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At this time, AutoCAD was not only affordable and easy to use, it was also the first CAD program to be a Windows-based product and the first to enable its users to work at a remote site via the Internet. In addition, it was also among the first CAD programs to display work to the local network or the Internet instead of requiring the use of a proprietary, central model repository system.

AutoCAD from 1989 to 2017

AutoCAD went through several product upgrades in its early years to remain competitive. In 1985, AutoCAD supported two graphics modes: bitmapped graphics or vector graphics. Vector graphics (GEDCOM) allowed users to draw freehand, simply creating lines with the mouse. As the name implies, bitmapped graphics (BMP) provided the functionality of drawing lines and curves and filling them in with a palette of colors, or you could have some objects in the graphic and others solid. By 1989, the ability to import and export BMP graphics was added to the application, allowing users to use BMP graphics as they were in the host software. Importing BMP graphics was at a time when bitmapped graphics were slowly being phased out. Vector graphics also came with native text import, again to remain competitive.

In 1989, the newly released AutoCAD 2.1 began to support Windows 3.1. Users at this time could also take advantage of multiple windows, multiple buffers, versioning, and named styles. AutoCAD 2.1 introduced the ability to save as an individual file rather than in the current file. This was the beginning of the file format change for the application, which started in 1992. The AutoCAD 2.1 file format was used in the DOS, Windows, and Windows 3.x versions of AutoCAD and other Autodesk applications until 2012.

In 1992, AutoCAD’s next major release came with AutoCAD 3.0. This release added more complex graphics rendering, including in full-color, the ability to edit graphics shapes, and the ability to edit and create DXF and DWG files. AutoCAD 3.0 also marked the debut of DXF and DWG for engineering drawings.

AutoCAD 3.1 was introduced in 1994, with a new file format (AutoCAD 3.0x) and allowing for the ability to print DXF and DWG files. AutoCAD 3.1 also added the

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In January 2012 Autodesk announced the release of the Autodesk Exchange App Store. It is a digital application store where developers can publish AutoCAD-based plugins for users to install and use.

In September 2012 Autodesk announced release of its AutoCAD® Architecture App for iPad.

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What’s New In?

Web Embed, AutoDocs, and rich annotations in DWF/DWG files:

Create interactive content in your DWF/DWG file that is ready for web-embedding and can be annotated.

Import a preferred drawing style from existing drawings, or create your own. Choose the most appropriate AutoCAD drawing style to speed up your workflow, and increase accuracy when plotting.

Web Site Export:

When you are ready to share your design with others, export a web page for easy viewing in a web browser. Or, export a DWF file (AutoCAD 2015 or later) to share with colleagues, or export a DWG file (AutoCAD 2016 or later) to share with friends on social media.

Text and Class Name Selection:

Get information on your objects, quickly and accurately, by simply double-clicking on the object’s name.

Additional email filtering:

Improve accuracy by filtering all of your email on a per-project basis. You can also use this feature to specify which email messages you want to receive when working on specific projects.

To learn more about AutoCAD 2023, including the complete list of new features, visit the Autodesk blog.

A full list of new features is included in the Technical Help Center.

Questions and help

If you have questions about the new features in AutoCAD 2023, or if you need help configuring the software for your specific design needs, you can visit the Autodesk Community to get help from other users or get technical support through Live Chat.

Also, try out our new AutoCAD Training Videos.

Download AutoCAD 2023

AutoCAD 2023 for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux is available for a download from the Autodesk Developer Network for $399 per user, or $699 per team. Visit to learn more.

Comments and feedback

What did you think of AutoCAD 2023? Leave your comments below or in the forum.

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OS: Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
Processor: 4-core Intel Core i3, AMD Phenom II x4
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Graphics: DirectX 11 with 4 GB of video memory
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
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