mind is pretty much blown.

I sit my exams with only a few weeks to go until I turn in my results, I can see exactly how much I’m going to do, the path I’m going to have to tread to get there, and yet I don’t feel any sense of urgency. I’m spending a lot of time thinking “when do I need to start



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