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AutoCAD History

AutoCAD is a commercial CAD software application developed and marketed by Autodesk. Before AutoCAD was developed, most CAD programs ran on mainframe computers or minicomputers, with each CAD operator (user) working at a separate graphics terminal. Originally, this meant that a graphic artist or drafter could not use CAD as a design tool by himself or herself. They needed to be in an office environment where they could share files and CAD drawings with other design professionals.

AutoCAD History AutoCAD started out with two main graphics programs, Softimage and AutoCAD. Both programs were intended to make it easy to draw using live vector graphics techniques. However, Softimage allowed users to import bitmaps and outline graphics, and AutoCAD didn’t until AutoCAD R20 in 1994, which was released in 1995. However, in 1992, AutoCAD was the first company to develop and sell a product that could be used in a 3D environment, and the program quickly became popular with hobbyists and professionals alike. After that, the functionality of the program grew and grew. AutoCAD R20 introduced an editor with integrated parametric editing and a way to manipulate data in the “block manager”, and the number of features that the program could offer grew with every major release. In 1995, AutoCAD R18 was released with a 2D/3D overlay function, the ability to draw within a 3D environment, and faster performance.

In 1996, AutoCAD LT was released. AutoCAD LT could be used on a desktop machine, but was also designed to be installed on a network. Thus, a user could install it on a company’s mainframe or mini-computer, and it would be able to run from any machine on the network. The goal of AutoCAD LT was to make it easy for users to access AutoCAD from anywhere. AutoCAD LT allowed users to run AutoCAD on their desktop, but also allowed them to work offline, thus allowing them to work without being connected to a network. AutoCAD LT was also the first CAD program to use parametric drawing. The performance of AutoCAD LT was initially poor compared to other products in the market, however in 1999 AutoCAD LT was upgraded to version 2002.02 and the performance was drastically improved, bringing it in line with the performance of other programs. It was the first version of

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Key-value store
AutoCAD Cracked Accounts stores data in a key-value store, called a parameter database. This stores values for settings in the drawing, such as colors, linetypes, etc. Parameters are also stored in an ACADRDB file on the computer’s hard disk. Values are stored as text data in the ACADRDB database, typically accessed via the RDBMS program SQLite. There are also backup and restore capabilities.

Code-based Visual LISP
AutoCAD’s native VLISP scripting language was first introduced with AutoCAD 2000. It is based on a simple text-based scripting language with a list-based syntax, similar to BASIC. It is intended to enable users to implement advanced drawing automation and to integrate their custom software into AutoCAD. The function hierarchy is flattened, the logic is written into the commands and parameters themselves. In this way, it is possible to update the software from the inside-out. The extension commands are independent of the main VLISP scripts. In addition, these commands can be managed by non-scripting applications.

AutoLISP is a visual programming language for application development. It is based on Visual LISP (VLISP), an extension of Visual Basic. Its.NET counterpart is called AutoLISP.NET and it is based on an object-oriented programming language. Its main focus is the use of the C# language.

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture is an engineering-oriented application. It is aimed at architectural, mechanical, civil and industrial engineers. It is part of the AutoCAD series of products, and the name comes from the original name of AutoCAD (originally AutoCAD Architecture). The latest version is AutoCAD Architecture R2014. It was first released on October 13, 2013.

AutoCAD Architecture includes the following main components:

It includes a lot of tools such as:
WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) CAD editor with the capability to modify the drawings directly.
Navigator shows a dynamic 3D view of the project.
Report module allows the creation of highly detailed reports of the project.
Platform Viewer shows the project 3D model.
Rendering module provides a wide range of rendering techniques.
PhotoViewer allows to view, record and process large files.
Project Manager helps to

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1. Click on the Start Menu and open Autodesk Autocad.

2. Click on the “Start” button.

3. You will see the following screen:

4. You need to create a new project. For this example we will create a new project for the inside of a car.

5. Click on “New Project”.

6. Name the project.

7. Add a project description and save the project.

8. Exit Autodesk.

9. In a command prompt (Press Start, Run, Type cmd) in the Start Menu click on the “Tools” link.

10. In the “Developer Tools” box you will see the commands that you will use in this tutorial.

11. Press Enter and then click on “CD C:”.

12. At the prompt type: “devenv.exe autocad.exe”.

13. Press Enter and then click on “OK”.

14. At the prompt type “cadacad.exe -d 3”.

15. Press Enter and then click on “OK”.

16. At the prompt type: “cd C:”.

17. Press Enter and then click on “OK”.

18. At the prompt type: “cad.exe”.

19. Press Enter and then click on “OK”.

20. At the prompt type: “cadacad.exe”.

21. Press Enter and then click on “OK”.

22. At the prompt type: “exit”.

23. Press Enter and then click on “OK”.

When the program is loaded you can select “Open” and “File” and “Help” from the top right corner of the screen.

Figure 1.1. Opening the Autocad application.

Creating the model

1. In the “File” menu select “New”.

2. In the “New Project” window click on “Draft”.

3. You will see the following screen:

4. In the “Document” window click on “CAD”.

5. In the “Project” window click on “Draft”.

6. In the “Document” window click on “CAD”.

7. In the “Image Window” select “AutoCAD Drawing”.

8. Click on the “File” button and select “Save As” and “Save as Type” and “Autodesk Drawing(DWG)”.


What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Improved drawing style rules to match your drawings. (video: 0:24 min.)

Drawing Styles in 3D and Annotation:

Instantiate 3D surfaces and dynamic components for quick and easy creation of interactive 3D content. Create and add interactive annotations that come to life when placed on a drawing.

Graphical Representations of Complex Numeric and Boolean Expressions:

The conditional formatting enhancements in AutoCAD 2023 make it easier to explore and understand complex numeric and boolean expressions.

Bring elements to life with a rich set of new visual styles, which can be applied to text, blocks, symbols, lines, arrows, surfaces, and shapes.

Color now has three modes, including Saturation and tinting, as well as seven new color gradients for painting between colors.

“Type in” and “Resolve” Improvements:

AutoCAD 2023 now supports the new “Type in” and “Resolve” commands from Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

On-screen Projection Units:

Easily project to the screen from a 3D object or region, including a 3D point, arc, line, face, edge, or surface.

More realistic text and lines:

More realistic fonts and new linear and curved text strokes create smoother, more natural lines.

Specify text style colors with the TEXTCOLOR command.

Create smooth, custom gradient fills, which provide an infinite variety of colors, by combining filled with solid fills.

Enhancements to the Edit Connections and Linetypes commands:

The Edit Connections command, which allows users to edit the properties of line types, now allows users to add and edit groups of line types, not just one at a time.

More intuitive line width:

You can set the line width with the STRETCH command, which is located next to the line end type.

More intuitive fills:

You can now set the color of the line fill and text fill at the same time using the TEXTFILL command.

Improved 3D objects:

Quickly and easily create a wide range of 3D objects such as gears, shafts, and knobs. You can control the rotation, location, and orientation of the object in three dimensions.

Enhanced Quick Views:

System Requirements:

-Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
-Intel Core 2 Duo or faster CPU (3.2 GHz or faster)
-2 GB of RAM (8 GB or higher recommended)
-1024 x 768 or higher resolution
-DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
-20 GB available hard disk space
-Internet connection
-Broadband Internet connection
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